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Lenovo Experiential Day 2022

Lenovo’s flagship event in Singapore – Experiential Day made a comeback in Singapore with its first in-person event in almost two years at JW Marriott Hotel South Beach. This was my first time attending Lenovo Experiential Day, it was an eye-opener for me to know more about Lenovo, the directions that they are heading in a new future of work and living, as well as the return of physical attendance events, it’s been some time.

Lenovo Experiential Day themes are on making digital transformation 2.0 front and centre, as the world is entering into new future of work, demonstrating how organisations can adapt to the changes and demands of work, how they can evolve their workplaces with smarter, more integrated, and personalised experiences. This Experiential Day underlines the Lenovo’s mission to deliver smarter technology to all, at a crucial period as more organisations face multiple headwinds.

Future of work, hybrid working arrangements, the changes are already here, both organisations and workers are finding common ground to make hybrid work a permanent configuration. At Lenovo Experiential Day, we were able to view and understand Lenovo’s vision fro end-to-end, service-led solutions featuring Lenovo’s extensive suite of devices, services and solutions through six immersive experience zones. Lenovo’s experts were on hand to share their expertise, experiences and how they could be applied in a new future of work.

This event provided its audience a peek into the smart workplace fo the future to demonstrate how CIOs can re-examine their IT infrastructure, while keeping in mind aspects of areas such as employee experience and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).

Panel Discussion – “Reimagining A Smarter Future Together”

A robust panel discussion and conversation – “Reimagining A Smarter Future Together” was featured at Lenovo Experiential Day, it’s informative and insightful on a wide range of topics and discussions.

Moderated by award winning actress and serial entrepreneur Irene Ang, the panel featured Nigel Lee, General Manager, Intelligent Devices Group, Lenovo Singapore, Clara Chen, Founding Managing Partner of Singapore Deep-Tech Alliance (SDTA) and Dr. Dennis Khoo, Managing Partner at allDigitalfuture, Bain External Advisor Singapore and author of Driving Digital Transformation.

“Lenovo Experiential Day 2022 is a great opportunity for us to showcase our solutions, from devices to software and services, all tightly integrated and presented in a narrative that highlights the impact that we are making to organizations and industries in Singapore,” said Nigel Lee. “We are putting a spotlight on our efforts as a service-led company in how we are bringing all these incredible technologies – Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality–into the world, and transforming experiences in the workplace and the classrooms of the future. And we are very proud that we are achieving this in a way that’s sustainable.

“In many ways, our goals are also made more impactful through our partnerships with like-minded organizations like Singapore Deep-Tech Alliance, to help Industry 4.0 startups bring advanced technologies to market at scale to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. We are also honored to be joined by Dr Dennis Khoo, a strategic partner, who is working with us to elevate organizations’ digital transformation here in Singapore. ”

How these technologies fit in the workplace of the future

How do all these technologies fit into the workplace of the future that businesses are moving towards into? Through an underlying workplace narrative play developed by Lenovo, featuring local actors from FLY Entertainment – Amy J Cheng, Andrew Marko, and Alan Wan.

Titled “Smarter Work at Play”, the actors brought to life the possibility of a brighter and smarter workplace with breakthrough technologies, aligning purpose with user-centricity to drive more positive experiences in everyday life.

Even though we may be from different industries, we were able to relate some of the work experiences and challenges we faced in the workplace, through the “Smarter Work at Play” experiences.

There are six zones to learn more about those experiences:

Lenovo Building & Workplace Solutions

This is showcased to the Singapore audience for the first time, featuring the launch of Lenovo’s new suite of building and workplace solutions to address a core challenge in the workplace today – the increasingly complex needs of a hybrid workplace.

Lenovo’s Workplace Solutions zone showed how solutions like simplified workspace booking, utilisation analytics, and smart facilities management coupled with professional services can help businesses provide employees with enhanced flexible working options, offering the benefits of both in-office interactions and remote work.

