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Jabra Mother's Day Gift Guide 2024 - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Mother’s Day 2024 is coming soon on 12th May 2024 in Singapore. Have you started looking/shopping for your Mother’s Day gift yet? If you haven’t started or you need gift ideas, let me introduce and share with you Jabra Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2024!

No matter which universe you are from, Mothers are the true and actual GOATs, what is a GOAT you might be thinking and asking? GOATs stand for (Greatest of All Time) and it’s time for you to show your love for GOATs Mother! Beyond giving them flowers to show your love, why not give a token of love that blooms perennially? What better way to give this love through the gift of great-sounding earbuds that will nurture your Mother’s passion for music, just like the sunlight to a budding flower?

While attending exclusive concerts is enjoyable, owning a high-quality sound experience should be accessible to everyone. For this Mother’s Day 2024, let’s ensure our GOAT Mothers have the best, right at their fingertips. Beside giving flowers to your Mother, gift them the music that never ends, that are in tune with their enduring and remarkable love, with the Jabra Elite 10: A Symphony of Style and Sound or Jabra Elite 8 Active: For the Unstoppable Mum.

Jabra Elite 10: A Symphony of Style and Sound

If you are caught up in the recent amazing international performing singers/artists performing in Singapore, you would be continuing to bask in the afterglow of the post-Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Singapore. Although these once-in-a-lifetime musical experiences are rare, we don’t have to end our enjoyment of music here. Give your Mum the Jabra Elite 10, let her continue her concert experience, anywhere with its lush and great Dolby Atmos spatial sound experience! This would be the sound choice for the GOAT Mother in your life, with the Jabra Elite 10 earbuds, you can ensure that she enjoys the post-Taylor vibes every day.

Why does the GOAT Mum needs an Jabra Elite 10?

  • Understated elegance: With warm, neutral colours that reflect her timeless elegance, these earbuds are as much a fashion statement as they are a tech accessory.
  • A concert hall in your ears: With its 360° sound experience, Dolby Atmos turns every listen into an extraordinary event, adding depth, clarity, and a richness that makes her feel like she’s at a live concert.
  • Worthy of an encore: Advanced active noise cancelling (ANC) and transparency mode shut out and allow background sounds at her discretion. At the same time, the semi-open design relieves sound pressure on the ears for comfort when wearing them all day.

Jabra Elite 8 Active: For the Unstoppable Mum

Just as Taylor Swift faced and handled our tropical humidity hair-on, the Jabra Elite 8 Active stands resilient against sweat and water. With its secure grip ensuring nothing slips – not even in the most humid conditions. For the GOAT Mum who’s always in motion, taking care of the whole family, the Jabra Elite 8 Active ensures that she stays in tune even when life gets fast-paced.

Why does the GOAT Mum needs an Jabra Elite 8 Active?

  • Stylish and resilient: Unlike Taylor’s hair department, your mum will never have a moment of anxiety when using the stylish Elite 8 Active. With its robust IP68 rating for dust and water resistance, these earbuds will never return to factory settings in the face of sweat, dirt and humidity.
  • The soundtrack to her life: The unique Jabra ShakeGrip™ material ensures that she’ll never shake it off, even during workouts, making it the perfect earbuds for every occasion.
  • She’ll feel like she’s there: A wide, spacious soundstage immerses her in her favourite tunes, ensuring an intense, concert-like experience during every run, workout, and moment.
  • Goes longer than any concert: The long 8-hour battery life with ANC on, along with an additional 24 hours from the charging case, ensures that she’ll never run out of power, even when she forgets occasionally.

Where can I buy Jabra Elite 10 or Jabra Elite 8 Active?

As you celebrate Mother’s Day with Jabra, there are exclusive deals that make Jabra Mother’s Day Gifts even sweeter. The promotions will start on 1st May 2024 and run till 19th May 2024.

Jabra Elite 10 promotion price – $248 (RRP: $382)

Buy it from Shopee or Lazada.

Jabra Elite 8 Active promotion price – $228 (RRP: $312)

Buy it from Shopee or Lazada.

Happy Mother’s Day 2024!

Wishing all Mothers and those who play the Motherly role a Happy Mother’s Day 2024 in advance! Happy Mother’s Day shopping with Jabra!

* Information and pictures courtesy of Jabra and Gloo *

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