In the space of 1 week, a part of Singapore’s heritage and history was lost, it’s an abandoned railway track, disused in Singapore. How was the lost confirmed ? Through photographs and social media networking, sharing between friends and social networks, all passionate to preserve history, heritage and  the flora and fauna.

(Abandoned) Railway Track Photography Walkabout

Digging up the Jurong Line : Losing A Bit of My Childhood by wanderfolly

With the space of capitalisation and commercialisation, the pace of economic growth and expansion, in Singapore or other places around the world, it’s at a pace of fast and getting faster, and sometimes to a point of no return especially towards the loss of the entire location, history and heritage. Sometimes, looking back in time, into my younger days, the fun and good old days, it slowly dawned upon me that we are slowly losing some (and probably many more) heritage and history. Things, locations, places etc that we associate with when we were younger, are slowly being replaced or had already been replaced.

What’s the price to pay? What do we want to leave behind for our future generations? Some things lost, cannot be replaced and replication will not be the same at all. As much as there is a thirst and need for land scarce Singapore, no matter what, we still have to find and strike a fine balance between preserving our heritage and history, and making way for new expansion and future growth of the society and economy.

Looking ahead in the very near future, the next few months ahead, stories of Old Places preparing to disappear and gone forever, Dover Close Estate Old Playground and Queenstown HDB estate, when will they be gone? How about the rest of Old Places/Heritage in Singapore? How many can survive?

Let’s preserve our Heritage and History, as many and as much as possible!

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