The Lenovo Workplace Solutions portfolio helps businesses and CIOs adapt to the hybrid work era with several workplace solutions, including:

  • Workspace Booking: Scheduling software offering real-time visibility on workspace occupancy enabling employers to manage capacity better, helps employees book facilities quickly to save time, and improves contact tracing with automated post-event reporting.
  • Workplace Analytics: Delivered via a dashboard providing real-time insights on space usage, based on non-invasive data from heat and motion sensors.
  • Digital Signage: Content management system that turns traditionally static displays and signages at high-traffic locales and touch points into visually-rich multimedia screens that is dynamically updated to convey important updates in a timely manner.
  • Smart Locker: Flexible self-service storage service enabling employees to store, pick up and drop off assets securely 24×7 with minimal fuss and reduced waiting time.
  • Smart Collaboration: All-in-one meeting room solution with video conferencing software and integrated devices that are easy to use and scale according to meeting sizes, protected by ThinkShield, a suite of security solutions to safeguard users’ privacy and data.

Lenovo Smarter Learning

In this zone, the highlight is Lenovo Aware, this is a software that provides users with health care solutions to help them better use of their PCs. They also provide an “Attention Function” to help users stay focused and motivated (we all can relate to this when using our PCs), while improving their hybrid working and learning experience.

Whether it’s for working parents managing their children learning remotely or professionals working on the go, Lenovo Aware addresses the challenge of excessive screen time, ensuing body posture and vision issues by using the PC’s built-in camera to detect the user’s body language and eye contact with the device. Activated within Lenovo Vantage, it is a manual opt-in service that reminds users to sit back from the screen, straighten their posture, or simply take a break from their PC to rest their eyes.

Smart Distance Learning

Not only do we have remote working, the world has also adopted remote/distance learning, from young children to adults, there is little doubt, no thanks to COVID-19 that brought about the changes in the way we work, study and live.  Not just applicable for teachers who need to prepare their remote learning materials, professionals as well, may need to prepare for trainings, workshops, and seminars virtually.

In this Smart Distance Learning zone, Lenovo demonstrated how devices, software, and services are being integrated to make it easy for attendees and presenters, and showed that setting up an engaging session virtually need not be a hassle.

“In many ways, Lenovo Experiential Day 2022 highlights that Lenovo is no longer just a device-centric company,” said Nigel Lee, “but an end-to-end solutions provider that is helping customers embark on their journey to digital transformation 2.0 in an era filled with increasing challenges but also tremendous opportunities.”

Lenovo ThinkReality

In 2020, the global pandemic situation COVID-19 became a catalyst for technology sectors such as extended reality (XR) technologies (both AR and VR) to help enterprises maintain business continuity and enable people to collaborate and work remotely more efficiently.

In this Lenovo ThinkReality zone, attendees were able to get a view of Lenovo’s ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses. These augmented reality (AR) smart glasses are conceived for today’s world, it’s powered by Lenovo’s flexible XR software platform, they have a vital role to play across industries. In the manufacturing industry for example, Lenovo ThinkReality powered by holo|one software is giving Micron’s engineers the ability to keep production facilities running while helping the company meet growing demand for its products.

ThinkReality also lets business teams connect existing XR devices and add advanced new devices as they become available. The platform allows customers to develop and deploy apps and content remotely throughout the enterprise while managing devices and applications from a single interface.

Lenovo TGX Remote Workstation Software / Lenovo Self-Checkout Kiosk

In this zone, Lenovo demonstrated the flexibility and ease by which organisations can deploy high performance computing to their teams no matter where they are, allowing anyone in an organization to access their powerful workstations anytime, anywhere, securely. For example, with Lenovo’s ThinkStation P520 and ThinkPad P1 , organizations can harness the power of NVIDIA Quadro and TGX Remote Workstation software to decode and encode large databases and process graphically intense applications to bring greater responsiveness and performance to users for the best experience.

This zone also featured Lenovo’s Self-Checkout kiosks, retail solutions that seamlessly integrates offline and online channels to connect an organization’s front and back office for optimal efficiency.

Lenovo Future of Work

What does the Future of Work looks like? In this Lenovo Future of Work zone, it featured Lenovo’s Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) to help businesses arrive at more sustainable IT solutions, reflecting Lenovo’s goal of cutting the brand’s emissions in half by 2030. DaaS reduces the total cost of ownership for employee technology by carefully assessing an organization’s transformation initiatives and providing the right devices to the right users. It also offers organizations greater flexibility by giving them the option to incorporate hardware from other technology vendors to meet specific business needs. Ultimately, the lease-like model ensures organizations are keeping abreast with technology updates to provide the best experience to the workforce, while minimizing impact to the environment.

