Say the words “Depression”, “Economic Crisis”, “Recession”, “Financial Crisis”, “Slow Growth”, “Job Losses”, “Retrenchments” …… what would the response be from the people beside you ?

In today’s uncertainty and reality, times had not gotten any better and hopefully, it would settle down and reached a bottom soon in the next quarter. Even if the bottom is reached, how long would it take before the world economy recovers ? 1 year ? 2 years ? 

What are you facing now ? 

– Stress ?

– Fear ?

– Anger ? 

– Hate ?

– All of the above and many more ?

In this period of crisis, have you and will you 

– take stock of your life and count your blessings especially your loved ones, family, friends ?

– appreciate nature and surroundings ?

– enjoying the simpler things in life ?

– learn from this financial crisis and financially plan for your future ?

In a local paper, TODAY paper from Singapore, 6th April 2009, there was a article called “Happiness …… is lending a helping hand”.

I was touched by the actions of extraordinary people whom go beyond their call of duty, facing the impacts and slowdown of this economic crisis, and continuing their efforts and movements to spread Happiness to people who are less fortunate, lending them a helping hand in unique and different methods to fellow citizens who are less fortunate than them.

It’s encouraging to learn about all these kind acts, a time to count your blessings and a time to step out of your comfort zone and give happiness to the less fortunate people around you or around the world.

Let’s start to PAY IT FOWARD ! Give HAPPINESS and you will find HAPPINESS !

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