Pre Nike+ Human Race 10k 2009 !!

Fellow runners,

In a few hours time, many runners would arrive at the Singapore F1 Pit Stop Building, for the start of the Nike+ Human Race 10k 2009 . As I am writing myself away, preparation is still underway, packing up my messenger bag with my change of clothes and personal stuff for the Nike+ run.

This would form part of my Singapore Marathon 2009 training schedule, the weather recently was really hot and I am blowing hot and cold due to the weather and movement in and out of the air-conditioned office. As much as I am looking forward to the run, my preparation had took a toll and I would be happy to improve on my endurance and stamina, thus gradually improving my 10km timing.

Would be attempting to take as many photos from my iPhone on the Nike+ Human Race 10k and share with you readers after my run !

Good luck runners ! Just Do It ! Enjoy the Nike+ Human Race 10k 2009 Singapore !

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