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LenovoPro and Microsoft collaborate with Bynd Artisan on limited-edition eco-friendly laptop sleeve

LenovoPro and Microsoft collaborate with Bynd Artisan on limited-edition eco-friendly laptop sleeve. This laptop sleeve is made entirely from sustainable, eco-friendly materials. Lenovo is committed to operate a globally sustainable business, this collaboration with Bynd Artisan not only reflects the organisation’s continued commitment to its Climate Change Mitigation Goals for 2025, this also perfectly aligns Bynd Artisan’s ethos of creating perfect leather gifts and features the signature craftsmanship of the 70-year old, Singapore-founded brand.

Limited-edition sleeve comes embossed with LenovoPro and Microsoft logos

Lenovo’s commitment to sustainability 

Nigel Lee, Country General Manager, Lenovo Singapore, said, “Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the products we make or the services we provide, but also influences with whom we collaborate environmentally and socially. And we can’t be more excited to work with one of Singapore’s oldest and finest artisanal brands, Bynd Artisan.”

“Together, we set out to craft something truly special, yet remains true to our goal of building a better future for our customers, our communities, and our planet. And the result is a beautiful work of art and craftmanship that will hopefully touch not only the hands of our business customers, but their hearts as well when they use it daily, knowing that it was created sustainably in every single way possible.”

This laptop sleeve is stylish and versatile, it’s made from vegan leather and designed with the lifestyle of a modern business person in mind. It features slim pockets that allow the user to hold items essential to the modern business professional on the move, such as mobile phones and business cards, and serves as the perfect complement to Think laptop users, who appreciate fine craftsmanship, reliability, and sleek aesthetics.

Available on LenovoPro

This limited-edition eco-friendly laptop sleeve is an online exclusive (worth S$158.00), it is limited to the first 800 purchases and only be redeemed with any THINK laptop purchased via the LenovoPRO site from 18th July 2022.

LenovoPRO platform is for businesses to enjoy myriad benefits including business pricing, early access to limited deals, complimentary IT consultation, discounted warranty upgrades, bulk deals, and free gifts.

With quality and sustainability in mind, the LenovoPro and Bynd Artisan laptop sleeve is built to protect Lenovo’s ThinkPad and ThinkBook laptops and features:

  • Belly band: Made from recycled food pulp paper, these distinctive and vivid papers are made from organic food by-products such as citrus fruits, coffee, hazelnuts, and corn, which would have been otherwise left as industrial residue in landfills. Incorporating these natural raw materials into the paper has effectively replaced up to 15 percent of virgin tree pulp normally required for paper making.
  • Vegan leather: Produced using process-controlled machines and eco-friendly methods, vegan leather is a great animal-friendly alternative to genuine leather. It offers the same supple touch and appearance of leather without the high carbon footprint, typically a result of the gallons of water required to process natural leather.
  • Felt: Produced from acrylic threads largely attained from post-consumer plastic, the felt material is highly durable with many layers interlocked in its construction. Although lightweight, it is highly water-resistant and provides great layered protection. Ultimately, the felt scraps and fibers can be further broken down and recycled towards the end of its lifecycle.

Business organisations in Singapore, you can sign up for a free LenovoPRO account now and a 10% welcome discount (1). For more information on LenovoPRO, please visit LenovoPRO website and check it out.


(1) Terms and conditions apply.

* Information and picture courtesy of Lenovo Singapore and WE Communications *

Updated Microsoft Surface Pro X

Microsoft recently announced their updated Microsoft Surface Pro X is now available for pre-orders (from 2nd October) in Singapore via commercial authorised resellers, authorised retailers and at their Microsoft Store. The price for the Surface Pro X starts at $2248, the latest updates to Surface Pro X offers a new configuration that includes Microsoft’s next-generation custom processor and a new platinum finish. It also has new app experiences, resulting in longer battery life and increased performance across all Surface Pro X devices.

“We introduced Surface Pro X last October to push the boundaries for what an always connected, ultra-light and incredibly thin 2:1 device could be,” said Shyamol Bansal, Business Group Lead for Surface & Mixed Reality, Microsoft Singapore. “This year, we are bringing the new Surface Pro X into Singapore, which features new app experiences, enhanced performance and a new platinum finish, delivering a new experience to those who need to be connected, productive, and creative at any time.”

Microsoft refreshed its top end Surface Pro X SKUs with the addition of new Microsoft SQ® 2 processor – the fastest processor in its class. They are also introducing three new colours for their Signature Keyboard: Platinum, Ice Blue and Poppy Red, all with the same built-in storage and wireless charging for the Surface Slim Pen.

Surface Pro X brings the best of today’s web-first experiences like Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge, Netflix, Spotify and more, while supporting thousands of the existing Windows apps like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Whatsapp. There is increased momentum from key app partners embracing Windows on ARM, taking advantage of the power and performance benefits of Microsoft SQ®1 and SQ®2 processors to bring new experiences for all Surface Pro X customers.

Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Teams have also been made faster while using less battery with new versions optimised for Windows on ARM, with plans to expand support for running x64 apps.  For developers, Visual Studio code has also been updated and optimised for Windows on ARM. This results in overall faster performance and longer battery life with Surface Pro X now getting up to 15 hours of battery life across both configurations.

Surface for Business

For business users, there is a Surface for Business. These devices are built especially for commercial customers, providing specific experiences and features, including enterprise-grade security and leading modern management with Autopilot, Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM) and Microsoft Intune.

