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I Have New (Running) Shoes! - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Running, a sport that became close to my heart, soul and personal development over the past few years as I started to play less team sports and do individual sports. It was a sport that I always go for when I am down and running in the night lets my hair down, de-stress and kept me fit and not getting fat too fast over the past few years. Running to me is therapeutic and relaxing although the longer distance runs such as the 21km and 42km does make me ache. I used to write and share my stories on running over the past few years, somewhere inside my posts here, into a journal here, the ups and downs, the milestones and achievements.

Looking back in time around February 2010, I got myself into a freak accident and went through a lot of rehabilitation, rest and recovery. Running from that time onwards took a back seat totally for about a year. It took me quite a long period of time before I get myself out from the couch after resting/recovery from too long on the sidelines and started running again. There were times when I missed joining the runs in Singapore, however, whenever I looked at the number of runs in Singapore, I was glad that I didn’t go and sign up all of them. There were a bit too many runs in Singapore over the years, this is my personal humble opinion.

Due to the nature of my injuries, I am currently retired from running a full marathon 42.195km, I may or may not run a full marathon again. My roll of full marathon runs completed included 5 full marathons from 2006 to 2009, 3 of them were Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore from 2006 to 2008, 2 of them were Sundown Marathon from 2007 to 2008 and  the 2009 Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore that I did not complete. Definitely not the best of timings since I never trained enough and consistently, completion of the full marathon was always a memorable and big achievement for me, with all the sweat, muscle ache and pain, many times of mind over body, the full marathon run was just like how my business/work operates.

I was happy with completing 10km runs, a distance that is not too damaging to me since my injury days in 2010. Looking ahead, running is like goals and objectives in life, in work, in business. I am aiming to return and goes back to my next level of running distance, the half marathon, 21km distance. This will be another personal goal and personal achievement to attain since I had to “reset” myself since the injury. It’s falling down, slowly getting up and started running again, towards a new age of freedom, a New Hope, another new beginning.

My current running shoes were peeling away and turning into “crocodiles”, I had to search and replace my running shoes. After researching and consideration, I finally bought my new running shoes from the New Balance factory outlet, this bright and shining lime green M890GY3! It’s really lightweight and shining! I believe it will bring me back to my next level of running and completing the half marathon 21km distance.

Alright, now I need to start training and running consistently in a disciplined/planned training schedule.


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