The showcase demonstrated how Lenovo Asset Recovery Services (ARS) and CO2 Offset Services mitigate security and environmental risks associated with new device procurement and end-of-life asset disposal. These services ensure organizations are procuring, managing, and disposing their technology hardware in a responsible and sustainable manner, while making sure that the entire process is legally compliant, secure, and consistently applied globally.

Lenovo Experiential Day 2022 – Digital Transformation 2.0 and beyond

Lenovo Experiential Day 2022 showcased digital transformation 2.0 and beyond, in a new hybrid future of work. Lenovo is more than just gadgets and devices company, they are into IT services, solutions and sustainability for their clients and consumers. Although the Experiential Day might seem more of a B2B / Enterprise technology solutions for business/organisations, they are just as applicable, catering to the end consumers too.

Digital Transformation 2.0 coupled with hybrid future of work and living are going to make technology (in both enterprise and consumer sectors) dynamic and interesting. How fast, how slow, how big and wide would all these digital transformations be, at this current juncture and beyond? Lenovo Experiential Day 2022 gave insights on the digital transformation 2.0, the forefront and directions that they are leading into the new future.

On a personal note, it’s been quite some time since I last attended an enterprise technology event, it’s good for the economy, technology, and MICE sectors to be back in action again.

* Information courtesy of Lenovo and WE Communications *

New Latitude 7320 Detachable

A new era of work is upon us, the future of work is now and hybrid. Around the world, a number of us has adopted and adapted work-from-home (WFH) due to the ongoing global pandemic. As the world economy learnt how to change, adapt and adopt new work environments and systems, it has evolved into a new future of work that is now and it’s hybrid. We are no longer just WFH, we can “work-from-anywhere”, living in a “do-from-anywhere” world, not confined to one location or any one activity. Collaborating and connecting can take place in many forms and from anywhere. With all these in mind, Dell Technologies announced the latest Latitude PC, the new Latitude 7320 Detachable.

The new Latitude 7320 Detachable represents a new age device for the new era of working professionals in a hybrid future of work, it’s designed for a new world of connectivity, collaboration, sustainability and security. Whether it’s for executives, business consultants, sales representatives or real estate agents, the Latitude 7320 Detachable is designed for the mobile professionals who are driven to grow their business and they want a thin and light device. This device is sleek, lightweight, and ready to support users as they go about their “do-from-anywhere” day.

Work like a boss and kick-off your day like one

The Latitude 7320 Detachable is hard at work even before users start their day. It is packed with Dell Technologies’ presence detection software, Express-Sign-in, making it the only commercial detachable device in the world (1) with this technology. Together with the smart kickstand that instantly wakes when powered on, users can log in quickly to start their day.

Users can also count on the Latitude 7320 Detachable for their video conferencing needs. The device comes with advanced 5 MP front-facing and 8 MP rear-facing cameras with Temporal Noise Reduction (TNR) to bring brighter, sharper visuals to video calls so users can have clear picture quality, while on-the-go or in low-light settings. The device also offers connectivity options with Intel Wi-Fi 6, 4G LTE or eSIM capability with an integrated WWAN.

Sustainable, smart design

The new Latitude 7320 Detachable comes with the world’s fastest charging stylus pen available on a commercial detachable tablet (2). It can charge up to 100% within 30s and lasts for up to 90mins of continuous usage. Dell’s focus was to create an “always ready experience” with the right battery technology that charges quickly, paired with a physical design that allows the pen to change by contacting the device. This pen can also be stored easily within the device.

The new Latitude 7320 Detachable comes with the built-in AI software, Dell Optimizer. This software keeps users focused on what matters to them while it manages efficiencies such as battery life, audio settings and background applications. With all ports and security features in the tablet head, users can enjoy the flexibility of the device and detach it without worry.

The Latitude 7320 Detachable also contributes towards Dell Technologies’ 2030 sustainability goals with EPEAT Gold registration, waterborne paint on 100% of painted parts, and packaging trays that feature ocean-bound plastic (25%) and HDPE recycled plastic (75%).

Powerful, yet cool to the touch

The Latitude 7320 Detachable eases eye strain and fatigue by delivering the most comfortable viewing experience with ComfortView Plus low blue light technology.