Windows 10 Pro comes standard on Surface for Business devices, offering additional built-in security and management features that lets our customers focus on running their business. On top of the the standard hardware warranty, Surface for Business devices, offering additional built-in security and management features that lets our customers focus on running their business. In addition to the standard hardware warranty, Surface for Business customers get free Advanced Exchange – a warranty service with expedited device replacement, at no additional cost. To learn more about Surface Pro X for business, commercial customers can connect with their local commercial reseller.

Pricing and Availability

The Surface Pro X and its accessories will be available in the following configurations in Singapore. They will be generally available from 13th October.

The New Surface Pro X is available for pre-orders starting 2 October via authorised resellers: Insight Technology SolutionsJK TechnologyAsiaPac Distribution; and UIC Asian Computer Services and authorised retailers: Best DenkiChallengerCourtsEpiCentre @ ION OrchardGain CityHarvey NormanLazada-Microsoft authorised storePacific BookstoreShopee-Microsoft authorised store and the Microsoft Store.

Suggested RRP – Surface for Consumers (in SGD$)

Surface Pro X (SQ2)

Microsoft SQ2, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD – $2248

Microsoft SQ2, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD – $2688


Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard with Slim Pen Bundle – $429

(Available in: Poppy Red, Ice Blue and Platinum)

Suggested RRP – Surface for Business (in SGD$)

Surface Pro X (SQ2)

Microsoft SQ2, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD – $2398

Microsoft SQ2, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD – $2838


Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard with Slim Pen Bundle – $429

(Available in: Poppy Red, Ice Blue and Platinum)

* Information and pictures courtesy of Microsoft Singapore and Edelman *

Hybrid New Normal of Work in Asia-Pacific forecasted by Microsoft

Year 2020, an uneventful year marked by the global pandemic COVID-19, causing massive economic impacts and disruptions to our world economy, work and daily living. As the world is battling against Covid-19 and while we are still waiting for a vaccine, our daily lives and workflow has changed and evolved into a new normal, defining a hybrid new normal of work in Asia-Pacific forecasted by Microsoft with research from TechRepublic Premium.

Through their qualitative research study, they have a white paper titled, “Transitioning Asia-Pacific to a New Normal of Work”. Business and thought leaders across various industries, from banking, healthcare, education, telecommunications, research, and professional consultancies, share their insights and views on how organisation cultures in Asia-Pacific are changing and evolving a new paradigm of work, arising from this global pandemic situation.

“As different parts of the world were hit by COVID-19, life and work were changed overnight for everyone,” said Kady Dundas, Head of Marketing, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Corp. “All of a sudden we’ve gone from working in conference rooms to working in living rooms, and when you do that you have a high dependence on video. We know that we have about 200 million meeting participants each day, which equates to 4.1 billion minutes of meetings[1]. Those data points show the tremendous movement to remote work.”

Technology: The Enabler

Technology overall, while it has been growing and expanding in terms of growth and development over the past decade, this global pandemic probably gave an exponential push further out to people, enabling them to change, adapt and adopt technology even faster.

Microsoft found that while organisations have prioritised technology adoption to enable remote working environments and overall business transformation, the change was not driven through technology alone.

“The technology side has been relatively straightforward,” said Dr Joseph Sweeney, IBRS Advisor and Future of Work Expert. “When COVID-19 came and everyone had to start working from home, Microsoft Teams was an obvious and natural tool to push out. It was already there, and the environment is familiar to anyone using Microsoft Office 365. It skyrocketed.”

There was also a need to force a mindset change among the individuals inside the organisations, encouraging them to reflect and rethink of their current way of working, how individuals, teams and management interact with one another and the changes needed to adjust to the new normal of work during this global pandemic situation and beyond, as well as focusing on the emotional impact of such changes.

“Often the reluctance to allow remote work has to do with a quite outdated concept of how managers need to manage – for instance, you need to be able to ‘see’ people to police that they are doing what they are meant to,” said Sarah Kaine, Associate Professor, Management Discipline Group and Core Member, CBSI – Centre for Business and Social Innovation, University of Technology, Sydney.

Emerging Trends in the New Normal of Work

While organisations are planning, changing, adopting and adapting to the hybrid new normal of work, they need to be aware of some of the emerging trends:

  1. The risk of burnout – Organizations need to be mindful of the new perception of availability. According to IBRS Advisor and Future of Work Expert, Joe Sweeney, one common response amongst people in their jobs is to “work harder and not switch off.” Those who have started working from home are fielding calls from their bosses late into the evening, underlining the need to re-draw boundaries for out-of-hours contact.
  2. Career progression concerns – Organizations will need to reassess how performance is measured. Collaboration tools can measure activity but not the value that an individual has brought to the organization. Organizations are now finding that it is the “introverts” that are delivering while working from home, while the “star player” extroverts are no longer the center of attention.
  3. The need for flexibility and empathy – Research finds that nearly half (47 per cent) of people working from home reported managing at-home distractions as a challenge (2). Organizations as well as managers and teammates should do their part to not only help employees create a distraction-free environment but also be more flexible in the delivery of work and empathize with people’s challenges of working from home. 1 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/Investor/earnings/FY-2020-Q3/press-release-webcast
  4. Tech training and preparedness – As technology becomes a growing staple for employees, training will need to go hand-in-hand to unlock the full potential of hardware and software. “There have been  people who were resistant to change – it was usually the seniors, because they never needed to learn how to use technology. They always had IT support in the room when they needed it,” said Dr. Nitin Paranjape, CEO and Founder, MacOffice Services Private Limited based in India.
  5. Incorporating a social element – Organizations need to intentionally focus on policy and company culture rather than raw technology. The Microsoft Work Trend Index (3) released in April 2020 reflected this ongoing quest for human interaction – the number of people turning on video in Microsoft Teams meetings had doubled from before working from home became mainstream. Beyond enabling video conferencing, organizations need to find ways to encourage innovation, creative flow of ideas, and camaraderie that makes an employee feel that they are a valued part of an organization.

