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1st September 2022 Updates (Not a Q3 2022 Review yet!)

Thursday 1st September 2022 marks the start of a new month, sharing some updates (not a Q3 2022 review yet!). In my own lost world bogged down by many things and stuff going on for the past few months from June to August, I thought that end of August was going to be end of Q3 2022, I happily talked about this until I was reminded that Q3 2022 starts in the month of October, Q3 2022 ends in September.

Business, Networking and Opportunities

Business, networking and opportunities, they present themselves to us, they can come and go in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, we get them, we can also lose them. It can disappointing, such things happen, I just have to readjust and steady the ship again to navigate in another new area.

Without going too much into details due to privacy and confidentiality, I lost some opportunities and other business areas of work, I got a little bit side tracked and derailed this year 2022 till date.

When one door closes, another door opens, new business, networking and opportunities present themselves. Let’s see how things will work out for me, moving on from here.


Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On

Recently, I have been giving things away, some used, some as new (kept in cupboard) and some new items that I bought, to family and friends. From soft toys, to camera bags, lifestyle bags, it’s a blessing, heartwarming and fulfilling to Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On, when my situation isn’t at its best.

Do a good deed, it returns back to you, when it comes from your heart, and this good deed cycle repeats.

Return back to #UQAlumni action

On Wednesday 31st August 2022, I had an afternoon coffee chat and catch up with my #UQAlumni senior Suyin. We had a number of interesting discussions on various topics.

One of them would be a return back to #UQ alumni action, I would share more when the time is ripe.

2nd photography zine update

Finally, I managed to push it through after some delays, procrastination, juggling between business and content creation. My 2nd photography zine has a final 2nd draft, printed and ready for a final check, edits and amendments before going to the international and local printing house.

More information can be read here on my TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog!

It’s exhausting

It’s exhausting, physically, mentally and emotionally, juggling a 1 person photography business, content creation, digital marketing/social media marketing and also as a technology (consumer and enterprise) writer.

Not many of you can see or understand the work behind the scenes, why I am doing all these together or concurrently. I might have touched on my business and content creator/digital agency model some years back, I won’t go deep into them again for now, maybe at a later time when new networks, businesses and opportunities come onboard.

To all my PR agencies networks, the recent exhaustion from juggling a business and content creation/media news coverage had taken a toll on me, the articles coverage is not like before. If you like to work with me more closely together (something I would prefer as well), please reach out to me directly via WhatsApp or Telegram.

Those agencies that I worked with very closely (only a small handful) would understand my situation better.

Last but not least

Last but not least, yes it’s 1st September 2022, just some quick updates today, it’s not a Q3 2022 review yet! I have so many things going inside my mind, things to do and clear over the past few months that I got my timeline all wrong.

Maybe this is a sign that I really need a real holiday break.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked August 2022

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd on 10th August 2022 announced the next generation of groundbreaking foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Z Flip4 5G and Galaxy Z Fold4 5G at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked August 2022 launch event. Both devices are now in its fourth generation, both devices provide customisable features, tailored experiences, and upgraded performance that would attract current and new users to the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold family, as the Galaxy Z series continues to break away from convention to deliver new, impactful interactions that enhance your everyday life.

“Samsung Galaxy foldables are built on the foundation of our openness philosophy, enabling new possibilities with complete customisation inside out. Created in collaboration with our world-class partners, the next foldable devices offer unparalleled mobile experiences that meet the needs of our most dynamic users,” said Dr. TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics.

“Through our unwavering focus and industry leadership, excitement for the foldables continues to grow. We’ve successfully transformed this category from a radical project to a mainstream device lineup enjoyed by millions worldwide.”

When you touch, feel and observe the Galaxy Z series, you can see Samsung’s dedication to superior craftsmanship, a true testament to the hard work and dedication that they have put in over the years. Every component in both form factors has been thoroughly analysed to deliver a truly optimised experience, ensuring every consumer has a device to fit their needs.

The Galaxy Z Flip4 5G builds on the success of Samsung’s iconic form factor, adding key features, including an upgraded camera experience, a larger battery and expanded customisation, yet they are still maintaining its ultra-compact design.

As for the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G, they open up new possibilities for users by delivering Samsung’s most comprehensive smartphone experience to-date, with its shape-shifting design, immersive displays and PC-like multi-tasking features, in addition to its advanced camera technology and powerful mobile processors.

