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Random and Summarised Update 22nd April 2016 - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

It’s close to two months since I left my previous organisation, at the end of Leap Day 2016. At times, there were quite a number of things on my mind, strategic planning, partnership planning, multi-business philosophy, networking, catching up with friends, reading/personal development etc etc … The list goes on and on sometimes, when something was cleared, more things to do enter my list.

Let me just write down my thoughts towards some topics in this random and summarised update post 22nd April 2016, with topics in random order ~

Economy Outlook 2016

The times ahead for year 2016 is getting more uncertain, getting more challenging and difficult. Whether you are an employee, or a business owner, we will all be affected, some more badly affected than the others. Some will say this, some will say that, who’s right, who’s wrong, nobody knows. We do not have a crystal ball to tell us what the future will turn out and be like, if not, all will break loose, everybody will be queuing to buy lottery instead of working hard.

Watch your spending, lifestyle, the wants versus the needs. Save and get ready to invest when an economic crisis hits because opportunities arise at a pretty good discount.

Health and Fitness

Getting my lazy bum off and back into running. I want to reduce my weight to a more acceptable BMI level. Running and exercising helps to keep my body and mind fresh, energised, relax and de-stress. Seen my specialist doctor recently and ordered to return next year for a follow up, still can’t be released yet.

Multi-business philosophy

To some of you, this is not conventional, not the norm. After reading, learning, working and experiencing in various industries such as self-employed financial services, hospitality services, freelance photography, digital marketing, B2B consultant, Small Medium Enterprise (SME) business running. I observed and viewed things differently from my different perspectives and angles.

Deciding to embark on sole proprietorship, establishing a One Man Show business, helping an old friend to run his subsidiary business and finding a 3rd business to setup/run, along with a 4th and 5th business model/plan down the next 1-2 years.

Multi-business philosophy = multiple sources of income.

Yes, I am not concentrating on just 1 type of job or business like the old school of thought of just doing only thing.

In this modern era of more interdependence, more exposure to different industries, “cross pollination” of jobs/industries, does the various old school of thought still holds? Is it still relevant? Have you learned them and fine tune it to version 2.0 or 3.0 or 4.0? Some old school teachings will be/still be relevant and continue to play a major role. They are like the foundation bricks that you need to learn and build up.

Is it time to Learn, Un-Learn, Re-Learn and Learn new knowledge?


In the month of March 2016, it was a rest period for me especially for my mind, heart and soul. Some of my friends here knew about the amount of anger, hurt and disappointment buried inside me. It was very unhealthy, during this rest period, it allows me to get this detoxed out from my system away slowly. There were times whereby I wasn’t even keen to go out for group outings.

Returning to my books, reading, learning, unlearning and relearning through books by Fernando Gros and Jack Ma, it started to nourish my mind, learning, knowledge and enlightenment.  My friends who rallied, supported me, giving me valuable information and knowledge for my business planning, what I need to do next etc. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate it!

Oh, a reminder to some people – Once you broke my trust, you WILL NEVER get my trust back.

I am not perfect, I am 100% imperfect. I have my flaws, I have my strengths.

Looking ahead

These two months were a testing period for me, this particular university of life experience is priceless. Yes, I learned it through some very hard and tough ways. My business strategic planning took a bit longer time than expected, to me, it is careful meticulous business planning to start, manage, maintain and grow the business for 1, 3, 5 years and beyond.

Very challenging times ahead for everybody in year 2016 and 2017, not just me alone. Let’s all take this time to grow and move beyond our comfort zone.

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