The Future of Work is Now and Hybrid

At Microsoft’s FY20 Q4 Earnings call (4) which reported a 6 percent revenue increase in Productivity and Business Processes this fiscal year, Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft shared, “The last five months have made it clear that tech intensity is the key to business resilience. Organizations that build their own digital capability will recover faster and emerge from this crisis stronger.”

Thanks to (and No Thanks as well) this global pandemic Covid-19, it had accelerated the transition to new ways of working and honed the focus on innovation across the region. However, social and cultural environments also have a considerable impact on how organisations approach the new normal of work.

The hybrid approach in the future of work reflects how the lines of work and personal life are blurring. Microsoft’s second Work Trend Index (5) found that beyond the typical 9am-5pm work day, Microsoft Teams chats outside of the typical workday (from 8-9 a.m. and 6-8 p.m.) have increased more than any other time during the day, between 15% and 23%. Weekend work is spiking as well – Teams chats on and Saturday and Sunday have increased over 200%.

To cultivate the future workplace, organizations would need to accelerate the process of developing policies enabling individuals to break away from the standard 9 to 5 hours, setting reasonable expectations around availability and relooking performance indicators.

Business leaders must refresh their focus on policies that enable the upkeep of robust security strategies and effective collaboration. As lockdowns continue to ease across the region, the next step will be a renewed focus on policy during this hybrid new normal of work.

What does the new normal of work looks like for you in the very near future?

With thanks and no thanks to this global pandemic Covid-19, how we work is going to change (and started changing when the global pandemic strikes us), we are not going back to pre Covid-19 working style and days.

While the debate is still ongoing on how the future of work is going to turn out, it’s not rosy and clear cut for working professionals. Some find WFH easier and better, some struggle with it. I agree with the findings, a hybrid new normal of work is upon us, a mix of office and WFH, what could be the percentage breakdown? That would be something worth exploring, how different industries adapt, change and adopt in a new post Covid-19 working environment.

How has your industry, your company or your business changed during this global pandemic situation? How’s your current WFH situation and what would be your new normal of work be like?

How would my hybrid new normal of work looks like?

As a small sole proprietorship business owner myself, my messy WFH table (in the photo that you saw earlier) is going to be my hybrid new normal of work, probably adding more gadgets and devices to my messy work desk.

While my experiences may not be the same as compared to others, I am definitely able to relate with this hybrid new normal of work because I am working, communicating and liaising with clients, agencies, partners, associates etc … who are most likely WFH in their hybrid new normal work routine.

For more information on Microsoft forecasts a hybrid new normal of work in Asia Pacific, here is the article link: https://news.microsoft.com/apac/2020/07/29/microsoft-forecasts-a-hybrid-new-normal-of-work-in-asia-pacific/

* Information courtesy of Microsoft Singapore and Edelman *


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Microsoft Security Endpoint Threat Report 2019

Microsoft recently released their Asia Pacific findings from the latest edition of its Security Endpoint Threat Report 2019, placing Singapore among the countries with the highest drive by download attack volume in the last year.

Through the diverse Microsoft data resources, analysing the findings from there, including eight trillion threat signals received and analysed by the company every day for a 12-month period from January to December 2019.

“As security defenses evolve and attackers rely on new techniques, Microsoft’s unique access to billions of threat signals every day enables us to gather data and insights to inform our response to cyberattacks,” said Mary Jo Schrade, Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit, Microsoft Asia.

“The Microsoft Security Endpoint Threat report aims to create a better understanding of the evolving threat landscape and help organizations improve their cybersecurity posture by mitigating the effects of increasingly sophisticated attacks.”

Singapore registered one of the lowest malware and ransomware encounters

From the report, Asia Pacific continues to experience a higher-than-average rate for malware and ransomware attacks. As for Singapore, it registered the fourth lowest malware and ransomware encounter rate in Asia Pacific.

“Typically, high malware encounters are a result of excessive usage of unlicensed and/or pirated software, and proliferation of sites that illegitimately offer free software or content, such as video streaming. Consumer education is important – users should regularly patch and update programs and devices, and be able to identify illegitimate software,” explained Richard Koh, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Singapore.

Cryptocurrency mining encounter rate in Singapore was 5 times lower than the regional and global average

Singapore’s cryptocurrency mining encounter rate stood at 0.01 percent in 2019, an 80 percent decrease from 2018 and 5 times lower than the regional and global average of 0.05 percent.

In a cryptocurrency attack, the victims’ computers are infected with cryptocurrency mining malware, allowing criminals to harness the computing powers of the victims’ computers to mine for cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency sector faces key challenges with cryptocurrency scams along with relaxed regulatory implementations, resulting in over the counter and fraudulent trading practices continuing to take place undetected.

