Turning back the head and looking back at the past 6 months of year 2016, the first half of 2016 was gone, like in the flash of a moment. It had been a pretty fiery first half of 2016, quite a number of things happening from all over the world.

Personally, I had a turbulent first half of 2016, with the first quarter turning into some dramatic moments and hitting the rock bottom, documented in my earlier posts that I wrote. The second quarter of 2016 was a re-organisation, recovery, picking myself up from the fall into the bottom pit, standing up and climbing back up again. While it was a big hit, I have to move on, I will not want to bring it up, my articles would be the reference point to know what happened.

There is no shame in failing, it’s just our society has a unwritten rule that failure is not an option. While this mindset is slowly changing, it might take some more time (how long more I wonder?) before we embrace failure openly without shame, prejudice, judgement and condemnation from the society.

A personal opinion and thought of mine, we need to fail again before we can fully bring and improve ourselves up to the next few levels. This might not resonate with many people at all because we have been too comfortable and sheltered.

The second quarter had been the time for me to start a new chapter in my journey, still and always challenging, just like every new chapter that I open up and start writing my own life stories. Our life stages can be a blank page, it’s up to us personally how we want to write it for ourselves and not by other people. This is my life story, my one and only life story, it’s not going to be other people life story.

I took a longer time than expected to start my photography business, I went through a lot of top-down processes, finding my niche areas and remodelling a business model. To some people waiting in line to judge me, I can’t stop you from doing it, I do not want you as a part of my life. Go and live your life judging other people.

On the local and world economy, they are sailing into more choppy waters ahead in a slower ship. Will the situation stablise in 2017 or drag into 2018? How I wish I have a magic crystal ball! We have to brace for the choppy waters that the whole world is going into, the recent Brexit is not helping the world economic outlook and situation, this might just be an accelerator. The full impacts and consequences of the Brexit are yet to be fathomed at this current point in time.

Photo taken with the Huawei P9

A cross road? Or a cross junction? Today is the start of the 2nd half of 2016. Are you at a cross road or a cross junction in your life right now?

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