Post NDP 2008 Reflections

After the auspicious 08/08/2008 for the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony, came 09/08/2008, Singapore’s 43rd Birthday, 43 years of independence. 

I was there on the Esplanade Bridge to capture the atmosphere around the Marina Bay Front and Parade Ground, my photojournalistic coverage could be found on my photoblog very soon.

There would probably be skeptics comparing these 2 events, as it happened one day after another, and due to the warm relationship between us. I would not go into it and there shouldn’t be any comparisons done, it’s two different type of events, even though, both events meant something very deeply emotional and of extreme importance in its own. Actually, both of us had produced something simply awesome for all to enjoy and celebrate !

Reflecting back, I was involved in 1992 NDP and 1997 NDP (and 1998 NDP as well but didn’t get involved finally), there were a lot of time and effort involved and credits had to be given to the everybody involved in National Day Parade. I enjoyed my time there even though it was tiring because it was also a good break time from what we were doing ! Singapore’s National Day Parades had changed significantly over its years of independence, the core values and principles never change, the spectacular and educational aspects expanded exponentially.

Happy 43rd Birthday Singapore ! Let’s enjoy the month of August 2008 Birthday Celebrations !

2 thoughts on “Post NDP 2008 Reflections

  • August 11, 2008 at 3:32 am

    National Day Parade!
    I’ve never involved in such wonderful things.
    Maybe our country should have this kind of event, that’s educational.

  • August 11, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    Hi iWalk,

    It’s something very important to us, a birthday and an annual event to remember our journey as an independent nation.

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