I have been an outdoors person since my scouting days and it’s a great great place to be out there in the outdoors, in the wild and away from the stress, crazy pace of the modern internet connected society today. Although I am not a hardcore environmentalist, I do try to keep up with news and reports on conservation and preservation in the outdoors both locally and internationally. There was a video clip that when I first watched it sometime back, it got me gutted and thinking that how we are treating our Mother Earth. Every one of us is guilty in one way or another, from our thirst for new technological gadgets, pollution to wastage of food. While we, the human race, seeks to fulfil their desire for goods and services, it will be good to take a step back and not over consume from the edible to non-edible products.

This clip was known as Journey to Midway, that you can watch it below.

MIDWAY : a short film by Chris Jordan from Midway on Vimeo.

The documentary clip speaks great volume and a strong reminder to ourselves. For more information, do drop by their website Journey to Midway and the photographs taken by Chris Jordan titled Midway : Message from the Gyre.

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