As Dell Technologies’ first detachable that is thermally-architected with dual opposite outlet fans and the battery positioned along the bottom of the device, the Latitude 7320 Detachable remains cool in the most common touch areas. It is the first Intel EVO-verified detachable (3), and with up to the latest 11th Gen Intel® Core i7 vPro® processors, it offers built-in security features, manageability, and the stability that IT needs. It also offers 54% more performance than its predecessor (4), making it the world’s most powerful, secure and serviceable business detachable for enterprise (5).

Pricing and Availability

The Latitude 7320 Detachable is available for purchase at dell.com.sg and at Dell Exclusive Stores in Funan Mall, NEX and Plaza Singapura.


Availability in Singapore

Starting Price (SGD)

Latitude 7320 Detachable

Available now



(1) Based on Dell analysis, October 2020. 

(2) Based on Dell analysis, March 2021. Actual charging times may vary depending on product usage, operating conditions, and other factors.

(3) Based on Dell analysis, April 2021.

(4) Based on internal testing, April 2021, comparing a Latitude 7320 vs. previous gen similarly configured with Intel Core i7. Actual results may vary.

(5) Based on Dell analysis, October 2020. 

* Information and picture courtesy of Dell Technologies and burson cohn & wolfe *

ASUS announced ExpertBook B9 for Business Professionals

ASUS recently announced a new laptop to their lineup, the ExpertBook B9 for business professionals. The latest in the new ExpertBook series to provide unmatched performance, durability and design within the world’s lightest business laptop form factor.

Business People Discussing in the Corridor

The new ExpertBook B9 weighs 870g with a 14.9mm thin profile, this is the world’s lightest business laptop. Packed a frameless four-sided NanoEdge display, giving the ExpertBook B9 14-inch panel fitting into a standard 13-inch chassis body, at an astounding 94% screen-to-body ratio. The ExpertBook B9 performance is not compromised, it’s equipped with a long lasting battery life delivering up to an impressive 24 hours through the work day and night, coupled with extra comfort features such as the ErgoLift hinge for an improved typing experience, built-in Amazon Alexa support and a Harman Kardon optimised audio system.

Top-tier Performance

The 10th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro processor, with up to ultrafast 1TB PCIe® 3.0 x4 SSD, and 16GB of RAM next-gen connectivity with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) powers the ExpertBook B9 for the business professionals on the move. There are also a full range of input/output options including two Thunderbolt™ 3 and HDMI ports and an exclusive ASUS NumberPad 2.0 built into the touchpad for fast data entry. In addition to its with military-grade durability, the ExpertBook B9 (B9450) takes security seriously with an integrated Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (TPM) security chip to keep business-critical data safe, while a built-in IR camera allows for biometric logins for personal privacy.

Built for On-the-go Business Professionals

Built for on-the-go business professionals, the chassis is milled from magnesium-lithium alloy, it is tougher yet more lightweight than previous magnesium-alloy models, with a 14.9mm thin profile and weighing in at a mere 870 grams. A 14-inch screen with a frameless NanoEdge display provides a more immersive viewing experience and compact, 13-inch footprint. The ExpertBook B9 has a sleek aesthetic with its unique Star Black finish. 

The ErgoLift hinge is a one of the thoughtful design touches implemented on the ExpertBook B9, giving the owner comfortable typing sessions. Other thoughtful designs are the quad-microphone array that supports far-field and noise cancellation for videoconferencing, IR camera covers and a light bar on the front of the laptop that activates when using built-in support for Microsoft Cortana. The ExpertBook B9 is the first business laptop to include the exclusive ASUS NUmberPad 2.0 technology, an LED-illuminated numeric keypad built into the touchpad.

Professional-grade Durability and Security

The ExpertBook B9 (B9450) is equipped with robust military-grade durability, surviving numerous MIL-STD-810G laboratory procedures including drop tests, shock tests, vibration tests, high temperatures, low temperatures, days of 95% humidity, and hours of sand and dust exposure. Pairing a Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (TPM) security chip, a webcam shield and a built-in IR camera for safe biometric logins, the B9450 offers rock solid security to help users safeguard business data and maintain personal privacy.

