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Panasonic 3D World - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

3D World, watching the world going round in 3 Dimensions, this technology has improved tremendously over the years and it has slowly entered into our daily life slowly with 3D HD televisions.

On 2nd October morning, Panasonic Asia invited me down for a breakfast event session , invited by XPR. There was a 3D movie being played, Ice Age 3 and we had an opportunity to try out the 3D Eyewear too. The 3D Panasonic television has very nice quality and bright colours, do drop by their site for an in-depth details of their 3D Full HD Plasma TV.

The 3D Eyewear is pretty cool, it fits in nicely for a person wearing glasses (like me), it is comfortable, doesn’t feel heavy while I am having 2 glasses (my glass & the 3D eyewear). While watching the 3D movie Ice Age 3, the effects is good and the 3-Dimension is great, I can really view the 3D effects and views. Since I am not too used to watching 3D movies, I got a bit giddy after watching Ice Age 3 for a while, I had to take out the 3D Eyewear and rest my eyes before putting back on the 3D Eyewear and continue watching. For more information on the 3D Eyewear, do drop by their link here !

If you would like to know more about the products and updates from Panasonic Asia, do follow them on Facebook and Twitter ! Overall, it was a fun time networking and catching up with friends again, I would like to thank Panasonic Asia and XPR for this invitation !!

2 thoughts on “Panasonic 3D World”
  1. Sounds cool.,I never used to watch 3D also,.most of my friends who have already experience 3D say “men its really cool, it is like you in the movie yourself!”. By the week I will be looking forward in watching a 3D movie because I want it to be experience. Thanks

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