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Content Creator + Technology Writer + Gadgets Update 1st May 2024 - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Today 1st May 2024 is Labour Day, a public holiday in Singapore. Posting quarterly or half yearly  updates have become quite a routine theme for my writing and content creation. However, it’s also pretty obvious that I have slowed down in writing and publishing media news or new content creation on my websites TGH Photography and Travel and TGH Technology and Business. With this in mind, I decided to with publish and share a different kind of update – Content Creator + Technology Writer + Gadgets Update 1st May 2024.

Technology gadgets and accessories update

Over the past 3 quarters that began from 2023 leading into 2024, there were a number of replacements and addition of new items into my setup. The amount of wear and tear for some of my equipment/gadgets went up in numbers, I have to begin replacing them regularly for the past 3 quarters. There were also some gifts, from my friends and also I bought my own gift.

  • Wotancraft Pilot 10L Camera Bag for Brompton: A gift for myself by myself, it’s not brand new, 2nd hand/used at a decent price point. I wasn’t planning to get the Brompton edition, just happened to find it on Carousell at that time that met my buying price target. Sold off my earlier Wotancraft Trooper (Medium) and this is going to be my camera bag + content creator + writer setup.
  • EDC/Travel small cross sling bag: A gift from Japan, thanks to Andrew! This would come in handy since I am a pouch + cubes packing person for both travel and work.
  • Jabra Elite 8 Active: A gift, this Jabra Elite 8 Active has replaced my earlier workhorse Jabra Elite 85T earbuds.
  • Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro: A gift, my first smart band, it’s like a smartwatch!
  • Logitech K380 keyboard: Replace my original Apple iMac keyboard that went bonkers, some keys just recently decided not to work for me anymore. This new K380 keyboard also replaced my 1st K380 keyboard that I had been using for a number of years.
  • Essager cables: Found new charging cables on a discount and decided to add new cable – USB-C to USB-C and USB-A & C and USB-C and Lightning.
  • Apple iPad Air 3 cover case: Due to my outdoors, photography, content creator and writer works, the previous iPad cover case toke its toll with wear and tear.
  • Logitech Keys-To-Go keyboard: I have been thinking between a smart keyboard case for my iPad Air 3 or a lightweight bluetooth wireless keyboard.
  • iPad carrying case: A gift that now stores my Apple iPad Air 3 with new cover case and my new Logitech Keys-To-Go keyboard. A new content creator / technology writer setup.

Content Creator Update

On my content creator side of things, although I am not doing content creation like those on TikTok or Instagram. It does make me ponder, reflect and think deeper on what kind of content creation I would like to work more on. Let’s not kid ourselves, the modern and future of work, a single business/work specialisation is not going to be enough.

The areas/projects that I am working on for my content creation segments are publishing zines/books on some of the projects that I have been working on for the past decade. Keep a lookout along the way on my social media, there might be impromptu updates along the way on new creative or documentation project ideas or directions.

Technology Writer Update

As for my technology writing and news coverage, let me share with you two feedbacks that I received recently from the PR agency or in-house communications side, it’s along the lines of, “We have been doing our social media monitoring and we have seen that you haven’t been publishing our news as much as before” and “Maybe you have to look at your self-discipline in terms of your writing”.

I will be the first to raise my hand up and acknowledge the two feedbacks given were valid and truthful. For those who had worked with me over the decade of my technology writing and news coverage, you will know that this segment is not a revenue earner, it comes from a pure technology geek with a strong  passion and interest in technology stuff and gadgets.

On a side note, I do appreciate the working relationships and friendships that I have with folks from the other side of the equation, the PR agencies or in-house communications, those that I can message directly (and vice-versa) via WhatsApp.

As I work on balancing my revenue earning through my photography business and content creator works, and my technology writing, there were many a times where there were compromises and shortfalls. I am working on a delicate balancing act at times, you never know when my technology writing and networks might give me opportunities for commissioned work to bring my content creation and my technology writing together.

And the journey continues

After writing and sharing Content Creator + Technology Writer + Gadgets Update 1st May 2024, the journey continues, as a technology writer, a technology geek and a content creator. The demands of the current working environment and society, and the future of work and living, things are not as easy and simple as before.

Owning and running a small photography business is not never easy, full of ups and downs, stress, pressure, competition from all corners. Sometimes, we face all of them alone, questioning ourselves upon failure, mistakes or things not getting through. On top of that, the world business uncertainties and geo-politics are making it more challenging and tricky. We just have to adapt and change as much as we can do so in the years ahead.

And the journey continues.

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