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Stirling joins Amity to offer MSC in Data Science for Business in Singapore - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

University of Stirling and Amity Global Institute Singapore, recently made an announcement on 3rd October 2018 that they are partnering together in an exciting partnership to deliver University of Stirling undergraduate and post-graduate level courses to students in Singapore.

There are currently five Stirling’s undergraduate and postgraduate-level degree courses in Singapore. From September 2018, students will be able to sign up for: BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance; Master of Business Administration; and BSc Management. From February 2019, students can enrol in: MSc Banking and Finance or MSc Data Science for Business.

At the announcement event, I had a better understanding of the various courses offered by University of Stirling and one of the courses that caught my attention was the MSc Data Science for Business. I had been covering B2C and B2B technology topics for a period of time and big data is one of the next big growth sector that comes out from the recent disruptions in the technology, internet and social media industries.

Being a techie myself and also with a curious mind, I went into the website and checked out the MSc Data Science for Business course curriculum. A brief look through of the courses outline and agenda, this MSc Data Science for Business has a good mix of subjects that cover both mathematics/statistics and social sciences subjects together in a new age data science for business course. This course would be ideal and suitable for Singapore as she is building her role as a Smart Nation along as a world financial hub.

From left: Bambu’s CEO Mr Ned Phillip; Prof. Dave Mackay from University of Stirling, Prof. Gerry McCormac from University of Stirling, Dr Aseem Chauhan from Amity Global Institute Singapore, Dr Easwaramoorthy Rangaswamy from Amity Global Institute Singapore, Mr Leon Choong from Amity Global Institute Singapore

During the event, I had a good chat and discussion on the MSc Data Science for Business with the friendly folks from University of Stirling, from my queries and their replies, I had a better understanding on the MSc Data Science for Business course. I reckon this course would be suitable for everybody especially those holding management/leadership positions whereby they can extract the big data, convert/translate them into relevant information for their respective business.

If you understand about the current disruption trends in the world and would like to add another skill/knowledge to adapt, adopt and learn, MSc Data Science for Business is something that you can consider.

Let me share more information on University of Stirling and Amity Global Institute Singapore partnership:

Professor Gerry McCormac, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Stirling, said: “Our agreement with Amity Global Institute will allow students in Singapore to enrol on a range of high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate-level Stirling degree courses.”

“These courses are designed to equip our students with the knowledge and skills to thrive as global citizens and to make a difference in the world.”

Dr Aseem Chauhan, Chancellor of Amity Global Institute, welcomed the launch of the MSC Data Science for Business course in particular,as part of Singapore’s drive to become a ‘Smart Nation’, where technology is harnessed to improve people’s lives. He said: “It is with great honour that we are working with University of Stirling to deliver this course, providing a learning platform for young people in Singapore to develop one of the most sought-after skills for employment in this digital age.

“Forging a relationship with such a prestigious university aligns our mission and vision together as an institution that promotes a holistic educational experience for all students. We look forward to our new batch of students joining us for these new courses.”

The University of Stirling is awarded 5 QS Stars for teaching, employability and internationalisation (QS World University Rankings 2018). With University of Stirling consistently ranking top 3 in Scotland for its business studies, economics, marketing, accounting and finance courses in recent years, the collaboration is magnificent news. The strategic partnership will support the success of Singaporean students pursuing further education, especially in the field of Data Science.

For more information on the undergraduate and postgraduate-level degree courses offered, please visit:

* Information and picture courtesy of University of Stirling, Amity Global Institute of Singapore and Brand Cellar *

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