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May The HU-at Be With You

Today is 7th February 2022, this is also the 7th day of the first Lunar month of the New Year, first and foremost, wishing everyone a Happy Birthday (Ren Ri)! Since we are still in the Lunar New Year festive mood, I would like to kickstart my technology and business coverage with this new digital fortune-telling gamification for Chinese New Year (CNY) 2022 by Hashmeta, titled “May the HU-at Be With You”, this is an alternative spin to the traditional fortune-telling experience for the festive season.

“May The HU-at Be With You” is a play on the Chinese pronunciation of Tiger (hu), this digital fortune-telling gamification puts a fresh, satirical spin on lottery poetry, or qiuqian, as it is known in Chinese. Instead of the usual lot interpretation, users can expect comedic entries inspired by daily life as part of the digital fortune-telling experience.

“We wanted to create something fun and alternative to the traditional lot interpretation. With safe distancing measures and ever-changing regulations in the new normal, we hope that Singaporeans can have a little laugh and enjoy having their ‘fortunes told’ from the convenience of their mobile devices.” explains Samuel Lee, Content Strategy Director of Hashmeta.

This digital reimagining of a qiuqian session is also Hashmeta’s way of displaying its prowess when it comes to a marketing technique known as gamification. Through Hashmeta’s proprietary gamification solution Playmeta, brands can collaborate to drive conversions, increase brand affinity and generate buzz on social media.

Agency Lead of Hashmeta, Monica Zhuang explains, “This is our way of keeping Chinese New Year fun and engaging, even if the experience is 100% digital. We are addressing the locals with colloquial terms to identify with Singaporeans the “possible” challenges and opportunities ahead of them this 2022 through gamification.”

Curious fortune seekers may scan the QR code here to attempt a sneak peek into what the fates have in store for them in 2022.

When you scanned the QR code, place your palms together, pray and sincerely recite “Heng Ong Huat” 3x in silence, shake or tap at the Divination Flask, what does your fortune and fate have in store for you in the Year of the Tiger?

May the HU-at Be With You! 

Once again, wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year! 

* Information and picture courtesy of Hashmeta Group and Write Sel Communications *

Happy Chinese New Year 2022!

It’s Tuesday 1st February 2022, first day of Chinese New Year 2022, wishing all a Happy Chinese New Year 2022, let us all welcome the Year of the Tiger with a roar!

Wishing everyone great health, happiness, luck and prosperity in the Year of the Tiger!

Thank you all for your support over the years, in my technology (consumer and enterprise), business, fin-tech, and my personal writing deep from my heart and soul. I have probably written a lot more personal matters, thoughts, views, feelings and emotions over the past two years (2020 and 2021) with the global pandemic situation disrupting our life and business/work, facing mental and emotional battles from running a business, as well personal private matters.


This global pandemic has caused a lot of disruptions, impacts and changes to our work, daily living, emotional and mental health. Lunar New Year 2022 doesn’t feel the same, it’s quiet and subdued due to the safety measures/restrictions in place. Let’s take this time to cherish our family and loved ones, as well as with our relatives and friends.

Fireworks shot during River Hongbao 2019

To my professional networks, the brands/companies, PR agencies and professionals that I worked with, I look forward to bringing our working relationship to roaring heights in the Year of the Tiger.

May the Year of the  Tiger be the year whereby we can truly and surely lift ourselves up from this global pandemic situation and embark on a route to economic recovery and a more normal way of living.

Round Up Jan 2022 and Short Break for CNY 2022 (Technology and Business)

Today is 31st January 2022, last day of January 2022, this is also the eve of Chinese New Year (CNY) 2022, a time for reunion dinner and family gathering. I would like to take this time to do a quick round up Jan 2022 before taking a short break (from Monday 31st January to Sunday 6th February) for CNY 2022 for my technology and business segments.

The month of January always seem to be hectic since it’s a short turnaround time from Christmas weekend to New Year weekend, followed by 4 more weeks to Chinese New Year festive holiday. It takes a while to get up to speed while there were ongoing adjustments, adapting and settling into new gig/role, on top of getting my business back on track.

Round Up Jan 2022 (Technology and Business)

Technology writing / media news coverage

A regular segment on my website since the founding of my technology and business website. I started off with consumer technology (B2C) market, and I expanded into enterprise / business technology (B2B) market some years back.

This sector can be pretty taxing at times, depending on the frequency and number of press releases received in a week. That’s a good and bad headache to have.

Social Media Marketing / Digital Agency

As part of my business diversification and integration with my photography business, as well as my technology writing segment, I am in the midst of building up and developing my social media marketing / digital agency business portfolio.

I previously mentioned about a social media marketing gig, I am transiting and settling into this new role. In this year 2022, I hope to expand this segment further, getting one to two more accounts under my charge.

Crypto / Blockchain / NFT

Crypto and Blockchain are the next two technology sectors that I would be covering, not just because it’s linked to my NFT photography plans. I see potential in the cryptocurrency world, their use case scenarios in a digital world and as an alternative investment tool. There are a number of discussions on crypto and blockchain  industries, both pros and cons.

This is an area that I am keen in, still learning and exploring. There are quite a lot of discussions on the NFT field, both pros and cons, and how it can be part of my diversification for my photography. I am reading both sides of the NFT equation, I believe in its potential and future prospects. I would be doing more research before embarking on this platform and share more updates on my NFT photography journey along the way.

Short Break for CNY 2022

I am planning to take a short break for CNY 2022 from my technology and business media news coverage, content creation and writing. There would definitely be some more backlogs piling up. Do also check out my Round Up Jan 2022 for my (Photography and Travel) segment too!

While I am not publishing media news and content creation for a week, that does not mean I am totally not working. I would be working on my photography and videography areas.

Wishing all a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2022, good health, happiness, luck and prosperity in the Year of the Tiger!

May the Year of the  Tiger be the year whereby we can truly and surely lift ourselves up from this global pandemic situation and embark on a route to economic recovery and a more normal way of living.