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Topics in my mind + Updates 24th October 2021 - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Topics in my mind + Updates 24th October 2021

ByGeng Hui

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We are now in the last quarter of Year 2021, forcing our way through this ongoing global pandemic crisis, just trying to survive and get out of this mess that will leave a mark in our lifetime. I had some topics in my mind, along with some updates to write it out here and share.

Business, Economics and Finance

Squid Game

A most recent Korean drama on Netflix that captured the world’s attention and following. There have been an extensive coverage all over the world on this drama from a number of perspectives, social, cultural, business, economics and finance. After watching the whole Squid Game drama series, it got me thinking really hard.

Although the situations depicted in Squid Game are in the context of South Korea society and economy, how different are the rest of the world in relation to the context of the situations portrayed in South Korea?

Are we living in a world filled with rising debts and loans to fulfil our thirst to show off our high standards of living? Do we use all means and methods to get our way to the top, removing people on our way up? Is the rich and poor divide getting bigger and wider, would there still be a middle class in the future?

Oh, on a personal photography note, I am still in the midst of planning on Squid Game Singapore Edition fun photo shoot, using our local Singapore childhood games.

More than just a healthcare and economic crisis

This ongoing global pandemic has caused so much economic and healthcare issues for the whole world, how we work, live and play has changed dramatically and drastically, life would probably not be the same moving forward in a post-pandemic world.

I might (I do/I am) sound like a broken recorder put on repeat. When are we going to see light at the end of the tunnel? Sometimes, the light brightens up, dims and flickers. The process is repeated again and again.

We have more than just a healthcare and economic crisis on our hands, we might already have mental and emotional health crisis in our midst that are getting worse.

When can we see light at the end of the tunnel?

A question that many of us are asking again and again, when can we see the light at the end of the tunnel? Most recently, our COVID-19 restrictions and safety measures were extended for another another month as we needed more time to stabilise the situation. When I heard this announcement, it’s going to be another big blow to us small and medium sized businesses here in Singapore.

When can we really be endemic, living with COVID-19, getting our life and business back to a bit more normalcy similar to pre-COVID times?

Photography by Ryan Cheng

Crypto, Blockchain and NFT

NFT group project funding application had been declined

In some of my earlier articles on my TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog, I might have mentioned about a NFT group project funding application. This application had been declined, therefore I am going to venture out on my own into the NFT world, building this journey up along with my Crypto trading and Blockchain technology coverage.

Crypto, Blockchain and NFT

Just a quick recap, I wrote about taking the first step in the fields of Crypto, Blockchain and NFT here on my TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog. I am reading up and learning more about the new fields that I have started my new journey into, I want to be a thought/opinion leader in those fields. Hopefully, more sharing on those fields would be coming soon.

Begun my crypto trading journey has with Gemini

Finally, I took the first step into crypto trading, opening my account with Gemini! I am going to slowly build up my crypto trading and accumulation of crypto assets from here onwards.

Photography by Ryan Cheng

Media Coverage, Content Creation and Media Relations

Slower in technology / media news coverage

That’s no denying that I have slowed down in my technology / media news coverage on my two portals/blogs. It has been too exhausting personally, on my mental and emotional health and well-being, that affected my technology / media news coverage.

I hope to pick myself up again soon, if you have any sponsored posts or commissioned work assignments that would suit my digital marketing, content creation, social media marketing along with my commercial photography skillsets, please reach out to me!

Media relations

I recently published and shared an article on my website, it’s titled “Blockchain, Crypto and NFT”, that I mentioned earlier in my paragraphs.

A few days later, I received an email pitch from Fadzly from WE Communications, sending me crypto-fintech related news from the accounts that he’s handling, after reading on LinkedIN that I am entering into the above mentioned fields of blockchain, crypto and NFT.

I was pleasantly surprised yet humbled since I am not a big media organisation, just a very small technology and business website. Some don’t even see me as a media outlet. I am thankful for the trust, good working relationships and friendships that I built up with some of the PR folks over the past 15 years (and still counting).

Also a shoutout to Thiviya, as well as Sharyl, Marcus and Sara whom I have worked with for a number of years.

There are also a few PR agencies with good personal touch and building good relationships, they do read my articles that are non media coverage, usually my personal updates, reflections a.k.a. me ranting and having a verbal diarrhoea.    

Photography – Personal and Business

A lot lesser photography sharing on my Instagram/Instagram stories

You can view from my Instagram account that I am not posting a lot of photographs there, as for my Instagram stories, while it may seem like a lot of sharing, it’s a lot of sharing other posts and very few on my personal posts.

I am getting more private, confidential and selective of what I am going to share, due to some very private personal reasons as well as getting more fatigued from how I use social media.

Any further Photography related Updates?

My most recent article “Reflecting Q3 2021 and Plans for Q4 2021” would provide insights into my current photography updates till any further additions and updates in the coming months ahead.

Mental, Emotional and Personal

Exhausted – mentally and emotionally

Exhausted, fatigued, drained, any more words that I can use to describe my mental and emotional state of health/well-being? It’s been a constant daily struggle, getting from bad to worse probably in the past six months since May 2021.

Some of you have lost your way in human communication

First and foremost, I don’t confess to be the best communicator, I have my flaws, characteristics and style that made me not a good communicator in my much younger days. I still remember my university lecturer’s words “Human’s greatest flaw is communication”. Through the years working in a service oriented and sales industry, coupled with blogging, social media, working with PR agencies, institutions and brands, I learnt to improve my communication through life lessons instead.

You and me, we lose some, we gain some, sometimes we do lost our way in human communication. When conversations came to a standstill due to unforeseen circumstances, whereby it doesn’t go beyond one line of text as compared to previous chit chats, we might have already lost our way in human communication.   

Some personal matters can’t be shared

If you have been following and reading my regular updates, reflections, as well as my goals, objectives and planning, I might have come across as someone who shares quite a lot. From a certain perspective, yes, I do share quite a fair bit from a social media marketing, content creation, digital marketing or photographer perspective. However, I don’t share too much in-depth and widely on my personal life, situations and happenings.

Some personal matters can’t be shared, they are simply too personal, entrenched and buried deep inside emotionally and mentally.

Photography by Ryan Cheng

Last but not least (again)

My articles can be boring (they are boring to some), some don’t read, they don’t bother about reading and they might be carrying burdens and issues that they also can’t talk about openly too. Although I am not sharing my most private matters and updates, I do write and share a number of my thoughts and views on topics and interests in various fields.

I might be boring to you, not having a fanciful lifestyle at restaurants, bars, cafes etc etc. However, my writing and photography do bring me to another realm that I discovered, partly being forced by this ongoing global pandemic.

Somehow, my writing went up a notch (alright, I know, I still have a lot to improve) that I never realised that I was able to do it, maybe this is one of the good (and rare) things that did happen to me during this ongoing global pandemic onslaught.

To all those who read till the end, thank you very much. Not many people read, not many people care.

We are all trying to survive, to each on its own, are we heading into an ending like Squid Game?

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