Media Release: WeChat Reinventing Social Conversations in Singapore

The usage and growth of social media platforms, channels and tools have grown tremendously recently especially in the past five to ten years. Social conversation and group chats are new form of communication between individuals or groups of friends/colleagues. The birth of social media conversation has led to many different social conversation apps being designed. The growth of WeChat is phenomenal and this social media communication app is taking the world by storm and it is reinventing social conversations in Singapore. I would be trying out WeChat app too and share with the readers at a later time about my thoughts and experiences.

WeChat, the leading mobile social communication application with 300 million registered users accounts worldwide, is all set to change the way social-media-savvy Singaporeans interact with their friends and people from all around the world.

As Singapore is one of WeChat’s strategic markets in Southeast Asia, the company is looking to launch a series of brand engagements to reach as many Singaporeans as possible. The app’s new advertising campaign – which made its debut in Singapore on Monday – features popular celebrity-WeChat users, Rainie Yang and Show Lo demonstrating how users can playfully express and romance each other throughWeChat’s signature platforms such as its “Hold-to-Talk” function.

Singaporeans can also look forward to connecting with their favourite brands like KFC, Starbucks or even Hollywood celebrities such as Selena Gomez, John Cusack, Maggie Q, Paris Hilton, Adam Lambert, and many others.

A Newer, Safer Way to Connect to the World

As telcos continue to ramp up the roll-out of 4G network coverage in Singapore, connecting with friends and expressing oneself on WeChatwill only become more seamless and fun. Here are some of the other popular WeChat social features:

•                    Connect to Facebook – You can login or connect with WeChat using your Facebook profile.

•                    Moments – sharing photos, texts and URL links with friends.

•                    Shake –contact other people around the world by shaking your devices and start chatting.

•                    Look Around – you can use it to find people around to chat. Imagine when you are bored at the airport waiting for your next flight.

•                    Web WeChat – chat with someone using a computer.

•                    Personalise your emoticons – WeChat allows you to download emoticons from its online portfolio or choose your own from your phone album

•                    Hold to talk and Real-time video chat – Include voice messages or switch from voice to video calls seamlessly to speak to friends ‘face to face’

WeChat is now available for download on iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Phone smartphones and remains the most downloaded mobile social app on iOS and Android smartphones in many Asian countries including Indonesia and Malaysia.

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