“Improving user awareness is key in maintaining a low encounter rates and preventing consumers from falling for cryptocurrency scams. In Singapore particularly, strong government enforcement of cyber policies also helps ensure the efficacy of regulation on cryptocurrency trading and the integrity of cryptocurrency exchanges,” explained Koh.

Singapore recorded the highest drive-by download attack volume in Asia Pacific

On the topic of drive-by download, the drive-by download attack volume in Asia Pacific has converged with the rest of the world at 0.08, following a 27 percent decline from 2018.

While there is a general decline in drive-by download attacks across the region, the report showed that Singapore experienced the highest attack volume of 0.31 in 2019, an increase of 138.5 percent from 2018 (0.13). This was also 3.9 times higher than the 2019 global and regional average.

These attacks involve downloading malicious code onto an unsuspecting user’s computer when the person visits a website or fills in a form. The malicious code that is downloaded can then be used by an attacker to steal passwords or financial information.

“Cybercriminals capitalize on drive-by download technique to target the organizations and end-users with the objective to steal valuable financial information or intellectual property. This is a likely reason for regional business hubs recording the highest volume of these threats,” explained Koh. “We’d like to emphasize that the high encounter rate does not necessarily translate into a high infection rate as the level of cyber hygiene and usage of genuine software prevents the systems from getting compromised.”

Cybersecurity in the Covid-19 period

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a new wave of changes to the digital workplace transformation with working from home (WFH) as part of the measures to combat this pandemic and bringing it under control. Moving forward, some businesses would be looking at changes to the business operations and working environments, WFH might just be a new norm in the very near future. However, WFH has its own challenges and cybersecurity is one of them.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, data collected by Microsoft Intelligence Protection Team has shown that every country in the world has seen at least one Covid-19 themed attack. The volume of successful attacks in outbreak hit countries seems to be increasing, along with fear and desire for more information increases.

There are millions of targeted phishing messages seen globally each day, there are roughly 60,000 of them that include Covid-19 related malicious attachments for malicious URLs, impersonating established organisations such World Health Organization (WHO), Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Health, getting to recipients inboxes.

For businesses and individuals, cybersecurity during this Covid-19 gets heightened attention. Everyone has part to play, a crucial role when navigating the internet and cyberspace. Here are some steps that businesses and individuals can take:

Guidance for businesses:

  • Have strong tools to safeguard employees and infrastructure. This means looking into multi-layered defense systems and turning on multi-factor authentication (MFA) as employees work from home. Additionally, enable endpoint protection and protect against shadow IT and unsanctioned app usage with solutions like Microsoft Cloud App Security.
  • Ensure employee guidelines are communicated clearly to employees. This includes information on how to identify phishing attempts, distinguishing between official communications and suspicious messages that violate company policy, and where these can be reported internally
  • Choose a trusted application for audio/video calling and file sharing that ensures end-to-end encryption

Guidance for individuals:

  • Update all devices with the latest security updates and use an antivirus or anti-malware service. For Windows 10 devices, Microsoft Defender Antivirus is a free built-in service enabled through settings
  • Be alert to links and attachments, especially from unknown senders
  • Use multi-factor authentication (MFA) on all accounts. Now, most online services provide a way to use your mobile device or other methods to protect your accounts in this way
  • Get educated on how to recognize phishing attempts and report suspected encounters, including watching out for spelling and bad grammar, and suspicious links and attachments from people you do not know

As we heading into a new era of digital workplace transformation in the very near future, our level of cybersecurity knowledge and awareness has to be increased and widen. More changes to information technology, social media and future of work are taking place now and coming to us at a fast and furious pace.

Do share the importance of cybersecurity with your loved ones, family, relatives and friends.

For more information on the Security Endpoint Threat Report findings, please visit https://www.microsoft.com/securityinsights

* Information and pictures courtesy of Microsoft Singapore and Edelman *

Microsoft announced New Surface Family line-up

Microsoft recently announced new and latest Surface Family line-up, Surface Go 2 and Surface Book 3. They are now available for pre-orders in Singapore starting on 21st May 2020 via commercial authorised resellers and authorised retailers.

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 and Microsoft Surface Book 3 are versatile and portable devices for work, study and leisure, providing seamless productivity and versatility, empowering users in their work and daily life. The Surface Book 3 technical specifications setup are pretty powerful that would definitely attract the attention of the creatives industry people, photographers, filmmakers, designers, illustrators etc.

“We are pleased to bring new Surface devices and accessories to Singapore. In the current environment, our devices are our windows to the world – our office, school, and social space. We want to make sure every person and organization are equipped with the tools they need to stay connected and productive. Our goal is to design a Surface for every person, every work style and every location, so that it can switch context as quickly as you do to take you from work to play to everything in between,” said Shyamol Bansal, Business Group Lead for Surface & Mixed Reality, Microsoft Singapore.

Surface Go 2

The all-new Surface Go 2 retains the same lightweight, compact design as the original Surface Go. However, the new Surface Go 2 has a larger 10.5” PixelSense display, improved battery life and with the new Intel 8th Generation Core M options, it gives the Surface Go 2 up to 64% faster in performance. Surface Go 2 also comes equipped with built-in WiFi, there is also an optional LTE Advanced, providing hassle-free secured connectivity anywhere

Surface Go 2 also includes Studio Mics, a dual microphone solution to increase voice clarity and reduce background noise for Teams meetings and a 5MP front-facing camera that delivers sharp video even in low light. The rear-facing camera also has a new Camera application that allows users to easily scan documents and whiteboards, ideal for students or working professionals sharing notes from a meeting or turning in homework.