Galaxy Z Flip4 5G – The Ultimate Self-expression Tool inside and Out

The compact clamshell design Galaxy Z Flip4 5G is the ultimate tool for self-expression, offering unique experiences not available on any other smartphone.


By partially folding Z Flip4 5G to activate FlexCam, you can now shoot hands-free video or capture full group selfies at various angles. They can even be enjoyed on users’ favourite apps. Thanks to Samsung’s partnership with Meta, FlexCam is optimised for the most popular social platforms, including Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook.

You can now do more than ever with the Z Flip4 5G by taking high quality selfies right from the Cover Screen by leveraging the main camera with the upgraded Quick Shot. Start high quality video recording in Quick Shot mode and then seamlessly switch to Flex mode to continue recording hands-free without stopping the video – ideal for content creators and vloggers. Users are now able to take selfies in Portrait Mode and see preview in actual photo ratio when using Quick Shot.With an upgraded camera equipped with a 65% brighter sensor powered by the Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform, photos and videos are crisper and more stable – day or night.

Crafted to go truly hands-free with the Z Flip4 5G, you can do more without opening the phone. Make phone calls, reply to texts, and even control the SmartThings Scene widget, all from the Cover Screen.


Equipped with an expanded 3,700mAH battery, giving the Galaxy Z Flip4 5G more time to capture, watch and connect longer between charges. With Super Fast Charging, now supported on Z Flip4 5G, you can charge up to 50% in around 30 minutes, keeping users connected when they are running low.

With the slimmer hinge, straightened edges, contrasting hazed back glass and glossy metal frames, the design is Samsung’s most refined yet. Users can fully customise the Z Flip4 inside and out, with Galaxy Themes on both Cover and Main Screen to complement their style with custom fonts, icons and designs. Plus, users can create their own Cover Screen with new clock designs and backgrounds in various formats such as images, GIFs and even video.

Galaxy Z Fold4 5G – A Multi-tasking Powerhouse with Ultimate Performance

The Galaxy Z Fold4 5G is Samsung’s most powerful smartphone yet. This comes from the results of Samsung Galaxy’s enduring smartphone innovation over the years. The Z Fold4 5G combines Samsung’s collective mobile technology expertise to create a device with increased functionality whether opened, closed, or in Flex mode.

Furthermore, this is the first device to ship with Android 12L, a special version of Android created by Google for large-screen experiences, including foldables.

Multitasking on Z Fold4 5G is easier than ever, you can get more things done on the move. With a new Taskbar providing a layout similar to your PC, it now offers you access to your favourite and recent apps. Multitasking is also more intuitive, thanks to new swipe gestures. You can instantly switch full-screen apps  to pop-up windows or split your screen in half for more ways to multitask.

Samsung’s partnerships with Google and Microsoft take multitasking to the next level. Google apps, including Chrome and Gmail now support drag-and-drop, allowing users to quickly copy and paste links, photos and more from one app to another. With Google Meet, users can now connect with more people while enjoying virtual co-activities, including co-watching videos on YouTube or playing games together on a video call. Microsoft’s full Office suite and Outlook take advantage of the foldable display, providing more information on the screen and faster ways to interact with the content. The multitasking experience is complete with S Pen functionality, enabling on-the-go drawing and note taking with streamlined storage inside the Standing Cover with Pen case.


With an upgraded 50MP wide lens and 30x Space Zoom, you can take stunning photos and videos with the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G. Equipped with a variety of camera modes, including the larger Zoom map activated on Capture View Mode, Dual Preview, and Rear Cam Selfie are custom-built to take advantage of the unique form factor for increased capturing flexibility. And with the larger pixel size, a 23 percent brighter sensor, and enhanced processing power, users can capture clear images even at night.

For the first time in Singapore, the new 1TB version allow the storage for all types of created and downloaded content.

On the 7.6-inch Main Screen, viewing content is even more immersive and distinctive with its brighter screen, a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, and a less visible Under Display Camera (UDC) featuring a new scatter-type sub-pixel arrangement. Popular social media apps such as Facebook are optimised for the large-screen experience to make content more enjoyable.

You can also open your favourite streaming entertainment service apps like Netflix and watch hands-free with Flex mode. As for non-optimised apps, users can even control the device without disrupting the content with the new Flex Mode Touchpad, offering accuracy while pausing, rewinding, and playing videos, or zooming in and out of content while the device is in Flex mode.

