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Reflection and Updates Q1 2021, April 2021 - Milestone Moment - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog
Photography by Ryan Cheng

It’s 1st April 2021 today, marking the end of Q1 2021 and the start of Q2 2021. Today is the time for reflection and updates for Q1 2021 and celebrating a milestone in April 2021.

Looking back at Q1 2021

I am working and re-building my photography business up, changing, adapting and adopting since the global pandemic COVID-19 impacted the whole world in 2020. For my sole proprietor photography business, the situation is still not ideal yet. I am working on a few more fronts, some rebranding, changes and expansion on the cards, coming soon.

Photography by Ryan Cheng

April 2021 – Celebrating 15 years milestone for TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog

A milestone moment for me, for my TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog in April 2021. My website would be celebrating a 15 years milestone, looking back in time over all those 15 years, this journey had been an amazing, enriching and learning photography and visual storytelling journey of many ups and downs.

In the month of April 2021, I would be making announcements of my upcoming partnerships and collaborations, zine/book projects, doing some rebranding and expansion on my photography business side of things. Do keep a lookout for my announcements as well as my regular photography, travel and food articles.

I am on Clubhouse

I heard a lot about Clubhouse, the new social network platform and its hype. I am now on Clubhouse too! However, I am still getting used to this social audio platform, how to use and leverage to expand on my visual storytelling, technology writing and travel adventures.

If you are on Clubhouse, let’s network! Here’s my link –

En-route to becoming a Digital Artist and Mixed Media Production Collaboration

I have mentioned in my earlier articles that I am entered onto the digital arts platform, looking at how I can grow and expand in this digital artists network with CryptoIKI. Once I have settled down on the CryptoIKI platform, I would share more in detail of my experiences.

Another sector that I am embarking on, is collaboration and partnership with creative artists from other disciplines. Over the years, I was keen to start yet I couldn’t find a creative artist to work with me. A few months ago, I found another creative digital artist, after some discussions, we are embarking on a mixed media production collaboration.

More information and details would be announced soon in due course on my TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog in the month of April 2021!

Ongoing situation, Trends and Changes in the next few quarters of 2021

The global pandemic COVID-19 situation is still ongoing, the world is not out of the woods yet. While vaccination is taking place around the world, the pace, rate and total number of vaccinations that took place varied between countries. We are all keeping a close watch on this situation.

As for the economic situation, we are still on the route to recovery, some industries/sectors would recover faster than the rest and it would be uneven. Keeping my fingers crossed that business would pick up as we push on in this difficult route ahead.

Work from home (WFH), hybrid future of work and returning back to office. How would it turn out for the economy in the coming months? I reckon most organisations would continue their new hybrid future of work operations with some fine-tuning along the way.

I have been reading about travel bubbles arrangements from different parts of the world, would that mean international leisure travel can reopen soon? Keeping my fingers crossed and not having any expectations (while secretly inside me, I am wishing for travel to be reopened soon)

Photography by Ryan Cheng

Looking and Moving Forward in 2021

Come with me, follow me as I reach my 15 years milestone in the month of April 2021 on another new explorer and artistic series adventures of my photography, visual storytelling and short videos/films.

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