Pair the Surface Go 2 with the Surface Pen, this would allow distance learners and remote workers to stay digital while unlocking the power of natural ink for drawing diagrams, marking up documents or working on your mathematics questions. Further personalisation for your Surface Go 2 can be done with Type Covers and accessories in a variety of colours, including Platinum, Black, Poppy Red and Ice Blue.

Surface Book 3

The device that will catch the attention of creatives, photographers, filmmakers, designers and gamers too! The Surface Book 3 has the power of a desktop, versatility of a tablet and freedom of a light and thin laptop, available in 13″ or 15″ sizes.

The Surface Book 3 will deliver up to 50% increased performance than its predecessor and up to 17.5 hours of battery life. This device comes equipped with the Intel 10th Generation Core CPU and choice of NVIDIA discrete GPU, it has a beautiful high-DPI PixelSense Display, a smooth, precise trackpad and a comfortable keyboard.

For developers, Surface Book 3 now comes with up to 32GB of RAM and the fastest SSD ever shipped by Microsoft. For gamers, the 15″ Surface Book 3 has a NVDIA GeForce GPU with enough power to play the top Xbox Game Pass for PC titles at 1080p in a smooth 60 frames per second. For the commercial customers and those in higher education institutions, NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 option is available too.

Surface Dock 2

The docking station for your ultimate workspace setup, helping users expand their workstation with a simple magnetic click. This docking station also delivers faster charging, higher data transfer rates and enterprise management tools that people have been asking for.

There is also a new, multi-port Microsoft USB-C Travel Hub, that will be available to offer users more ways to connect to networks, displays and USB-C accessories when on the move.

Microsoft PC Accessories

There are two new Microsoft accessories bundles that are designed for users to remain productive and comfortable wherever the office is located.

The Microsoft Ergonomic Desktop reduces fatigue and delivers exceptional comfort and control with a split keyboard design, featuring a cushioned palm rest. There is also an ultra-precise mouse with cushioned thumb rest.

The Microsoft Bluetooth Desktop will provide users a full-sized keyset in a slim and modern design. There is also a compact stylish mouse that fits comfortably in your hand.

Pricing and Availability

Surface Go 2, Surface Book 3, Dock 2 and accessories are available for pre-orders starting 21 May 2020 via these commercial authorised resellers: JK TechnologyAsiaPac Distribution; and UIC Asian Computer Services and authorised retailers: Best DenkiChallengerCourtsEpiCentre @ ION OrchardGain CityHarvey NormanLazada-Microsoft flagship storePacific BookstoreShopee-Microsoft authorized official store and the Microsoft Store.

The new line-up will be generally available from 18 June 2020 for Surface Go 2 and 23 June 2020 for Surface Book 3.

The family of devices and accessories will be available in the following configurations in Singapore.

Model Suggested Retail Price (in SGD)
Surface Go 2
Intel® Pentium® Gold, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC $648
Intel® Pentium® Gold, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD $868
8th Gen Intel® Core m3, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, LTE $1168
Surface Book 3 (13.5”)
10th Gen Intel® Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD

Intel® Iris™ Plus Graphics


10th Gen Intel® Core i7, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with Max-Q Design w/4GB GDDR5 graphics memory


10th Gen Intel® Core i7, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with Max-Q Design w/4GB GDDR5 graphics memory


10th Gen Intel® Core i7, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD *

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with Max-Q Design w/4GB GDDR5 graphics memory*


Surface Book 3 (15”)
10th Gen Intel® Core i7, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD *

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti with Max-Q Design w/6GB GDDR6 graphics memory*


10th Gen Intel® Core i7, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti with Max-Q Design w/6GB GDDR6 graphics memory


10th Gen Intel® Core i7, 32GB RAM, 1TB GB SSD

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti with Max-Q Design w/6GB GDDR6 graphics memory


Surface Dock 2
Surface Dock 2



*Only available via the Microsoft Store.

Do share this information and details on the new Microsoft Surface Go 2 and Surface Book 3 with your loved ones, family, relatives and friends in Singapore.

Personally, the Microsoft Surface Book 3 (15″) is going to get quite a bit of attention from the commercial segment, creatives, photographers, filmmakers, designers, illustrators etc. For fellow photographers out there, do check out the Microsoft Surface Book 3!

* Information and pictures courtesy of Microsoft Singapore and Edelman *

New Microsoft 365 now available in Singapore

The new Microsoft 365 is now available in Singapore, a refresh of the Microsoft Office 365, providing users with new artificial intelligence (AI), rich content and templates, along with cloud powered experiences. These new experiences are currently being rolled out regionally and will reach over 38 million Office 365 subscribers globally in the next few months.

“We want to continue to empower everyone to remain connected with those who matter inside and outside of the workplace. The Microsoft 365 Family and Personal subscriptions will provide users with innovative experiences that enable them to co-author, video chat, organize, and come together with friends and their families anytime and anywhere,” said Rami El Bayadi, Regional Director, Microsoft Office Asia.

