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“Better V-niverse” – Asia’s first big data technology conference in Metaverse

“Better V-niverse” – Asia’s first big data technology conference in Metaverse. An upcoming event in May 2022, a strategic partnership by Asia’s leading big data company Vpon Big Data Group with metaverse service company BetterArena. This is Hong Kong’s first conference held in the metaverse.

“Better V-niverse” brings together leaders of the 4As agencies across the globe, members of the Interactive Advertising Bureau Hong Kong (IABHK), top creative talents from the advertising sector and digital advertising specialists. There are over 15 global brands gathering in an unprecedented form in the metaverse, all forward thinking experts that will be sharing their professional knowledge, dive deep into challenges of data technology development, big data solutions and prospects of the industry.

The conference also showcases the boundless potentials of the metaverse as the breakthrough technological advancement, coinciding with “Better V-niverse”’s theme to project into the future of technological economy by fostering in-depth discussion, exploring the latest form of business interaction together with industry experts and companies for the first glimpse into the age of the metaverse.

Mr. Arthur Chan, Vpon’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “We are honored to partner with BetterArena to host the first big data conference in the metaverse. The collaboration is not only a huge step for Vpon into the metaverse, but also an important milestone for the big data industry. Big data applications are not unlike metaverse’s virtual reality. Both create interaction by bridging online and offline realities (O2O), such as programmatic DOOH, which provides double exposure through linking outdoor advertising boards (offline) to mobile advertisements (online) by data importing. Vpon will work ceaselessly with leading figures in the technology industry to create a diversified and distinctive world of big data.”

“Better V-niverse” is coming to you in May 2022. There would be 13 sessions that integrate cutting-edge technology and knowledge exchange, covering the following topics in multiple-angles:

1) How tightening data usage policies affect data collection and digital marketing planning

  • Mainstream technology companies updating their mobile operating systems (e.g. iOS, Android), corporates’ policies to eliminate third party cookies, etc.

2) How Vpon provides the solution to businesses through purchase intent data and POI data (point-of-interest data)

3) How Vpon enriches its database through upcoming data solution products

  • Programmatic DOOH
  • Wee Global Data Marketplace

4) Future development and trends of the big data industry

The boom and rise in the metaverse, a new visionary virtual world is attributed to the global pandemic that gave rise to online events as many offline events were suspended or having to migrate online. Vpon and BetterArenea have a mission to connect the offline world with the online world, both organisations are joining hands to revolutionise conference platforms and the foundation of business interaction.

In Hong Kong’s first metaverse conference “Better V-niverse”, guests from various companies can exchange ideas and hold forums without the constraints of physical distance. Through the metaverse, attendees can immerse into a realistic experience with audiovisual experience comparable to face-to-face conferences.

BetterArena is a multi-function metaverse platform for entertainment, sports, brands and multiple intellectual properties. With the latest artificial intelligence and virtual reality technologies, BetterArena creates a three-dimensional virtual space which provides immersive entertainment experiences and allows an effectively unlimited number of audiences.

As the extended arm of reality, the metaverse starts becoming the next stage for business and social activities after the Internet, writing a new page for human interaction. The metaverse can be integrated with leading technological products such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology, arming businesses for business expansion and bringing endless opportunities for the industry. The tech giants have seen the apparent potential that the metaverse holds and started betting big on it. Perceived as the next world-changing technology creation, metaverse cultivates a brand new series of business opportunities, such as activities and events held in it, its products and services, pushing the boundaries further beyond imagination.

Mr. Ivan Lau, CEO of BetterArena said, “As one of the world’s fastest-growing metaverse platforms, we are very excited to become a strategic partner of Vpon and to co-host Asia’s first big data forum in the metaverse, showcasing the unlimited potential of BetterArena. The metaverse is slated to be a game changer in the next few years, with the potential of radically changing the way people interact. At BetterArena, we will continue to invest in the latest technology to enhance virtual reality experience and explore more application scenarios.”