Gamers would be enjoying their games even more, as the games are snappier too, thanks to the powerful Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform and hyper-fast 5G. With a slimmer hinge, lighter weight, and even narrower bezels, the wider screen enables easier one-handed interactions while using the Cover Screen.

Samsung continues its barrier-defying innovation journey to deliver the level of durability consumers expect, both in and out. With our Armor Aluminum frames and hinge cover along with exclusive Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus®+ on the Cover Screen and rear glass, Z Flip4 5G and Z Fold4 5G are Samsung’s toughest foldables ever.

Durability of the Main Screen panel is also enhanced thanks to the optimised layer structure, helping to reduce damage from external shock. In addition, both Z Flip4 5G and Z Fold4 5G are equipped with IPX8 water resistance, so users can worry less if they get caught in the rain.

Galaxy Buds2 Pro – Premium Design with the Ultimate Listening Experience

Samsung’s new top-of-the-line earbuds, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro are joining the Galaxy Z series, providing the most immersive wireless audio experiences with a new compact design, and seamless connectivity that is perfect for any aspect of your everyday life.

Here are the key features of Galaxy Buds2 Pro:

  • Superior Hi-Fi 24bit Audio26 , which offers high-dynamic range, just like crystal-clear resolution
  • New Samsung seamless codec27(SSC HiFi), quality music is enabled to transfer without a pause
  • New coaxial 2-way speaker making sounds richer than ever
  • Supports 360 degree positional audio
  • Built-in Dolby Atmos™ support
  • New compact, ergonomic design making it 15% smaller
  • Secure fit engineered to prevent rotation – the perfect fitness companion
  • Powerful ANC to eliminate outside noise
  • Seamlessly switch the audio connection to your phone with a touch of a finger
  • AutoSwitch feature to provide effortless transition from your TV show to taking a call
  • SmartThings Find now makes locating your Buds2 Pro fast and easy

Galaxy for the Planet

Since the launch of the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung has incorporated recycled materials not just in their packaging, but also in the hardware of their new products. These are the first steps in Samsung’s Galaxy for the Planet initiative, which includes their continued incorporation of recycled plastics and the creation of new materials in partnership with leading sustainability partners.

Samsung continues to pursue innovations in sustainable manufacturing, they are proud to announce that more than 90% of the new Galaxy Buds2 Pro is made with recycled materials. The new Galaxy Z series also incorporates ocean-bound plastics into key components and 100% recycled paper for its packaging.

Samsung also reduced volume of the packaging up to 58% compared to the first-generation Galaxy foldables. This equates to an avoidance of approximately 10,000 tons of carbon emissions from transportation this year.

“Samsung is taking consistent and impactful actions that help protect people and the planet. We marry sustainability and innovation in everything we do,” said TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. “I am proud of our progress to date. At the same time, it’s been a humbling experience that enables us to continue on our journey towards achieving our sustainability vision with even more conviction and rigor than before.”

Colours and Variants – Create Your Own Bespoke Galaxy

An exciting range of colours and variants awaits you to create your own bespoke Galaxy. The Galaxy Z Flip4 5G complements users’ styles with premium designs in legacy colours: Bora Purple and Graphite, and new colours: Pink Gold and Blue.

The expanded Galaxy Z Flip4 5G Bespoke Edition is now available in Singapore, offering glass colours and frame options, providing customers 75 combinations to choose from, allowing customers to completely control the look of their device.

The Galaxy Z Fold4 5G is offered in refined colours that include Graygreen, Beige and Phantom Black. There is one more option for you to choose from, the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G is available in Burgundy and additional storage capacity up to 1TB, exclusively on Samsung Online Store.

Galaxy Buds2 Pro comes in three all-new soft and neutral hues that perfectly complement with the new foldables – Graphite, White, and Bora Purple.

Pricing and Availability

The Galaxy Z Flip4 5G and Galaxy Z Fold4 5G will be available in Singapore from 2 September 2022, Friday, 10am, at local telecommunication operators (M1, Singtel and StarHub), Samsung Online Store, Samsung Experience Stores, Samsung Official Store in Lazada, Shopee and Amazon, and major consumer electronics & IT stores.