What are the new features that Microsoft 365 users can look forward to? There are two new Microsoft 365 experiences:

Safety App

There is a new Microsoft Family Safety App designed to keep families safe across the digital and physical worlds. Microsoft will also launch Microsoft Teams later this year for users to stay connected with their family and friends. There are also new features in Microsoft Teams that make it easier for users to connect, organise and collaborate with your family and friends.

New Microsoft Edge browser 

The new Microsoft Edge browser is packed with new features to protect users on the web with Password Monitor, and to simplify research with Collections. More information on the features of the new Microsoft Edge browser can be found here. Here are the entire suite of features available with Microsoft 365 below:

AI-Powered Microsoft Editor 

The Microsoft Editor, an AI-powered service is now available in more than 20 languages is now accessible across Word and Outlook.com, and also as a standalone browser extension for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers have access to advanced grammar and style refinements such as rewrite suggestions and additional style critiques to allow greater clarity and conciseness.

Presenter Coach Features in PowerPoint

An AI-powered Presenter that helps correct monotone pitch and refine speeches. This will be available as a free preview, and then eventually only to Microsoft 365 subscribers.

PowerPoint Designer

This feature effectively boosts creativity, such as transforming text into a beautiful timeline, or even auto-generated slide layouts.

New Data Types and Smart Templates in Excel

A different and less time consuming way to interact with data, providing deeper meaning for over 100 topics.

Organising Time Across Work and Life with Outlook

New features in Outlook on the web help users manage all commitments, across work and life.

Deepen Connections with Family and Friends with Skype and Microsoft Teams

Skype usage has increased with 40 million people using it daily, increase in 70% month over month, a 220% increase in Skype to Skype calling minutes month over month. A new feature in Skype called Meet Now, allow users to easily connect over video (For free) with up to 50 people in just a few clicks.

Protecting Families in the Physical and Digital Worlds with Microsoft Family Safety

The Microsoft Family Safety app is coming soon, a new mobile experience for iOS and Android for Microsoft 365 subscribers. This app empowers families in a number of ways with both free and premium offerings.

Pricing and Availability

Microsoft 365 Personal costs SGD$10.80 a month. For the best value, a family of up to six people can use Microsoft 365 Family for SGD$14.80 a month.

The new Office features have been rolled out to all existing Office 365 customers. Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscriptions are now available worldwide, including premium desktop Office apps, 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage per person, 60 Skype minutes for calling mobile phones and landlines, advanced security features to protect users from malware and phishing attacks, ongoing technical support, plus all the new features and benefits

For more information on the new Microsoft 365, you can read about the full suite of the new Office features. If you like to learn more about Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscriptions as well as the market and language availability of these features, visit this page.

* Information courtesy of Microsoft Singapore and Edelman *

Surface Go with LTE Advanced

Microsoft recently launched the Surface Go with LTE Advanced and it is now available in Singapore. This lightweight, portable and versatile technology device would be highly suitable for both students or working professionals while getting their work done on the go.

Here are the key features of the Microsoft Surface Go with LTE Advanced –

  • No more dependence on Wi-Fi: Keeping you connected with your favourite lifestyle apps, as well as organisational line-of-business apps, anytime, anywhere.
  • Productivity on-the-go: Surface Go with LTE Advanced is a slim and compact 10-inch device, which can be transformed into a laptop when paired with a Type Cover. Enhance your experience with the new Surface Mobile Mouse and the Surface Pen.
  • Complete enterprise experience: Enterprises seeking a full productivity experience with Surface Go with LTE Advanced can opt to add Microsoft 365, a complete solution which includes Microsoft Office, Windows 10 Pro, and enterprise mobility and security features.

If you are keen on the various Microsoft laptops and gadgets, check out Microsoft’s Experience Zone from 7 – 10 March at the IT SHOW 2019, located at Level 3 at Suntec City Singapore.

The most versatile 10-inch Surface is available for purchase via the Microsoft Online Store, authorised commercial resellers including AsiaPac, JK Technology and UIC, as well as authorised retailers including Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, Lazada, LOL by Epicentre, and Harvey Norman.

Technical Specifications



Consumer Channel: Windows 10 Home in S mode9 

Commercial Channel: Windows 10 Pro configurable to S mode 

30-day free trial for new Microsoft Office 365 customers10 

Exterior  Dimensions: 9.6 inches x 6.9 inches x .33 inches (245mm x 175mm x 8.3mm) Mechanical features: Magnesium body, kickstand with full-friction multiposition hinge to 165 degrees, magnetic attach for keyboard fold stability Color: Platinum 

Physical buttons: volume, power 

Weight: 1.17 lbs. (532g) 

Display  Screen: 10-inch PixelSense Display 

Resolution: 1800×1200 (217 PPI) 

Aspect Ratio: 3:2 

Touch: 10-point multitouch 

Corning® Gorilla Glass 3 

Pricing and Availability 

Model  SRP 

(inclusive of 7% GST) 

Surface Go with LTE Advanced (1) 

10” Intel® Pentium Gold 4415Y, 128GB SSD, 8GB RAM, Intel® HD Graphics 615 

(Available in Platinum only) 

(1) LTE functionality only available on the following consumer configuration: Surface Go Intel® 4415Y/128GB SSD/8GB RAM with LTE Advanced. Service availability and performance subject to service provider’s network. Contact your service provider for details, compatibility, pricing, SIM card and activation. See all specs and frequencies at surface.com 

