Happy 56th Birthday to Singapore!

On 9th August 2021, Singapore celebrates her 56th birthday. First and foremost, wishing a Happy 56th Birthday to Singapore!

This is the second year that we are facing the global pandemic COVID-19 that started in 2020, it has drastically changed our life, how we work and how we live. This ongoing global pandemic took a huge strain and toll on our mental and emotional health, our livelihood had been affected, some more affected than the rest.

How we celebrate Singapore’s National Day changed with this ongoing global pandemic, while it’s very different from previous years. We had to adapt, change and scale down with the ongoing restrictions and constraints. For 9th August 2021, Singapore marked 56 years of independence with a ceremonial parade at Marina Bay in the morning. This was followed by two Chinook helicopters carrying the Singapore Flag, each escorted by a pair of Apache helicopters, on a flypast and six F-15SG fighter aircraft flypast in delta formation around Singapore into the heartlands, NDP 2021 in the heartlands above Singapore.

As we celebrate Singapore’s National Day 2021, let us take this time to be united together in the battle against this ongoing global pandemic. The amount of stress and pressure that we are facing had resulted in us suffering from cabin fever, unhappiness, division in our society and increasing mental health issues.   

Let’s take this opportunity to appreciate the things we have right now, count our blessings, our family and life. It’s not an easy time for everyone of us, some had it tougher and more difficult than others. Keep a look out for each other, lend a helping hand to others in need whenever and whatever ways we can and able to.

No country is perfect, nobody is perfect, appreciate and count our blessings, this is home truly.

Once again, wishing a Happy 56th Birthday to Singapore! Have a good long weekend holiday too!

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