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ASUS partners Starhub to take Gamers into Cloud

ASUS recently announced a strategic partnership with Starhub to take gamers into cloud, bringing out the gamer in everyone through cloud gaming. With GeForce NOW powered by Starhub, users of ASUS laptops enjoy access to a vast library of over 1,000 games across al their devices, without heavy downloads or dedicated gaming rigs setup. This service is offered exclusively on GameHub+, StarHub’s dedicated platform for gamers.

What is Cloud Gaming all about? They provide a high-quality gaming experience to gamers without the need for high-performance hardware. They are connected to NVIDIA’s RTX serves hosted at Starhub, ASUS users will be able to cloud game at 1090p, 60FPS on their devices. This would allow gamers to play even the latest and most demanding games on silky smooth graphics. This is indeed a gaming-changing move to harness the power of high-speed network and the cloud for gamers to enjoy unrivalled connectivity and entertainment, enabling users of ASUS to game on their ultra-portable laptops such as the ASUS Zenbook and Vivobook.

“ASUS is dedicated in bringing the best innovation and experience to our users and that is why we are excited to be partnering up with StarHub to bring the GeForce NOW Powered by StarHub cloud gaming service for our users to enjoy ultra-quality PC games on an ultra-portable laptop. This collaboration will enable our users to do more with their everyday laptop. With GeForce NOW Powered by StarHub, you don’t need high-performance hardware to have high quality gaming experience.” said Eddie Teng – Head of Marketing, ASUS Singapore.

“Many casual gamers run a risk when purchasing games, and that is whether or not their devices will be able to support the higher-end titles. Partnering ASUS, we are pleased to offer GeForce NOW Powered by StarHub to ASUS users. By shifting game processing to the cloud, gamers can play graphically demanding games without being bogged down by hardware constraints, and immerse themselves in their favorite titles anytime and anywhere.” said Maneesh Varma, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, StarHub.

Play on GeForce NOW

NVIDIA GeForce NOW cloud gaming service works with over 300 publishers including Riot, Ubisoft, Valve, and CD Projekt RED. Over 1,000 premium games, including 80 of the biggest free-to-play games like Apex Legends, Dota 2 and Destiny 2 are currently available. Weekly game releases continue to expand the game library, supported by new features to improve the experience.

Subscribers can link their Steam, Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Connect and more PC games store accounts to GeForce NOW Powered by StarHub and add the titles that they already own to play them across nearly any of their devices.

Exclusive Offers

From 1 April – 30 June 2022, customers who purchase selected ASUS laptops can enjoy a two-month GeForce NOW Powered by StarHub subscription worth S$39.98 at no additional cost. New and existing GeForce NOW Powered by Starhub subscribers can enjoy an additional $100 OFF selected ASUS laptops at the ASUS Online Store by redeeming a unique discount code either through email or in the rewards section of their My StarHub app (for StarHub subscribers).

* Information and picture courtesy of ASUS *

Dell Technologies announced joint commitment with four Institutes of Higher Learning

On 3rd December 2021, Dell Technologies announced a joint commitment with four Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) in Singapore that would help shape the next generation of technology talent in Singapore. This joint commitment would enhance the pre-employment training curriculum for over 5,000 tertiary students in Singapore over the next two years. The programme seeks to build and attract a robust talent pipeline for the local information and communications technology (ICT) sector by equipping the students with industry-relevant skills.

Dell Technologies, together with the the four IHLs, Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), Singapore Management University (SMU), Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) and Singapore Polytechnic (SP), they will co-develop new content for curriculum modules, specialist diplomas and degree courses that are focused on critical core skills tied to new and emerging technologies such as cloud computing, data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and digital cities management.

Those key skills were identified based on industry needs that came through feedback from Dell Technologies, its partners and customers. They align with the Infocomm Media Development Authority’s (IMDA) Services 4.0 roadmap. This roadmap envisions the future of services using emerging technologies in a digital economy.

The launch of this new joint commitment initiative between Dell Technologies and the four IHLs was presented and delivered by Dell Technologies Academy. This momentous event was witnessed by Mr Tan Kiat How, Minister of State, Ministry of Communications & Information at Dell Technologies Executive Briefing Solution Centre at One@Changi City. The programme comes under the Dell Technologies Digital Future – Made in Singapore umbrella, which aims to fast track the adoption of future-ready digital solutions and drive innovations in Singapore for partners and customers globally.