Be prepared to use the ExpertBook B9 (B9450) for a full day’s work. The two-cell, 33Wh battery is rated for up to 12 hours of productivity, while an available 66Wh power source can last as long as 24 hours under the same workload. Fast-charging support brings either battery option up to 60% of maximum capacity in just 39 minutes.

Seamlessly Integrate Mobile with MyASUS Software

The latest ExpertBook B9 (B9450) includes the latest version of the MyASUS software. The software now allows seamless integration with mobile devices, using the Link to MyASUS mobile app. New features include fast and easy wireless file and URL transfers for users who need to share files or web links seamlessly between their PC and mobile devices; Remote File Access for accessing data on mobile devices from a laptop, anytime and anywhere; and smooth multitasking using the screen mirroring and screen extender functions that give users an auxiliary display for cross-referencing and other uses.

If you are a busy working professional and on the move often, do check out the ASUS ExpertBook B9 for your usage.

Do share this information on ASUS ExpertBook B9 for business professionals with your fellow colleagues, family, loved ones, relatives and friends, if they are planning to look for a business laptop.

Pricing and Availability 

The ExpertBook B9 (B9450) starts from $2,298 and is available at the ASUS Exclusive Store, ASUS Online Store and all authorised retailers.

* Information and pictures courtesy of ASUS Singapore *

LG gram 17.0” Ultra-Lightweight Laptop Review

The LG gram 2019 lineup was announced in May 2019, there were different models for consumers to choose from, they are the 13.3-inch, 14-inch, 15.6-inch and 17-inch laptops. There was a particular LG gram laptop that caught my attention, their 17-inch LG gram, looks big in size yet it’s lightweight and it’s the lightest 17-inch laptop of its class. Most recently, there was an opportunity to do the LG gram 17.0” ultra-lightweight laptop review, I decided to have it on board to do a laptop review.


Having saw and touched the LG gram 2019 lineup laptops at the LG HE & IT 2019 media event, the LG gram laptops had been pretty impressive, compact, lightweight and sturdy. While most computer brands would be going for the 13.3-inch, 14-inch and 15.6-inch class of laptops, we don’t see many 17-inch laptops available in the market.

Let me share with you my views and findings from my LG gram 17-inch review


  • On the keyboard – there is a number pad on the right side, comes in handy
  • Fingerprint reader for secure login
  • The feel of a wide keyboard took a bit of time to adapt
  • Backlit keyboard is good and useful for using the LG gram 17-inch in dark conditions
  • Big yet compact in size, lightweight and sturdy


  • Good sound quality from a relatively compact body
  • DTS Headphone: X surround sound effect
  • Bass Boost, Volume Levelling , Surround Sound, 3D FX, Equaliser, Advanced Levels

LG Software

  • LG Software – LG Control Centre and LG Update Centre
  • LG troubleshooting
  • LG Reader mode
  • LG Easy Guide


  • Wide 17-inch screen, really nice and comfortable, from doing work, editing photographs and videos, to watching movies
  • Intel UHD Graphics Control Panel – display adjustment

For photographers

A laptop that would gain lots of attention from photographers! As a photographer myself, a lightweight, powerful and portable 17-inch laptop (big 17-inch screen inside a 15.6inch laptop body is a bonus) is very attractive for doing work on the laptop while on the move or doing photo shoots/work outdoors.

For creatives/filmmakers

Just like photographers, I reckon creatives and filmmakers would also be attracted by the LG gram 17-inch laptop. With a wide 17-inch powered by DTS Headphone: X sound system, those into video/film production as well as musicians/DJs would attract them too!

For work/leisure

I reckon people won’t mind having a big size LG gram 17-inch laptop since it is lightweight, powerful and sturdy for both office work and leisure, provided they don’t mind having carrying a big sized laptop inside their bag!

Thoughts and views

LG gram 17.0-inch laptop is a 17-inch screen laptop packed inside a 15.6-inch laptop body. It looks big in size, it also looks heavy, tough looking protected with tough magnesium alloy (nano carbon with magnesium) that passed the demanding MIL-STD-810G military standard of durability and reliability checks, yet it is ultra-lightweight at only 1.34kg and aesthetically not too bad looking too!

What are some of the key features of the LG gram 17-inch laptop that caught my attention?

