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Tweeting + IT Overdose + Planning Outdoors Adventure - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

My personal blog has been expanding in its topics of interest with the addition of Twitter into my social networking sites and capabilities. It was a very interesting tool to use and I am still a novice in that area, therefore, looking forward to expand my networking of blogs and friends across the world and blogsphere.

Well, on the other hand, I need to remind myself to go back to my personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship books, read at least 30 minutes a day to enrich myself, develop and change for a better and improved self.

For once, this is not just an ordinary regular boring update …… If you are still continuing this line, thank you for reading !!!

Information Technology overdose is something that I thought won’t happen to me since I am a follower of IT gadgets aka IT toys, however, with the launch of new Apple products, PC Show 2009 finishing a few days ago and the upcoming CommunicAsia 2009 whereby I should be visiting on one of the days, and engrossing myself with the latest smartphones and playing with them ….. I am probably able to write up on the SmartPhones that I tried and experienced before !

Besides all the usual business, work, administrative and cracking my brain to strategise how to develop and build and maintain my clientele in this world economic crisis, there is the H1N1 virus floating around the world, causing enough worries and mayhem to the countries affected, thus causing the world travel and tourism industry to take another hit from an already badly hit tourism, travel and hospitality industry.

There were times when I was mesmerised by the outdoors ………….. It’s calling me back ………. to where I once loved to be in the outdoors and I wanted to pen down some of my adventure destination thoughts

Short Trips

(1) Waterfalls in Kota Tinggi and Tangkak area of Johor, Malaysia

(2) Mt Ophir, near Tangkak area of Johor, Malaysia

(3) Redang Island

Medium Trips

(1) Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

(2) Mt Bromo, near Surabaya of East Java, Indonesia

(3) Borocay, Philippines

(4) Alishan, ChiaYi, Taiwan

(5) Bali, Indonesia

Long Trips

(1) Bhutan Photography

(2) Shangri-La route, Yunnan, China

Based on the current situation, flu + economic crisis, short trips and medium trips might be more feasible.

Keep you posted folks !

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