“The Government is committed to developing our youths to seize the exciting opportunities in the digital economy, which has grown despite the economic contractions elsewhere. Industry partners such as Dell Technologies play a key role in translating this growth into good opportunities for Singaporeans, especially in the area of emerging technologies. We look forward to more of such partnerships, that really bring the possibilities of technology to life,” said Minister of State Mr Tan Kiat How, Minister of State, Ministry of Communications & Information.

“Dell Technologies is committed to collaborate with the Singapore government and the tertiary education institutions to help shape the next generation of tech talent. Together, we can help drive human progress with technology, values and purpose,” said Amit Midha, President, Asia Pacific & Japan, and Global Digital Cities, Dell Technologies. “Under our Digital Future – Made in Singapore initiative, our strategic partnerships with Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore Management University, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Singapore Polytechnic will enhance the overall tech learning curriculum for students, uplift the ICT and cloud-native ecosystem in Singapore and advance the skills and employability of our future workforce. We will continue to build on these partnerships and are open to forge new ones to expand on the growing tech ecosystem.”

Prof Chua Kee Chaing, President-designate, Singapore Institute of Technology said, “SIT is happy to co-develop content with Dell to jointly train future ICT talents. As Singapore’s University of Applied Learning, we provide avenues for students to work on real-world projects that deepen their knowledge and skills. This uniquely designed programme will allow students to acquire industry-relevant knowledge on emerging technologies and gain rich insights through hands-on projects and close industry mentorship.”

Professor Timothy Clark, Provost of Singapore Management University said, “As the digital transformation of industries, economies and societies accelerate, there is strong demand in the public and private sectors for graduates with sound knowledge and training in new and emerging technologies such as cloud-native skills and digital cities management. Collaborations with industry and technology providers, such as Dell Technologies, are part of our overall efforts to nurture future-ready graduates who are able to create value to business and society with industry-relevant skills. We are confident that the knowledge and skills gained from our growing collaboration with Dell Technologies can boost the employability of our students and enable them to be even better prepared for evolving technological trends.”

Mr Lim Kok Kiang, Principal & CEO, Ngee Ann Polytechnic said, “Ngee Ann Polytechnic is pleased to partner Dell Technologies to nurture our future infocomm talents, especially in emerging areas such as Virtualisation and Cloud Native App Development. With industry currency being a key focus area, this collaboration is another strategic partnership for learners at NP to gain proficiency in the latest industry software and exposure to real-world applications. This is very much aligned with our commitment to equip learners with relevant knowledge and skills to better prepare them for careers in the cloud era.”

Mr Soh Wai Wah, Principal and CEO, Singapore Polytechnic said, “As industries and businesses fast-track their digital adoption, it is vital to shift and transform our workforce to be more resilient and ready to meet the demands of an expanding digital economy. Our partnership to innovate with Dell will enable SP to nurture a future talent pool of engineers and software developers with the capabilities to build cloud-native solutions that allow enterprises to deploy highly scalable systems in an agile manner. This co-innovation ecosystem will create even greater learning value to our students when they gain access to work on industry projects and develop solutions that integrate Dell’s technologies.”

Access to curated courses on cloud and dedicated mentorship

Dell Technologies will work closely with IHL professors and lecturers, they are able to offer customised tech expertise and consultation to help in the planning of the curriculum as well as helping to curate cloud-native content that can be included in the students’ learning curriculum. Beyond curriculum design, students can also benefit from Dell Technologies industry experts’ insights, and mentorship will also be offered to students as they navigate their final year projects and industry attachments.

Students can look forward to immersing in the latest emerging technologies and industry-relevant content such as DevOps, microservices, cloud-native security, containers and Kubernetes. They will also get opportunities for hands-on experience via lab tutorial projects that highlight the importance and complexity of managing applications in an enterprise environment.

With the current hybrid education model, students from the four IHLs will be granted access to a suite of self-guided e-learning courses via Dell Technologies’ digital learning platform. These courses are designed to provide students with practical tech knowledge and skills that are in demand by the ICT sector, enhancing their employability and providing a head start to their future technology careers.

