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Updated to OS 3.0 !! - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Are you an Apple 3G iPhone user ?

If yes, have you updated your 3G iPhone OS to 3.0 ? If you haven’t, go ahead and update it !

Last night, after crossing into 18th June 2009, I was informed by my iTunes that OS 3.0 was available for download and updating. With great excitement, I plugged in my iPhone and sync with iTunes, giving it a bit of time for downloading, installing and updating.

When all was completed, without any change in hardware, I was impressed with the additional features inside OS 3.0 and some of the key improved features are listed here on their website

Some of the key improvements that caught my attention :

(1) Finally …….. Can Forward SMS !!!!!

(2) Can CUT, COPY & PASTE !!!!!

(3) Enhanced Stocks Application – Nice improvement ! Loved its new features !

(4) iPod – Shake to Shuffle – Pretty cool !

(5) Internet Tethering – Interesting, I would probably find it very useful since I have a bundled data plan along with my 3G iPhone contract and maybe, I do not need to subscribe another mobile or wireless broadband package for my laptop. Would still be testing this function out and keep you Apple 3G iPhone readers posted !

(6) Landscape Keyboard – Quite cool, nice to have this additional feature !

(7) Safari – Seems to be faster, need to test it further.

Hope you all enjoy the new iPhone 3.0 OS update, I am still in the midst of exploring the newer features !

4 thoughts on “Updated to OS 3.0 !!”
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  2. Ur an iphone user huh? I like the shake thingy too.. It’s kinda cool.. But well, I’m not really a fan of iphone. lol!

    Btw, I wanna say thanks for dropping by my blog and for your concern. I really appreciate it. 🙂

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