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Happy Chinese New Year 2022!

It’s Tuesday 1st February 2022, first day of Chinese New Year 2022, wishing all a Happy Chinese New Year 2022, let us all welcome the Year of the Tiger with a roar!

Wishing everyone great health, happiness, luck and prosperity in the Year of the Tiger!

Thank you all for your support over the years, in my technology (consumer and enterprise), business, fin-tech, and my personal writing deep from my heart and soul. I have probably written a lot more personal matters, thoughts, views, feelings and emotions over the past two years (2020 and 2021) with the global pandemic situation disrupting our life and business/work, facing mental and emotional battles from running a business, as well personal private matters.


This global pandemic has caused a lot of disruptions, impacts and changes to our work, daily living, emotional and mental health. Lunar New Year 2022 doesn’t feel the same, it’s quiet and subdued due to the safety measures/restrictions in place. Let’s take this time to cherish our family and loved ones, as well as with our relatives and friends.

Fireworks shot during River Hongbao 2019

To my professional networks, the brands/companies, PR agencies and professionals that I worked with, I look forward to bringing our working relationship to roaring heights in the Year of the Tiger.

May the Year of the  Tiger be the year whereby we can truly and surely lift ourselves up from this global pandemic situation and embark on a route to economic recovery and a more normal way of living.

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