On 9th August 2009, Singapore will be celebrating her 44th Birthday, for those who manage to get the tickets into the Parade, have lots of fun and enjoy yourself ! For those who didn’t, you can get a glimpse of my NDP 2009 Preview experiences and watch it from the sides of the Esplanade, Merlion Park or Esplanade Bridge.

Looking back into previous NDP experiences, was involved twice before years ago. It was very different compared to the National Day Parades of today, however, our 44th National Day Parade, it’s about

Come Together : Reaching Out, Reaching Up

800x600_raymond_2Photo : Courtesy of NDP 2009

The National Day Parade Celebrations would be special and unique, putting history lessons into plays, performances and singing, about Singapore’s founding, growth and today’s success, with the following Chapters

Chapter One : What Did He See ?

Chapter Two : Defending Our Homeland

Chapter Three : Our Parade

Chapter Four : The First Wave

Chapter Five : Fast Forward

Chapter Six : Against All Odds

Chapter Seven : When I Grow Up

Chapter Eight : Heartland

Chapter Nine : Little Red Dot

Chapter Ten : What Do You See ?

Information courtesy of NDP 2009 Official Website : NDP 2009 Preview

Photographs from my Flickr : National Day Parade 2009 Preview !

Have a nice long weekend folks ! Have a fun celebration !

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