  • Enhanced battery life thanks to their high-performance battery by LG Chem
  • Dual SSD slots, giving users an option for RAM/SSD upgrade
  • A 17-inch laptop inside a 15.6-inch laptop body
  • Lightweight and sturdy for a 17-inch laptop

In the laptop world, many brands are “fighting” it out in the 13-inch to 15-inch space, since this particular segment is the most popular and well liked laptop sizes for leisure and work. The 17inch laptop space has been underserved as this segment is perceived to be big, heavy and bulky for everyday usage.

In my personal humble opinion, the LG gram 17-inch laptop sets to change that perception and they would probably bring back the popularity of the 17-inch laptop.

For more information on the LG gram 17 inch ultra-lightweight laptop and where to buy, visit LG Singapore website!

I would like to thank LG Singapore and Brand Cellar for the opportunity to review the LG gram 17 inch laptop.

Dell announced new Latitude series for Business

Dell recently announced at their Dell Technologies World held at Las Vegas, on a new portfolio of Latitude series for the business users. The Dell Latitude series has been a trusted business laptop model and this new portfolio of Latitude series would interest business users.

This recently announced new portfolio of Latitude series, is the 10th generation of the Latitude commercial PCs from Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL). When I was reading more about this 10th generation Latitude commercial PCs, they sport sleek and aesthetically polished design business/commercial PCs with more powerful, productivity and security features. For all the business/commercial users, it’s time to take a look at this 10th generation of the Latitude commercial PCs from Dell! Dell Technologies also announced new commercial docking stations, making them great accessories for the modern workplace to complement the new Latitude commercial PCs portfolio.

As I was reading up on the various 10th generation Latitude commercial PCs, I spotted 2-in-1 notebooks, a PC design that I feel would be the future of personal and business computing, having a tablet and laptop both together, best of both worlds. In my personal humble opinion, I feel the 2-in-1 notebooks design is the way to go for the future, both personal and business usage.

Do share this new 10th generation Latitude commercial PCs from Dell Technologies with your family, relatives, friends and colleagues! Pass It On and Pay It Forward!

Let me share more information and details on the 10th generation of the Latitude commercial PCs from Dell Technologies-

“The modern workforce’s computing needs have changed. They’re not at their desks nine to five. They’re in motion between meetings, remote or frequently travelling, and one-size-fits-all laptops won’t cut it,” said Rahul Tikoo, vice president and general manager, Commercial Mobility Products at Dell. “Our new Latitudes make it easier and more enjoyable to work, collaborate and innovate anytime, anywhere. With security concerns looming over both employees and IT departments, businesses can rely on our new Latitudes, combined with Dell Technologies Unified Workspace, to make it simple for IT to ensure workers have the best device for their needs – up and running fast, working smarter and always secure, wherever they are.”

Redesigned portfolio boosts productivity, offers powerful security features

A powerful integration of hardware and software that transforms how IT departments deploy, manage, secure and support their devices, the new Latitudes include a bevy of express technology options. ExpressCharge™ provides an up to 80% battery charge in just one hour[i], while ExpressCharge Boost™ charges to up to 35% in just 20 minutes[ii]. Select systems also feature Dell’s innovative ExpressConnect, which intelligently detects and connects to the strongest WiFi for up to 40% faster throughput than a conventional antenna[iii], resulting in fewer dropped connections, more reliable file transfers and faster email syncs.

A recent Ipsos survey conducted on behalf of Dell[iv]found that full-time working adults consider built-in security features to be one of the three most important factors when choosing a work PC. In fact, nearly 80% believe having security features built into their work PC helps keep their company’s data safe.

To address these concerns, the notebooks add new layers of enterprise-class security that saves users the hassle of remembering passwords and offers lightning-fast, secure sign-on. Many new Latitudes now can be equipped with fingerprint readers built into the power button and Windows Hello-capable IR cameras for a more trusted, biometric authentication. Many systems also can be equipped with Dell SafeScreen, new camera privacy shutters and FIPS 201 contacted Smart Card Reader or contactless Smart Card Reader with SafeID to protect user credentials. The laptops also support Dell’s recently announced SafeBIOS utility, that gives customers added visibility to BIOS changes by verifying the firmware’s integrity securely in the cloud.