The respective recommended retail prices for the devices are as follow:

Model Colour Built-in Memory[5] RRP

(including GST)

Galaxy Z Flip4 5G Bora Purple, Graphite,
Pink Gold and Blue
128GB $1,398
256GB $1,498
512GB $1,748
Galaxy Z Flip4 5G Bespoke Edition* 75 possible variations 256GB $1,548
Galaxy Z Fold4 5G Graygreen, Beige, Phantom Black and Burgundy[6]* 256GB $2,398
512GB $2,578
1TB* $2,938

* Available exclusively on Samsung Online Store.

The following Galaxy Z Flip4 5G and Galaxy Z Fold4 5G accessories will also be available to complement the devices:

Accessory Device Model Colour RRP (including GST)
Clear Slim Cover Galaxy Z Flip4 5G $38
Clear Cover with Ring Galaxy Z Flip4 5G $58
Silicone Cover with Strap Galaxy Z Flip4 5G Black, White $68
Silicone Cover with Ring Galaxy Z Flip4 5G Navy, Pink, Arctic Blue, Khaki, Lavender $68
Flap Leather Cover Galaxy Z Flip4 5G Black, Peach, Arctic Blue $128
Silicone Grip Cover Galaxy Z Fold4 5G Black, White $78
Slim Standing Cover Galaxy Z Fold4 5G Black, Sand $78
Leather Cover Galaxy Z Fold4 5G Black, Moss Gray $118
Standing Cover with Pen Galaxy Z Fold4 5G Black, Moss Gray, Sand $128
Note Package

(Standing Cover with Pen + 25W Travel Adapter)

Galaxy Z Fold4 5G Black $138

The Galaxy Watch5 Pro and Galaxy Watch5 will be available in Singapore from 2 September 2022, Friday, 10am at local telecommunication operators (M1, Singtel and StarHub), Samsung Online Store, Samsung Online Store, Samsung Experience Stores, Samsung Official Store in Lazada and Shopee, major consumer electronics & IT stores, Tangs and Takashimaya.

The respective recommended retail prices for the devices are as follow:

Model Colour Connectivity RRP (including GST)
Galaxy Watch5 Pro 45mm Black Titanium, Grey Titanium LTE $798
Galaxy Watch5 Pro 45mm Black Titanium, Grey Titanium Bluetooth $698
Galaxy Watch5 44mm Graphite, Sapphire, Silver LTE $598
Galaxy Watch5 44mm Graphite, Sapphire, Silver Bluetooth $498
Galaxy Watch5 40mm Graphite, Pink Gold, Silver LTE $548
Galaxy Watch5 40mm Graphite, Pink Gold, Silver Bluetooth $448

For more information on Galaxy Z Flip4 5G, Galaxy Z Fold4 5G and Galaxy Buds2 Pro visit:

** Information courtesy of Samsung Electronics **

***Photos shot with Canon EOS R7 review camera – A TGH Photography x Canon EOS R7 Explorer Series Production***

A Purely Instinctive Design Nothing Phone (1)

On 4th August 2022, Nothing introduced Phone (1), its first smartphone and the gateway to its future connected and open product ecosystem. This a purely instinctive design Nothing Phone (1), bringing the joy of using the smartphone back to the everyday interactions. Nothing Phone (1) features the innovative Glyph Interface, a 50MP dual camera, refined Nothing OS, 120Hz OLED display and custom-built Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 778G+ chipset, Nothing Phone (1) delivers speed and a smooth experience from $769 SGD. With a 200,000+ pre-order waitlist, and bids over $3,000 USD for the first 100 serialised units, it’s one of the most anticipated tech products in years.

“We designed Phone (1) as a product we’d be proud to share with friends and family,” said Carl Pei, CEO and Co-founder of Nothing. “This simple principle helped us wander off the beaten path, tune into our instincts, and create an experience that hopefully marks the start of change in a stagnant industry.”

Glyph Interface

The Glyph Interface is nothing like you have seen before, this is a new way of communicating to help minimise screen time. 900 LEDs made up its unique light patterns, indicate who’s calling and signals app notifications, charging status and more. You can simply pair individual contacts to a ringtone, each with its own unique Glyph pattern, that you would never miss what’s truly important.

If you want a quieter focus, the Flip to Glyph feature triggers silent, lights-only notifications by place the Nothing Phone (1) with the Glyph Interface face up.

