One of the most visible electronic gadgets that had changed our current lifestyle for the past 10 years had to be the mobile phone. Do you recall when mobile phones first came into the market ? It was big, bulky, heavy and even we could use it to open and break things ! Now ….. Back to The Future ……. from the black & white mobile phones to coloured screen phones, pda phones to the smart phones of today.

The mobile phone wars and the mobile phone OS, had always been a highly competitive segment, more competitive than the computers itself. I myself used, Palm OS, Mac OS and LG Smart Phone OS, although I didn’t own a Windows Phone OS, I had some experiences with it.

During Re-Imagine Life by Microsoft, the first booth that I went to, was the new Windows Mobile. The mobile phones/smartphones on display were LG, HTC and Samsung, with the new Windows Mobile OS installed inside the phones. By taking and feeling around the new operating system, I had a good feel of the new system and I was pretty impressed with the new system. It was a touchscreen style windows mobile OS, the design, layout and icons were nicer and friendlier, I was able to slide up and down, left and right of the operating system, similar to Windows 7 side start bar.

With connectivity to the other Microsoft systems and software, file sharing, uploading of photos, file sync with computers, from my short experiences there, I felt the enhancements were pretty good and improved from their previous windows mobile phone operating system. The colours, the feelings, the backgrounds, it was refreshing and quite easy to use for myself.

In lieu of the highly competitive mobile phone OS market, has the new Windows Mobile OS started another revolution ? A newer and stronger proposition ? How would the market react ? This is definitely an upcoming interesting “battleground”, and I would be lying if I said I am not interested to own and test out the new Windows Mobile OS.

Wonder how the new Windows Mobile OS would match up with the rest of their peers ? We shall see …….

2 thoughts on “Windows Mobile – My Experiences”
  1. Whoever invented handphones is a genius. Now I think mobile phone users cannot live without their phones.. It’s become a part of our lives. 😉

  2. Yes, agreed, mobile phones have become an indispensable part in our daily life. Wonder how it will become if we don’t have mobile phones !

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