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The Importance of Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Professional sports, such as football, swimming, rugby union, rugby league etc etc … all major sports that have different range of body contact, thus different types and varying levels of injuries occur and sustain by the players themselves. In the field of amateur sports or recreational sports, the chances of sustaining the same type of injuries are there too, although on a lower probability level (maybe & hopefully). When I took on serious marathon running, going to gym and trying to keep a healthy and active lifestyle while indulging in sinful food, my passion for sports science and knowledge led me to learning the importance of rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

It never occur to me that during the past one month and still counting, I am a patient at the other end of rehabilitation, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. With fractures to my left hip and left shoulder, not your usual areas of injuries happening together, I undergo an intensive rehabilitation program, with physiotherapy and occupational therapy, to take on the route of recovery, learning from scratch – how to walk again soon.

Physiotherapy – “is concerned with identifying and maximizing quality of life and movement potential within the spheres of promotion, prevention, treatment/intervention, habilitation and rehabilitation.” – via Wikipedia. Without the rehabilitation and physiotherapy and occupational therapy program, my one month of recovery might not take place as fast and smooth that I would like and want to be. Occupational therapy helps me in the activities of daily living conditions again and how to adapt in my current medical conditions. Therefore, I am very grateful to the team of physiotherapist, assistant physiotherapists and occupational therapist for my recovery till date.

My injuries sustained belong to the orthopaedic segment, in the post-orthopaedic procedure and fractures. The program gets my flexibility, range of movement, strength back in stages, without rushing, working hand in hand with my doctors and specialist. The program is not designed to rush me back into shape, thus the pace of rehabilitation can be pretty slow compared to the mad rat race society pace. Nevertheless, the period of rest does me well too in the rehabilitation program

– Learning to take life in perspective

– Realigning my goals and objectives in life and career

– Personal reflection

– Rest from work, business and rat race

– Appreciating the finer things in life

While I am currently still undergoing rehabilitation, physiotherapy and occupation therapy programs, the importance of healthy and active living strikes an even bigger than ever importance to me because I see for myself how these 3 areas affect different people of different age groups and medical conditions. I would share this in another post soon, keep a lookout !

Moving forward, how would these 3 programs help me in my quest to learn more about sports science and its application to professional sports, team sports, recreational competitive sports ?

Before everything else, I am back to continue my rehabilitation, physiotherapy and occupational therapy program. The route to recovery continues ………..

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