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Reflection: Overseas media trip, Networking, Building Win-Win - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

A week ago, on the 18th May 2016, I embarked on a morning flight to Shanghai. This was start of a very amazing week, adding on to another achievement, a new milestone for me, I climbed one more step up, slowly lifting myself more and away from the rock bottom pit that I reached during the first quarter of 2016.

I was in Shanghai for Canon Expo 2016 Shanghai, my maiden overseas media trip! The Canon Expo 2016 Shanghai was a huge eye opener for me, during this trip, I learned a lot more about Canon, its various business groups and their future plans ahead. I would share more about Canon Expo 2016 Shanghai and a few Canon products that caught my attention in the upcoming posts on my photoblog. Besides learning and understanding more about Canon’s products, I met and networked with different people from Canon and media industry professionals from the Southeast Asia/South Asia region.

It was a great honour for me to be invited for this overseas media trip to Canon Expo 2016 Shanghai, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart to my friends who made this trip possible, for this golden and wonderful opportunity to attend Canon Expo!

Upon returning from Shanghai, I attended a networking event, on coffee and nuts, organised by Australian Alumni Singapore (AAS), met and made new friends from other Australian universities, caught up with old friends that I knew from my involvement in helping out at AAS in their events and activities. There was a period when I kind of slowed down/stopped in helping out AAS events and activities. During the coffee and nuts networking event, there was a good feeling again with this group of new and old friends from the AAS community.

My alma mater, The University of Queensland Association of Singapore (UQAAS) has a “Friends of UQ”, welcoming friends from other alumni associations to our events. When I recently joined a small group Macquarie University alumni gathering, I also became a Friend of Macquarie University! A nice and friendly bunch of friends, I knew some of my Macquarie University friends from AAS events and activities a few years back.

Slowly and surely, things are gradually falling into place. Although my jigsaw puzzle map still has quite a long way to go, the map is reaching there bit by bit, part by part. It may not mean an exponential revenue increase at all, however, the intangible benefits are appearing as signs, omens, friendships, encouragements, projects, partnerships.

This is the Win-Win that I always advocate and strive for, I would like to grow this further, help each other, to grow and expand our business, networks and friendships together. These are the people that I want/you want to work together with, not those people who do not believe in you and/or look down on you.

Things are not rosy, things are not easy. The economic situations in Singapore and around the world are still a question mark. In lieu of the economic climate and situation, this would be a great opportunity to grow from something small to decent size businesses.

For this kind of my normal routine post, it also happens to be my 800th personal blog post, a mini milestone post that coincides nicely and perfectly with this article.

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