  • • S$1,028 (Consumer SKU) 
  • • S$1,078 (Commercial SKU) 
Surface Pen 

(Available in Platinum, Black, Burgundy and Cobalt Blue) 

Surface Go Type Cover 

(Available in Black) 

Surface Go Signature Type Cover 

(Available in Platinum, Burgundy and Cobalt Blue) 

Surface Mobile Mouse 

(Available in Platinum, Burgundy and Cobalt Blue) 


* Information and picture courtesy of Microsoft Singapore and IN.FOM *

Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2, Surface Studio 2 in Singapore

Microsoft announced the availability of Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Studio 2 in Singapore. I visited the Surface Premium Experience in Harvey Norman Millenia Walk Flagship Superstore and managed to touch, feel and try out the new Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Studio 2 in action during my short time there at the Microsoft event.

The Surface Studio 2 is of interest to me since it is an attractive and powerful computer for the creatives, photographers, designers and videographers. While the price point is on the high side, this would definitely attract the attention of design agencies, video production companies and photographers!

Let me share briefly on the Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Studio 2, if you are keen to know more about them, do drop by the authorised commercial resellers and authorised retailers and check them out at the following authorised commercial resellers including AsiaPac, JK Technology, NCS, and UIC, as well as authorised retailers including Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, LOL by Epicentre, and Harvey Norman.

Surface Studio 2

The most powerful Surface ever, built for creators by creators, especially for those creatives who need powerful graphics performance, vibrancy and fast processing.

A high end performance computer that would attract the creative industry, including photographers like myself. While the price point is on the high side, it’s a computer worthy for your consideration if your finances and budgeting allows.

Surface Laptop 2

Ideal for office usage, the Surface Laptop 2 has the new Quad Core 8thgeneration Intel processor, faster than the original Surface Laptop. It has PixelSense Touch Display, premium meticulous design, beautiful and portable, along with 14.5 hours of battery life users need to last the entire day at work.

Surface Pro 6

The classic Microsoft 2-in-1 that is well known in the market, Surface Pro 6 is the most powerful Surface Pro yet, packed with the latest 8thgeneration Intel Quad Core processor. It’s portable, ultralight, versatile and with the same all-day battery, along with the PixelSense Touch Display, the best of both worlds of a laptop and a tablet together.

Pricing and Availability

Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Studio 2 are available via the Microsoft Online Store, authorised commercial resellers and authorised retailers.


Surface Pro 6 (Available in Platinum only)              SRP

12.3” Intel® Core™ i5, 128GB SSD, 8GB RAM        S$1,398

12.3” Intel® Core™ i5, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM       S$1,788

12.3” Intel® Core™ i7, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM        S$2,268

12.3” Intel® Core™ i7, 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM       S$2,868

12.3” Intel® Core™ i7, 1TB SSD, 16GB RAM            S$3,488

Surface Laptop 2 (Available in Platinum only)

13.5” Intel® Core™ i5, 128GB SSD, 8GB RAM        S$1,528

13.5” Intel® Core™ i5, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM       S$1,898

13.5” Intel® Core™ i7, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM        S$2,368

13.5” Intel® Core™ i7, 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM      S$3,268

13.5” Intel® Core™ i7, 1TB SSD, 16GB RAM           S$3,988

Surface Studio 2 (Available in Platinum only)

28” Intel® Core™ i7, 1TB SSD BGA PCIe NVMe, 16GB RAM         S$5,548

28” Intel® Core™ i7, 1TB SSD BGA PCIe NVMe, 32GB RAM         S$6,688

28” Intel® Core™ i7, 2TB SSD BGA PCIe NVMe, 32GB RAM         S$7,618


Surface Mobile Mouse

(Available in Platinum, Burgundy and Cobalt Blue)         S$54

Surface Pen

(Available in Platinum, Burgundy and Cobalt Blue)         S$148

Surface Dial   S$159

Signature Type Cover for Surface Pro 6

(Available in Platinum, Burgundy and Cobalt Blue)         S$249

Special Promotion for Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2 and Surface accessories

Enjoy 5% off Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2 and Surface acessories when you quote “GOHARVEY” at the Surface Premium Experience in Harvey Norman Millenia Walk Flagship Superstore

Promotion is valid from 29th January to 10th February 2019.

* Terms and Conditions Apply *

*** Information and pictures courtesy of Microsoft Singapore and IN.FOM ***

Microsoft announced Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2, Surface Studio 2 and Surface Headphones

Microsoft recently announced new gadgets to their line up, they are the Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2, Surface Studio 2 and Surface Headphones.

Having covered Microsoft gadgets, it is great to see new versions coming into the market. I would be keen to see and learn more about the Surface Studio 2, I would update and publish more information and details on the new Microsoft products when I gather them.

Let me share more information on the new Microsoft gadgets below:

  • Surface Pro 6

The iconic form factor that established the 2 in 1 category is equipped with the latest 8th generation Intel® Quad Core™ processor. At more than 67% faster than 5th generation Surface Pro, we’ve redesigned Surface Pro 6 to pack in power but keep the portability, versatility and all-day battery we know our fans love.

