23rd March 2013, the day chosen for Earth Hour 2013, a global movement worldwide to take action on climate change. In Singapore, there are a series of events happening at Marina Bay Singapore, held at the Float @ Marina Bay. I started supporting Earth Hour movement in 2009 when it was held at the Esplanade Park. Do check out my photos from Earth Hour 2009 and Earth Hour 2011.

Reflecting back at my personal and photoblog posts written for Earth Hour, it brought back memories of my writing and thoughts. Some things never change, the push for more awareness towards Climate Change worldwide. Given our current lifestyle and pace, it’s not going to be easy for everybody. Here’s a look back in time –

Earth Hour 2012 on 31st March

Make a Difference – Earth Hour 2011

How Has Earth Hour 2009 impacted you ?

Earth Hour 2009 in Singapore – Esplanade Park

Earth Hour 2011 – Singapore

Earth Hour movement goes beyond switching off the lights for 1 hour from 830pm to 930pm today during Earth Hour 2013. We just need to keep reminding ourselves that we can do things to save energy and resources, and care for Mother Nature, our home, Earth, the environment that we lived in. It’s not just for ourselves, it’s for the future generations too.

Everybody can plays a part, no matter how big or small. When everybody starts to do something helpful and impactful to make a difference, it’s a big difference, a big impact. This is a global movement and effort. You can do it too!

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