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Updates – 29th October 2018

The year 2018 is drawing to a close soon, just a few more days before we enter into the months of November and December. This had had been a pretty fruitful year till date, slow and improved growth. Writing a short update article for myself and my readers, on some of the things that took place prior to this day.

Regularly and consistently writing and publishing articles is very challenging to do and maintain

On my technology and personal website/blog, you can see the days whereby my articles were published and if you observed for the month of October, I was pushing myself to clear my backlog and publish as many articles as I could during the first two weeks of October 2018. Thereadfter, it just slowed down again.

While on my photography, travel and food website/blog, it wasn’t as “aggressive” for the month of October 2018. There weren’t that many articles published due to the content nature and time needed to create content for them.

To be able to regularly and consistently write, and publish articles on both my technology and personal website/blog and my photography, travel and food website/blog, it’s very challenging to do it and maintain this momentum, on top of running a photography business, building up side business, networking, discussions, strategic planning, partnerships and collaborations.

I would still need to find a balance between writing, creating and publishing content, along with running my photography business and developing side business.

Many a times, my energy is zapped dry and flat out.

Always on the lookout for new opportunities, partnerships and collaborations

I had been upfront since I started this journey that doing purely photography business would never be sufficient due to the nature of the photography industry being disrupted by competition and technology changes.

Therefore, I am always on the lookout for new opportunities, partnerships and collaborations on top of the existing ones that I had. During the search and lookout, I had more disappointments than anything else.

Personally, I hope to announce and launch a new collaboration soon, if I manage to work it out with my 2 friends. Let’s see how it goes and we have a very unique name for this collaboration.

Appointed EOS World Community Ambassador 2018 (27th October 2018 to 27th October 2019)

On top of running my photography business, you would most probably know about my other side of my photography from publishing photography articles, personal photography projects and photography news.

Finally, I am able to make this announcement that I am appointed as an EOS World Community Ambassador 2018 from 27th October 2018 to 27th October 2019. I hope to give back and help out more, transferring my photography knowledge, reviews, news … etc etc from my photography, travel and food website/blog into this EOS World community.

I would probably write a bit more detail on EOS World, their activities and events in another dedicated article on my photography, travel and food website/blog.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Canon Singapore for this appointment and recognition.

Entered into a new eco-system of digital currency, marketplace

A most recent platform and eco-system was created, I got to know about it and after hearing about it, I decided to enter into this new eco-system of digital currency and marketplace.

Since it is still very new, I am in the process of gathering more marketing materials and information in order for me to write an article to share with everybody and if you are keen, join in and be a part of this new eco-system!

Keep pushing, striving, changing, adapting, innovating and learning

If you have been consistently reading my updates and reflections articles, you would probably be hearing some old broken tape recorder repeating some same old messages/topics again and again. Right now, if you are still reading the next few lines, I sincerely thank you for being one of my loyal readers and supporters (and hopefully not because you have to read my boring articles due to your job scope from a public relations/agency role)

There have been times when it was really discouraging, burnt out and looked down upon. I just keep on telling and encouraging myself to keep pushing, striving forward, changing, adapting, innovating and learning new knowledge and skills.

Hard work, blood, sweat and tears injected over the past 10 years in my photography adventures (last year 2017 and this year 2018 for my photography business), slowly, bearing a bit more fruits of labour and return.

Hopefully, the side businesses can be established successfully too.

2 thoughts on “Updates – 29th October 2018

  • Happy for you!
    Glad that things are working out slowly and surely for you 🙂
    Jiayou and look forward to more good news, shifu!

  • This journey for the past few years had been a roller coaster, starting and running a business, is very tough and challenging. Hopefully, all these small things help me to grow this business! Thank you very much for your kind thoughts and support!

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