Considered Design

The Nothing Phone (1) has a Considered Design that goes beyond the surface, they feature a transparent back with a unique design composed of over 400 components. It has a 100% recycled aluminium frame, making it light and robust, while over 50% of the phone’s plastic components are made with bio-based or post-consumer recycled materials. This is an industry leading percentage.

The Nothing Phone (1) comes with Dual-side Gorilla® Glass 5, providing toughness, whilst advanced vibration motors make touch responses life-like. The symmetrical bezels and aluminium frame adds elegance, lightness and durability.

Refined Nothing OS

The refined Nothing OS delivers on the best of Android. There is no bloatware, just pure speed and a smooth user experience. Both the hardware and software speak a single visual language, with bespoke widgets, fonts, sounds and wallpapers, all designed in-house.

The Nothing Ecosystem is the home for all your favourite tech. No more separate apps. Control third party products from Phone (1)’s Quick Settings as easily as Nothing ones, starting with Tesla. Unlock doors, turn on AC, see miles left and more. More third party brand integrations to be announced soon.

Power is delivered where it’s needed most with smart software that learns which apps are your favourite. Your most-used apps load super-fast, whilst the rest are frozen to save battery.

Display your NFT collection and track floor prices directly from Phone (1)’s home screen with the NFT Gallery.

Advanced Dual Cameras

Nothing Phone (1)’s dual camera has two advanced 50MP sensors, with the main camera powered by the flagship Sony IMX766. The wide f/1.8 aperture, dual image stabilisation and 10-bit colour videos gives you everything you need to shoot exceptionally stable, true-to-life and brilliantly detailed content. They have intelligent features such as Night Mode and Scene Detection tailor the perfect settings for every frame, doing the work for you.

With all the above features, it’s time for a change, time to unlearn that more cameras mean better quality photos and videos.

You can set the Glyph Interface to full brightness and illuminate close-up subjects with a gentle light. This is a portable ring-light, without the harshness of a flash.

Beautiful Display

A beautiful display with 1 billion colours, every hue, powerfully true-to-life on its 6.55″ OLED display and HDR10+. You get richer colour and deeper contrasts tuned to each scene. An adaptive 120Hz refresh rate ensures irresistibly interactions, while being reassuringly power-efficient.

Powerful Performance

Powering the Nothing Phone (1) with its startling speed is the powerful and reliable Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 778G+ chipset, custom-made for Nothing to include wireless and reverse charging. They deliver phenomenal graphics and advanced camera features, all accelerated by 5G. Game Mode precisely matches sound to graphics and minimises notifications for captivating, immersive gaming.

You can now now charge fast and charge wirelessly with the Nothing Phone (1), getting 18 hours of use with every charge, and two days on standby. In just 30 minutes of charge, Nothing Phone (1) can reach 50% power. Power up accessories such as your Nothing Ear (1) with 5W reverse charge.

The charging coil Glyph even lights up to indicate reverse charging is happening.

Limited Edt Limited Drop a Massive Hit

Nothing also collaborated with Limited Edt as part of a limited drop programme joining the likes of other premium fashion boutique lifestyle stores across the world such as Selfridges, GQ, Lane Crawford, Eslite, Carnival, Commonwealth, and Crossover. Despite being the first of its kind for Limited Edt, the limited drop pre-orders were quickly snapped up by the public.

A Short Hands On Experience with Nothing Phone (1)

At the media launch event in Singapore, I had a short hands on experience with Nothing Phone (1). Prior to this official launch, I read and saw news about this new and aesthetically gorgeous design Nothing Phone (1), I was curious and excited, they could breathe a new life and change to the smartphones market.

A Purely Instinctive Design Nothing Phone (1), I really like the aesthetics and design. The refined Nothing OS is something to look forward to and exploring further, the pure speed and ecosystem.

Not to forget the dual cameras smartphone, as a photographer and visual storyteller myself, smartphone camera plays a role in my content creation and mobile phone photography, something worth exploring too.

Pricing and Availability

The Nothing Phone (1) is available in both white and black, there are three models to choose from:

  • 8GB / 128GB (SGD$769)
  • 8GB / 256GB (SGD$869)
  • 12GB / 256GB (SGD$949)

The pre-order for Nothing Phone (1) starts on 5th August 2022 to 12th August 2022. Open sales for Nothing Phone (1) starts on 13th August 2022.

