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Will YOU Remember OLD PLACES ? - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Do you remember the time when you were young ? What was your surroundings like ? How different is it compared to the environment today ? Extrapolating back further in time, how different was it from our parents era ? How about our Grandparents and Great-Grandparents era ?

Singapore today had grown so much, from a fishing village, world harbour of call and cross routes to a modern and clean cosmopolitan city today. However, how much history, places and buildings were being preserved, how much were those used for modern economic growth and development ?

What would be left behind for our future generations ? Just digital images or old films ? Royston Tan, Singapore’s film maker, produced a very nostalgic documentary OLD PLACES and before I proceed further, let’s all give him a big round of applause for producing this documentary, it brought back many beautiful memories for many of us here and leave behind many important and social history for the future generations and beyond. The documentary OLD PLACES was shown on Okto TV and there was a repeat telecast.

Being only to watch 1 hr out of 1.5hrs of OLD PLACES during its repeat telecast, I managed to copy down the names of the OLD PLACES by scribbling on my paper.

– Old Bus Stop ~ Lim Chu Kang (It’s along Old Choa Chu Kang, I been there before)

– Old Post Office ~ Mandai

– Old Elevator ~ Kadayanallur Street

– Seletar Airbase Estate ~ Seletar

– Abandoned Railway ~ Bukit Timah (It’s from Sunset Way leading to Bukit Timah)

– Vailli Floor Mill ~ Serangoon

– Loong Fatt Confectionary ~ Balestiar

– Syed Alwi Barber (passed by there before)

– Yangtze Cinema ~ Chinatown ( I went inside there and watched movies before !!)

– Old Woodlands Cinema ~ Old Woodlands Estate

– Capitol Theatre ~ City Hall (I went inside there and watched movies before !!)

– Cantonese Opera ~ Hougang

– Thian Hock Kheng Temple ~ Telok Ayer

– Jalan Mempurong Mosque

– Cedar Estate Longkang

– Kampung Lorong Buangkok ( Went there for a photowalk before)

– Dragon Kiin ~ Lorong Tawas

– Kelong ~ Punggol

Other locations that I missed out because I missed the first 30mins, that were found / seen in other sites/videos, details to be advised and confirmed

– Old Playground (Where I can find them ?)

–  Dragon Statue ~ Whampoa Housing Estate

– Glee Leong Bakery ~ Balestiar

– Chin Mee Chin Confectionery ~ East Coast Road

– Any more that I missed ?

As much as I would love to capture them down in photographs, I urge everybody not too be too over frenzy and start to disturb their peace, working environment and living environment.

Take pictures only and take away beautiful memories for everybody to view and share, let’s all help to preserve OLD PLACES of Singapore !

8 thoughts on “Will YOU Remember OLD PLACES ?”
  1. 1. ??coffee @ Balestier
    2. Coffee shop @ Clive Street
    3. Chee Leong Bakery @ Balestier
    4. Mama shop @ Macpherson
    5. Wet Market @ Toa payoh Lor 8
    6. Dragon Fountain @ Whampoa
    7. Overhead Bridge @ Lorong Chuan
    8. Playgorund @ Toa Payoh
    9. Playground @ Dover
    10. Swimming Pool @ Katong
    11. Queenstown Estate @ Margaret Dr
    12. Rainbow flat @ Hougang
    13. Haw Par Villa @ Pasir Panjang
    14. Gin Thye Cake Maker @ ?
    15. Chin Mee Chin Confectionery @ Katong
    16. ??????Sewing Shop @ Beach Rd
    17. Dry Cleaning shop @ Katong
    18. Tan Hiap Hong Charcoal @ Serangoon
    19. Palace Barber shop @ Commonwealth
    20. Thieves Market @ Sungei Rd
    21. Bus stop @ Lim Chu Kang
    22. Old Post Office @ Mandai
    23. ???Pen Marker @ Upper Cross St
    24. Old Elevator @ ?
    25. Cosy Corner Backpacker Hostel @ Bugis
    26. Old Train Station @ Tanjong Pagar
    27. Seletar Air base estate @ Seletar
    28. Railway Track @ Bukit Timah
    29. Reserviour @ Upper Pierce
    30. Golden Mile Complex @ Beach Road
    31. Old Street Barber @ Syed Alwi Rd
    32. Valli Flour Mill @ Serangoon
    33. Loong Fatt Confectionery @ Balestier
    34. Yangtze cinema @ Chinatown
    35. Old cinema @ Woodlands
    36. Capitol Cinema @ Stamford Rd
    37. ??Cantonese Opera @ ?? Bedok
    40. Thian Hock Keng @ Telok Ayer Street
    41. Long Kang @ Cedar Estate
    42. Kampong @ Buangkok
    43. Dragon Kiln @ Jalan Bahar
    44. Kelong @ Punggol
    45. Kong Chow Association @ Chinatown

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