The 10th generation Latitude portfolio is optimised for the new Dell Technologies Unified Workspace while giving workers a frustration-free, ready-to-work experience.

Smaller, lighter business-class PCs designed for the way the world works

With more style than ever, plus the choice to be equipped with 8th Gen Intel®Core™ vPro processors and Intel®Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) solutions to give employees faster connections, there’s a new Latitude for any remote worker, corridor warrior or on-the-go pro.

In addition to the award-winning Latitude 7400 2-in-1 launched this year at CES, the new Latitude line includes:

Latitude 7000 series

In 13- and 14-inch form factors, the Latitude 7000 series are the world’s smallest premium business-class notebooks available[i]. Encased in durable new machined aluminum or carbon fiber materials, the laptops feature a variable-torque, drop-hinge design that enables easy, one-finger opening of the anti-glare, narrow-border display. Designed to minimise battery drain when in use, the innovative digital SafeScreen technology narrows the screen’s field of view for security while working in public.

The portfolio also includes the Latitude 7200 2-in-1, which sports a thinner, lighter design, brushed anodised aluminum premium finish and backlit keyboard.  This 12-inch, fully IT serviceable device is Dell’s most secure, manageable and feature-rich detachable Latitude, as well as Dell’s smallest, for those who prioritise portability in tablet mode.

Dell Latitude 7200 2-in-1

All the laptops can be equipped with up to 32GB of memory[ii]and up to an impressive 20 hours[iii]of run time on select configurations —up to 25% more than the previous generation. For the ultimate mobile professional, the Latitude 7000 also offer the first narrow border 4×4, CAT16, cellular antenna with dynamic antenna tuning in the PC industry, delivering gigabit LTE speed on the go for faster downloads.

Latitude 5000 series

The world’s smallest mainstream business notebooks in their class[iv]also offer a broad range of business features and configurability. The Latitude 5000 series form factors (13-, 14- and 15-inch) in new carbon fiber reinforced chassis and a targeted industry-leading run time of up to 20 hours mean users can enjoy uninterrupted focus. Narrow-border HD, Full HD or touchscreen display configurations and powerful 8th Gen Intel®Core™ processors with optional discrete graphics take on the most demanding tasks.

Dell Latitude 5500

In addition, Dell Technologies is introducing the new Latitude 5300 2-in-1, the world’s smallest mainstream business-class 13-inch 2-in-1[v].  With a starting weight of just 3.15 lbs[vi], the Latitude 5300 360ohinge-convertible features a durable Full HD edge-to-edge Corning Gorilla Glass touchscreen display with anti-glare coating for a screen that’s easier to read. This 2-in-1 can be configured with up to 32GB of memory and up to 1TB of storage.

Dell Latitude 5300 2-in-1

Latitude 3000 series

The new Latitude 3000 Series sets the standard for entry-level business notebooks with enterprise-class capabilities for essential productivity, while remaining accessible to any company. Now with an even smaller footprint and an updated look, the laptops are available in 14- and 15-inch form factors as well as a stunning, new 13-inch model, which is the world’s smallest and lightest 13-inch essential business notebook.[vii]

Dell Latitude 3301

World’s most powerful charging docks

Dell’s latest commercial docking stations are the world’s most powerful charging[viii] and first modular docks[ix]with upgradeable power and connectivity. Available with three connectivity options – Thunderbolt™ 3, dual USB-C or single USB-C and featuring ExpressCharge™ and ExpressCharge Boost™ technology support for Dell laptops – the new docks provide up to an 80% charge in one hour and up to a 35% charge in just 20 minutes on compatible systems.

The docks’ upgradable connectivity and power delivery meets the ever-changing needs of a modern workspace, making them an ideal investment to be used for several generations of PCs. Intelligent management capabilities to streamline deployment and management through unified firmware – mean that IT departments to perform updates quickly without disrupting end users.

Pricing and Availability

Dell’s 10th generation Latitude portfolio is available for sale on May 1 at Dell.com.

  • Latitude 7×00 laptops starting at $1,299
  • Latitude 7200 2-in-1 starting at $999
  • Latitude 5×00 laptops starting at $819
  • Latitude 5×01 laptops starting at $1,179
  • Latitude 5300 2-in-1 starting at $949
  • Latitude 3×00 laptops starting at $599

Dell’s next-gen docks are available now at Dell.com.

