My Macbook Crashed !

It was just like any other night, surfing the internet, reading blogs and catching up on many different stuff on the internet. There were no signs that something was wrong with my Macbook, however, my Macbook suddenly hang and freeze ! Attempts to  revive and resucitate via the support pages of Apple proved futile. My Macbook was just a white screen !

In the morning, attempts to revive & resucitate was to no avail, after contacting my old friend James, an expert in Apple technology and products, his diagnosis was high percentage that the macbook HDD had crashed, while there was a chance that the connections to the HDD were loose or spoilt. Without further ado, I went to Epicentre Wheelock and send in for repair.

During a conversation with the staff at the authorised service centre inside, Sapura, her preliminary diagnosis was 99% HDD crashed and my world also crashed !! Not all my data and information were backed up and if my HDD can’t be revived, inevitable, some will never be recovered. Anger and depression creeped inside me for the afternoon, my usage of the Macbook HDD was similar to my previous laptops and they lasted me 3 years, however, my Macbook lasted me about 1 yr 3 mths.

Lessons learned today

– Always back up your data regularly (daily or weekly)

– Buy Apple Care !! – I didn’t buy and I am regretting that it slipped my mind and forgotten the date that I purchased my Macbook !

Would be updating my readers soon on myMacbook, the costs involved and the outcomes.

2 thoughts on “My Macbook Crashed !

  • October 21, 2009 at 5:36 am

    So sorry to hear that your notebook crashed.
    It sucks aint it?
    Happened to me years ago and I’ve learned to back-up
    my data every single time.. Everybody has to learn their lesson somewhere.. =|

    Anyway, congrats to you for being tthe winner of my guessing game! Please tell me how to send your gift.
    Just drop a comment, which i wont publish of course.. 🙂

  • October 24, 2009 at 9:38 pm

    Heh Cashmere

    Thanks for yr support, yup, it sucks a lot when such things happen out of the blue.

    Not all data were backed up, some lost, well, life still goes on.

    Thanks for the gift ! Looking forward to it !

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