A new year 2013, a fresh new start for all of us. We need to take time to reflect back for your Year 2012 and whether it’s a good or bad or not too bad year for you, it’s time to put it down and aside. Now is the time to look forward ahead into the Year 2013! The year 2012 in review showed some information from their research/interview in Singapore that Singaporeans were the unhappiest people in the world and we were the least emotional people in the world according to Gallup. While there might be some truth in this survey and I am planning to writing more of my thoughts about this down the road soon, here’s something I would like to share some wise words from the late Dr Stephen Covey, something that I found on the Tribute to Stephen Covey Facebook Page.

Here’s 12 Things Happy People Do Differently, let’s Pass-It-On and Pay-It-Forward to our family, loved ones and close friends around us. By embracing these 12 Things, we can all make the world a better place to live in!


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