The art and science of leadership has been in my thoughts and discussions recently. Being an entrepreneur/business owner, looking at businesses and helping fellow entrepreneurs/business owners, does leadership today needs to go for more changes in anticipation of future fast and furious constant changes? I chanced upon a TED Talk on my alma mater UQ Business School Facebook Page post on their wall and it was a TED Talk on Leadership. This got me thinking hard and after watching it, Leadership has to lead and prepare for the challenging times ahead from both the micro economy and macro economy.

TED Talk – Roselinde Torres: What It Takes To Be A Great Leader

As I slowly explored more TED Talk videos, the topic on making a difference and taking on the challenges and daring to be different.

TED Talk – Margaret Heffernan: Dare to disagree

Lastly, a very interesting talk by Simon Sinek on how big brands are market leaders that are able to influence you to take action!

TED Talk – Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Will Leadership evolve and be more open and interactive than previous era and generations, embracing their followers to disagree for the direction of improving and striving forward and higher? Will Leadership today evolves even further to inspire and kickstart more action to grow, develop and prosper in their business/organisation, their personal growth and development?

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