Yesterday, on 8th July 2009, I received a very familiar blue coloured card with the words

Inspiring moments, Relieve it

It was non other than the upcoming Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009 on the 6th December 2009, with the registration information. I will be signing up when the registration window opens, entering for my 4th Singapore Marathon and my 6th Full Marathon.

As much as I am looking forward to the Singapore Marathon 2009, there were something inside my mind –

(1) New Balance replaces Adidas as the Co-Sponsor – With due respect to New Balance and I have nothing against them, however, my preference is Adidas.

(2) There was also a news conference for the Singapore Marathon 2009, it’s great to hear $10 million to grow Singapore Marathon into the best marathon in Asia and top marathons globally. With that note, the news reported

To ensure a balance between numbers and quality, the SSC may introduce caps, including qualifying times.

Source : Channel News Asia

The growth of community running and a lot more people taking up running especially in the half marathon and full marathon, it’s a good sign that more Singaporeans are making an effort to keep fit and healthy with a healthy, active and sporting lifestyle.

If SSC decides to introduce caps on qualifying times, it’s a fine balance and a thin line to thread on

– Raise the standards, Singapore Marathon can slowly move towards being a top marathon in Asia and worldwide

– Bring in the caps, would we lose the community fun and active sporty lifestyle spirit, fun and running ?

As for me, this motivates to train and prepare myself better, ensuring that I would be able to meet the standards raised, thus improving my running, fitness and health too. Must RUN faster !

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