With my love for IT gadgets and devices, I am interested in many of those tech gadgets, from cameras, laptops, tablets, devices and accessories. As I explored and went into reviews and reading about gadgets, I was introduced to this platform known as Kickstarter and this interesting and innovative site got me hooked to keep going back to check what are the new and interesting projects/designs that they have come up with.

What is Kickstarter all about ? Kickstarter is a new way to get funding for their creative projects, that can help them kickstart their business. From my support of photography accessories projects, I had seen them building their own photography accessory business from their initial first Kickstarter project design. It’s also interesting to view and see what are the other projects that my friends have backed, my friends might spot some interesting projects that might have slipped off my radar. Sometimes, I will also back the same project like what my friend did after receiving notice about their backing. Till date, I have backed 7 projects and I am happy with their projects overall. I have received 3 out of 7 projects and I hoped to get the rest of them by the end of the year 2013! Do check out my Kickstarter profile and the various Kickstarter Projects that I had backed.

One of the Kickstarter projects that I am impressed with is the projects by Peter Dering of Peak Design, I had backed and supported 2 of his projects, Capture Camera Clip System Version 1 and Leash and Cuff. They have a current ongoing Kickstarter project for Capture Camera Clip Version 2 and just drop by and take a look at their Kickstarter page! Being a photography enthusiast, the Capture Camera Clip System and Leash and Cuff are great and handy photography accessories for my camera system. I was initially planning to do a more thorough photography review of my Peak Design products write up with photographs, however, I haven’t written up and shared my experiences yet. I will try to get it done and share on my photoblog soon! I am pretty keen on the Capture Camera Clip Version 2 and will likely add it to my projects that I support on Kickstarter!

It’s not just photography products that I usually check out when I am on Kickstarter website, do check them out for other project ideas too! You might just find something that you like and want to help support and backing them!

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