For the Singapore market, Nothing Phone (1) will be available from the following:

  • M1
  • Challenger
  • Lazada
  • Limited EDT
  • Zym

For more information

For more information, as well as a full list of specifications and features, they can be found on nothing.tech. If you like to stay connected and updated with Nothing on all its latest information, please follow Nothing onTelegram, Instagram, Discord and Twitter, or subscribe to the newsletter.

* Information courtesy of Nothing and GLOO *

** Photos shot with Canon EOS R7 review camera – A TGH Photography x Canon EOS R7 Explorer Series Production **

Happy 57th Birthday Singapore!

Today is 9th August 2022, it’s also Singapore’s 57th birthday! First and foremost, wishing Singapore a Happy 57th Birthday! Before we mark this year’s 2022 birthday celebrations with a big bang at our National Day Parade (NDP) 2022, let us all pause , take a look back and reflect on our past 2 years from 2020 (when the global pandemic hit us) till now in 2022, and what lies ahead in the future ahead for Singapore.

Lots of thoughts and feelings

I am filled with lots of thoughts and feelings, somehow it’s not coherent when I wrote it down, they can be all over the place when I looked back at Singapore’s growth over the decades as I grew old along with you, I look at the current climate, and lastly looking ahead into the future.

It’s not perfect, nothing is perfect in this world at all, yet I count my blessings. Yes, it can be very stressful living here, cost of living, societal pressure and chasing material wealth. On the other side of the story, a peaceful, stable, safe and vibrant cosmopolitan city.

The society and living landscapes are constantly changing and evolving, we don’t need to look further beyond the shores of Singapore. Beyond Singapore, Asia and worldwide, we are in for a period of more uncertainties and higher cost of living.

Lots of thoughts and feelings for today 9th August 2022 as Singapore celebrates her SG57 birthday. I would probably continue more on another day and time.

Emerging from 2+ years of global pandemic

Singapore is emerging from 2+ years of global pandemic situation, it was a very difficult time for Singapore, and for the rest of the world as well, from all aspects of daily living and work. Our financial, emotional and mental health took a heavy hit over the past 2+ years when we were hit by the global pandemic that started in 2020.

Singapore slowly and gradually started to emerge and moved away from this 2+ years of global pandemic in early part of 2022. This was a huge relief for all of us, while we are not totally out of the woods yet, this was a huge step for us in our route to recovery and a return to a more normal life, back to our pre-pandemic days, even though life will never be the same again.

Uncertainties ahead

As the world slowly and gradually move away from the global pandemic COVID-19 that turned the world upside down financially, emotionally and mentally for 2+ years (since 2020), we were eagerly getting our pre pandemic life back again to normalcy. While the recovery in 2022 wasn’t an exponential climb, it’s more of a slow gradual growth instead.

However, there are more uncertainties ahead that lie in front of us, even though we are not out of the woods in relation to the ongoing global pandemic situation. From escalating inflationary pressure causing our prices to go up quite steeply in the first half of 2022 that arises from the conflict situation in Europe.

A looming recession is ahead of us, regional and world peace and stability took another hit with new tensions in the Asia region. What lies ahead for Singapore, our region and the world in the near future?

Quite a lot of uncertainties ahead.

Stronger Together!

Just when we thought we would be returning a life back to normal in a post global pandemic world, we are facing even greater challenges and quite a lot of uncertainties ahead. From exiting one turbulent period and entering into another new turbulent period, this turbulence doesn’t seem to be ending.

One of the themes for SG57 is “Stronger Together”, it’s not getting easier as we initially thought that would be the journey ahead for Singapore as we move away from this global pandemic situation.


Where is Home?

A topic that was recently in the local papers, on where is home? What does home means to you and me? The global pandemic situation that caused the whole world that much trouble on all aspects of our daily living and work, gave us a lot of food for thought on where is our home truly?

Something for you to ponder, think deeply, into your heart, mind and soul, is Singapore the country you truly call it your home?

Happy SG57 Singapore! Majulah!

To all Singaporeans, we have to be stronger together, staying resolute and united together as one united Singapore, as we navigate a new set of challenges and uncertainties.

Today is 9th August 2022, once again wishing Singapore a Happy 57th Birthday! Let’s celebrate SG57 with a big party and celebration, be Stronger Together as a nation, as a society and Majulah!

** Photos shot with Canon EOS R7 review camera – A TGH Photography x Canon EOS R7 Explorer Series Production **