  • Dell Dock (WD19) for $229.99 for 130W and $279.99 for 180W
  • Performance Dock (WD19DC) for $329.99
  • Thunderbolt Dock (WD19TB) for $329.99

* Information and pictures courtesy of Dell Technologies and Burson Cohn & Wolfe *

Panasonic Toughbook CF-LX3 World’s Lightest 14’’ Business Laptop

Panasonic, an industry leader in reliable and innovative mobile computers since 1996, today launched the world’s lightest* 14’’ business rugged notebook, the Panasonic Toughbook CF-LX3, targeted at mobile business professionals. With up to 14 hours of battery life**, Windows 8.1 Pro, Intel® Core ™ i5 vPro ™ processor, built in optical drive, and weighing just 1.29kg, the Toughbook CF-LX3 combines premium performance with a light, durable, and ultra-sleek design.


Mobility, Functionality, Portability
By 2015, the world’s mobile worker population is expected to represent up to 37.2% of the total workforce with Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) seeing the largest increase in the total of mobile workers. Bringing together the latest computing technologies in a light-weight, shock-resistant body, the Toughbook CF-LX3 provides the optimal combination of functionality with portability.

“Panasonic Toughbook continues to push the boundaries of what a laptop can and cannot do as we strive to develop the best products to meet our customer’s business needs,” said Mr. Satoshi Mizobata, Director of Toughbook Asia Pacific Group. “The Toughbook CF-LX3 is designed to be the ultimate companion for the mobile executive, bringing together enterprise-level technologies, lightweight features, and an extremely long battery life to deliver real business results.”

Business Benefits for the Mobile Workforce
The Toughbook CF-LX3 was designed with the purpose of improving productivity and efficiency in a host of highly mobile professional environments such as insurance, sales, and frequent flyers, where the probability of accidental knocks and drops are high.

The Toughbook CF-LX3 has been drop-tested in operation mode from a height of up to 76cm, and able to withstand up to 100kgf of pressure, delivering better and longer life cycle management resulting in a lower total cost of ownership and increased return on investments through time and resource savings.

Everyday Mobile Computing
Featuring the new 4th generation Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processor, the Toughbook CF-LX3 that has the power to deal with today’s data-intensive modern applications. The high performing, low power consuming processor provides the Toughbook CF-LX3 up to 14 hours** of battery life with hot swappable function for all day mobile computing. Coupled with best-in-class storage options (4GB SGRAM and 250GB storage), the Toughbook CF-LX3 is the perfect solution for everyday mobile business computing where speed, battery life, and business capabilities are essential.

“With nearly 20 years of experience in the rugged mobile computing space, we believe the Toughbook CF-LX3 is the product of our commitment to developing innovative devices capable of delivering consistent outstanding performance for our business users,” said Mr. Mizobata.

Toughbook CF-LX3: Key Features

  • Processor: New 4th generation Intel® Core ™ i5 vPro ™ processor
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit with Windows 7 Professional downgrade option available
  • Screen: 14’’ HD+, 1600 x 900
  • Storage: 250GB
  • WLAN: 802.11abgn
  • DVD Optical Drive: Optional
  • Japanese Keyboard: Optional
  • Weight: 1.43kg (6 cell battery) / 1.29kg (3 cell battery)
  • Battery Life: Approx. 14 hours (6 cell battery) / Approx. 7 hours (3 cell battery)
  • Dimensions: 333mm x 225.6mm x 24.5mm
  • Drop Resistant: Up to 76cm
The Toughbook CF-LX3 also has three USB ports (USB 2.0 x 1; USB 3.0 x 2) for fast transfer speeds, a HDMI port for easy high-definition output, a 1080p webcam and built-in microphone, WLAN A/B/G/N and Bluetooth 4.0.

Pricing and Availability
The Toughbook CF-LX3 will be available in Singapore immediately. All Toughbook ™ notebooks can be purchased through authorized Panasonic resellers. For further information, please visit www.panasonictoughbook.asia

All products in the Toughbook ™ family come standard with the industry’s most comprehensive 3-year warranty.

* World’s lightest business rugged 14-inch tablet as of August 28, 2013
** Using the 6 cell battery

* Information Courtesy of Panasonic Systems Asia Pacific and Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide *