This topic had been in my mind for the past few weeks, the year 2015 had just started not too long ago and at this stage, it is around the halfway mark of month of January 2015. In just a few weeks of 2015, I had first hand encounters of friends/colleagues who were not in the best of health conditions, some were major illness, some might be not so serious.

Having 2 major accidents in my current lifespan (and not planning to add more to this statistic), going through recovery and rehabilitation phase before. I can relate to the difficult journey if my friends had to go through it. I will not go into any details of some of the health issues that my friends were going through. If they are currently reading this post and they would probably knew that I had been chatting with them and wished the best for their recovery journey ahead.

You may be the richest/wealthiest person in the world with money and assets. The truth is no amount of money/wealth can buy your health back to its prime. We all want to have fun and enjoy, let us just be mindful and careful and to overdo things.

Stay Healthy and Be Healthy!

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