* Information courtesy of Vpon Big Data Group, BetterArena and Ascension Communications *

Metaverse, NFTs, Blockchain in 2022 and beyond – Huobi Research Editorial

The technology, digital and social media world that we are living in, has been constantly evolving, changing and growing. The pace and diversity of various technology platforms, advancements had accelerated in recent years, buzzwords such as cryptocurrency, blockchain and NFTs were the hot topics. In 2022, we are looking into Metaverse, web3.0, future of internet and social media. What are all those all about? How would it change our current and future way of living and working? At a recent Huobi Research Institute webinar held on 26th January 2022, blockchain industry experts debated on Metaverse, NFTs, Blockchain in 2022 and beyond – Huobi Research Editorial.

In Q3 2021, I mentioned about blockchain, crypto and NFT, those new topics of interest that I am entering into. As I was doing more research, reading and learning, the buzzwords Metaverse and Web3.0 became more prominent in January 2022, I am adding them more into my ongoing blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT fields, part of my Yearly Theme 2022 (Technology, Business and Personal) goals and areas that I am going into.

The editorial commentary by Flora Li, Director of Huobi Research Institute, provided great insights, thoughts and views on metaverse, blockchain, NFTs in 2022 and beyond.

What are the elements that make up the Metaverse?

Co-chairman of the Singapore Blockchain Association Chia Hock Lai views the metaverse as comprising DeFi, NFT, Gamify and Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

Large firms have already signalled their intentions to join the metaverse fray — and in significant ways. Facebook has invested $10 billon on its metaverse division and expects to continue to increase its investment in the coming years. Microsoft’s acquisition of gaming giant Activision, to the tune of $68.7 billion, is also widely viewed as a bid to not only dominate the video games space but also the metaverse.

Big Brands are getting into Metaverse

It’s not just tech firms who have expressed interest in the metaverse — fashion brands Adidas and Prada have partnered for a community-contributed NFT art project in the metaverse; and other similar projects are expected to be announced in the coming year.

Such significant investments into the metaverse will more likely than not accelerate its launch, and its potential for many industries, including entertainment, gaming and social media should not be ignored, said Chia, indicating the blockchain will serve as the metaverse’s economic layer.

The World of NFTs

NFTs, already a significant aspect of the blockchain industry, are expected to occupy an important role in the metaverse, although Senior Financial Analyst and Insights Lead at EmergentX Esme Pau recommended buyers exercise caution if considering NFTs as an investment avenue.

“There’s a major Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) sentiment around NFTs right now,” said Pau.

NFTs are gaining popularity for several reasons, said Flora Li, Director of the Huobi Research Institute and author of the institute’s annual report titled Global Crypto Industry Overview and Trends: 2021–2022.

“NFTs are unique because they satisfy all requirements for digital property rights, facilitating efficiently-run marketplaces,” said Li. “They also fulfill an important social function, that of an enabler for self-expression, creativity and ownership.”

The coming year will likely witness a ‘natural selection’ of sorts in the NFT space, with unsuccessful projects exiting the ecosystem and projects with stronger communities gaining a stronger foothold, said Pau.

“The metaverse will be about technology and communities,” says Pau, adding investments will likely be funneled toward developing technology for metaverse interoperability, enabling players to transfer in-game assets across different metaverses.

“It’s an interesting use case that can also bolster the notion of ownership with regard to NFTs,” stated Pau.

Current IP laws will also be insufficient for the upcoming metaverse and changes to existing laws will likely take place in the coming two years.

“As more deep-pocketed institutions enter, we’ll likely see tussles over IP rights in various jurisdictions. It’s an interesting space to watch,” Pau said.

Personal Thoughts and Views

I am still reading, researching, understanding and analysing on the new fields Metaverse, Web3.0, how all these would change the way we work and live in the coming future. We are not just facing a new future of work, we are also facing a new Future of Internet, Social Media with the new technology platforms and advancements.

How would all these play a part in my NFT journey? Would social media still be relevant in the near future? How many of us would be left behind?

I would definitely be reading, researching, understanding and analysing more on the new fields mentioned here. In my journey of learning, entry into the NFT world as an NFT photographer, I would also be looking at the Metaverse and Web3.0 as well, on how I may enter into the new internet world of the future.

I hope to write and publish more commentaries, information, updates, thoughts and views in Year 2022.

Stay tuned!

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