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December 2023 - Updates, Consolidations & Wrapping Up (Technology, Business, Marketing & Personal) - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Start of the first week of December 2023, also the final month of Year 2023, in four weeks time, we would be saying goodbye to YR2023 and hello YR2024. I had initially planned to publish this updates, consolidations and wrapping up from both personal and professional perspectives in the technology, business, marketing (digital/social media) and personal segments. Not only did I face quite a fair bit of writers block, on top of many things going on inside my mind and my ongoing work stuff that hindered my writing.

As I managed to break free from my writer’s block, I worked on getting as many things written out here below. First and foremost, let’s start with – Consolidations.


In my technology (consumer and enterprise) sectors, it is all about consolidations. My backlogs had already piled up, therefore I need to put priority in clearing them, from enterprise technology events, followed by consumer technology news and social media marketing news. I have to clear off my technology enterprise media events/conferences that I attended in the Q3 2023.

On the digital/social media marketing segments, I had been discussing about those two areas for a period of time. Progress wasn’t exactly as I planned and envisioned, therefore it’s a consolidation first, next up would be reorganising and re-strategising for YR2024.

As a writer, I have recently added more books from various genres to read, enrich and constantly improve myself. On top of my newly added books, I still have my collection of books that I haven’t finish reading as well. Hopefully, I can learn and improve myself further as a writer in YR2024.

On a personal front, there were always a lot of “fighting daily battles” and facing constant challenges of various magnitudes. Hearing real life stories from friends themselves or shared by friends, everyone of us have their own battles to fight and conquer. We cannot and we should not just pass judgement, we need to know what is the story behind the situations.

From a deeper personal note, I am still facing and receiving judgements and criticisms. While all these are part and parcel of running a small business and presence on social media, even though I am keeping a low profile, not pushed by FOMO (fear of missing out) and at times JOMO (joy of missing out). Social media and cultural dynamics are changing fast and furious, algorithms are manipulative and very difficult to understand and know what they are doing.

Beyond the balancing my consolidations and clearing of backlogs on my technology, business, marketing and personal sectors, there are also consolidations in my other areas on my photography, heritage, arts and travel sectors. You can read them here on my TGH Photography and Travel website.


Moving to updates, in the area of digital marketing/content creation that I had been building up. Once I consolidated and regrouped, I would work on my strategic plans and directions for YR2024.

As I mentioned earlier in my TGH Photography and Travel website, I am planning to diversify part of my photography business into other industries whereby I can put my content creation, social media marketing, writing, photography and videography into the start-ups industry that I am looking at.

Some of the start-ups industries that I am looking/considering are in the fin-tech, sustainability, travel and tourism industry. Where would this new venture direction takes me? Let’s see how I venture in this field.

Wrap Up

While some people might be slowing down in the month of December, going for family holiday trips, I find myself unable to be like them. For me, I initially wanted to plan a short trip away from Singapore. However, prices weren’t exactly favourable, accompanied by quite a lot of people travelling for holidays overseas, and I haven’t finish clearing up my loose ends and backlogs, I decided to postpone it.

December 2023 is firstly consolidations, clearing backlogs and wrapping up my YR2023. The year  2023 in review would come later in Q1 2024, let me wrap up my December 2023 with bits and pieces of writing my review for YR2023. Not to forget, I am also looking for my Yearly Theme for YR2024.

Final Sprint 2024

Now is the final sprint to end of YR2023, no matter the ups and downs that I went through in my earlier 11 months or 48 weeks prior to this, I want to finish YR2023 on a high, on a good note and to start off YR2024 on a correct footing. What lies ahead in YR2024 is still unknown for all of us, we do expect a more difficult and challenging economy, on top of geo-politics and climate change  issues.

May you also have a good run to the finishing line of YR2023!

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