  • Surface Laptop 2

With boosted performance from the new Quad Core 8th generation Intel® processor, Surface Laptop offers the blend of texture, subtle details, and clean, elegant lines—plus the luxurious touch of our Signature Alcantara material-covered keyboard. The 13.5” PixelSense Display screen offers an immersive touchscreen for faster, more natural navigation, with an edge-to-edge display and ultra-thin bezels. Surface Laptop 2 includes OmniSonic speakers for premium sound.

  • Surface Studio 2

Built for creators who need vibrancy, high graphics performance, and fast processing, Surface Studio 2 provides them with an immersive experience. With 50% more graphics performance, Surface Studio 2 is the fastest Surface ever made offering professional grade power and performance.

  • Surface Headphones

Microsoft’s first premium and smart headphone experience offer the attributes you have come to expect from Surface: premium design, expert craftmanship, and integration with the services and experiences you love. Surface Headphones offer a smarter way to listen, with spectacular rich audio and hands-free calling.

In addition, we announced new updates to Windows that will roll out in the coming weeks:

  • New features like the Your Phone App and Timeline will allow users on Surface to move seamlessly across all devices and bridge the gap between iOS and Android phones, and their PCs.
  • We’re also evolving Office to ensure your ability to get things done is not limited by where you are, the time of day, or the device you’re using. While new intelligent inking, contextually aware PowerPoint Designer suggestions, new Ink Editor in Word features, and Ideas in Excel to help you understand and visualize your data, allow you to skip steps you don’t need and save you time.


Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2, and Surface Studio 2, are available for preorder in select markets, with additional market availability expected in 2019*.

For more information, please visit https://blogs.windows.com/

* Information and picture courtesy of Microsoft Singapore and IN.FOM *

Microsoft announced Surface Go for Singapore

Microsoft recently announced the launch of the Surface Go for Singapore on 1st August 2018, it will be available to Singapore starting 28th August 2018 and interested buyers are now able to pre-order the Surface Go.

The Microsoft Surface family of laptops has always caught my attention for its versatility, performance and design. With the introduction of the Surface Go, consumers have another option to choose from the Surface family (Surface Go, Surface Laptop, Surface Pro, Surface Book 2) and the Surface Go option is smallest, lightest and most affordable Surface to date.

Let me share with you key information and details of the Microsoft Surface Go:

Starting at S$618, Surface Go will be available for pre-orders on Microsoft Store, as well as authorised retailers including Acommerce, Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, Elush, Harvey Norman, and Newstead. 

Surface Go will also be available for pre-orders for commercial customers via Authorised Device Resellers including AsiaPac Distribution Pte Ltd, JK Technology Pte Ltd, and UIC Asian Computer Services Pte Ltd. 

Our smallest, lightest, and most affordable Surface yet 

The power and connectivity in a device this small gives you the style and productivity Surface is known for in a more convenient package. At just 522g and 8.3 mm thin, Surface Go packs portable performance into a 10” device. 

Surface Go offers a stunning, custom-built high-resolution PixelSense Display that supports Surface Pen with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, low pen parallax, low latency, and precision for accurate note taking, drawing and computer-aided design. The custom calibrated 3:2 display is soft on your eyes while you’re working and vibrantly high-contrast when you want to watch videos, create art, or edit photos. 

Comforts of a laptop, convenience of a 10” tablet 

Powered by the 7th Generation Intel Pentium Gold Processor 4415Y, the Surface Go features a fanless design, offering up to 9 hours of battery. Surface Go also has the ports consumers need, including Surface Connect for charging and docking; USB-C 3.1 for data, video, and charging; a headphone jack; and a MicroSD card reader for storage expansion. All designed to help you be more productive whether you’re studying in a library, working on a plane, or sharing your content in a boardroom on a 4K monitor. 

The new Surface Go Signature Type Cover is custom-made for Surface Go, integrating design features that give the user the best typing experience possible, with ergonomic key pitch and exceptional key travel. It also has high precision tuning and Windows Precision Trackpad that supports five-point multi-finger gestures, and you can connect the new Surface Mobile Mouse to work the way that you want. 

A built-in kickstand with full friction hinge that extends to 165 degrees helps you stay in your flow from tablet to studio mode, and a Windows Hello camera allows for familiar, quick, and secure sign-in using face recognition. 

“We are excited to be bringing Surface Go to Singapore for customers who are looking for a dynamic, versatile and productive laptop experience,” said Veronica Chiu, Windows and Devices Business Group Lead, Microsoft Singapore. “Whether for the home or on the go, on the front line of a business, or as a versatile tool that will elevate the learning experience, Surface Go offers a premium laptop experience at incredible value.” 

For more information, visit www.surface.com . 

Pricing (for Microsoft Store and authorised retailers) Product  Suggested Retail Price 

(inclusive of GST) 

Surface Go Configurations 
Intel® Pentium® Gold Processor 4415Y, 64GB eMMC, 4GB RAM, Intel HD® Graphics 615  S$618 
Intel® Pentium® Gold Processor 4415Y, 128GB SSD, 8GB RAM, Intel HD® Graphics 615  S$828 
Surface Go Type Cover  S$138 
Surface Go Signature Type Cover  S$188 
USB-C to USB-A Adapter  S$34 
USB-C to Ethernet/USB-A Adapter  S$78 
USB-C to Display Port Display Adapter  S$64 
Surface Mobile Mouse  S$54 
Surface Go 24w Power Adapter  S$64 

* Information and picture courtesy of Microsoft Singapore and IN.FOM *