Ongoing effort to nurture technology talent pool

The latest collaboration with the four IHLs is an extension of Dell Technologies’ tech skills accelerator initiative announced in February 2021, which aims to equip fresh graduates, mid-career professionals and students in Singapore with practical knowledge and skills in cloud computing, data protection and management, data science and big data analytics by 2023. Beyond students, Dell Technologies continues to work with its network of partners and customers to support mid-career professionals with skills training and enhancement for the data era, through its Dell Technologies Skills Up programme.

“Being part of the Dell Technologies Skills Up programme gave our employees the chance to be trained in core critical skills such as Cloud Infrastructure and Data Analytics. ST Engineering believes in continual learning and upskilling of our employees. In 2021, employees from Mission Software & Services have accumulated over 800 hours of training under this program. This is especially critical in the fast changing and dynamic digital landscape. We seek to work with strong, likeminded partners like Dell Technologies, and invest in the growth of our digital talent.” said Rajagopal, Senior Vice President/General Manager, Mission Software & Services, ST Engineering.

* Information and pictures courtesy of Dell Technologies and burson cohn & wolfe *

Crowdsourced Threat Intelligence at ConnecTechAsia Summit 2019

ConnectTechAsia 2019 was recently held in Singapore from 18th to 20th June 2019 at Marina Bay Sands and Suntec Convention Centre, ConnecTechAsia comprised of CommunicAsia, BroadcastAsia and NXTAsia. Besides exhibitors showcasing their latest technological products and services, there were also ConnecTechAsia Summit with an extensive and diverse range of topics being brought up for keynote address, engagement sessions, panel discussions with industry experts. One of the sessions was “Crowdsourced Threat Intelligence at ConnecTechAsia Summit 2019”.

What was this particular session all about? Let me share the details below before going into the keynote address and sharing by the panel session.

Date: 20th June 2019

Time: 11:50am (Started later due to earlier sessions overran their schedule)

Location: Marina Bay Sands, Level 4, 4303 

Future of Work & Innovation Track – Blockchain & Enterprise Digitalisation

Topic: Crowdsourced Threat Intelligence


As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, the critical need for cybersecurity for protecting consumers and organizations of all industries from fraudulent transactions and malicious threats has become one of the key challenges of our era. During this discussion, executives from various industries will discuss how Blockchain security affects end users worldwide, as well as the importance of cybersecurity.


John Kirch, Chief Evangelist, Uppsala Security

Dr. David Nguyen, CEO, Regulus

Chad Lynch, Head of Crypto Security, Horangi Cyber Security

Moderator: Sebastiaan Wahlers, Emerging Technologies Lead for ASEAN, Accenture

* Information from ConnecTechAsia Website *

Why did I choose this particular topic to attend and cover? The day before this Crowdsourced Threat Intelligence summit session, I met up with Uppsala Security for a coffee session, very informative and enriching session with the cybersecurity experts from Uppsala Security, thanks to a special arrangement by WE. I would be sharing more on my coffee session with a continuation into part two of crowdsourced threat intelligence and cybersecurity with Uppsala Security.

Discussion topic: Why do we need crowdsourced intelligence?

Sebastian Wahlers opened the session and led the panel discussion with the three panellists.

From left to right: Sebastiaan Wahlers, Dr. David Nguyen, John Kirch and Chad Lynch

John Kirch spoke in-depth, brought up a number of key points on the world of internet, information technology and cybersecurity

  • More new applications and technology developments in today’s market, 5G, AI, blockchain, cloud computing and storage, IoT
  • Huge pools of data online, increasing connectivity
  • Information can be accessed from any part of the world
  • Crowdsource from all sources for the common good, from people to algorithm, technology.

Using blockchain is useful and cost effective

  • No single point of failure
  • Hacker has advanced in their skills and blockchain can slow it down
  • Traceability

Education/Community outreach

  • Some degree of regulation is good
  • There are many data outside, none of us can do it alone, using blockchain and crypto Cybassets, clarity, transparent and decentralised
  • We cannot force people to share, we can only motivate people to share.
  • White list and black list on cyber threats
  • Reward those who share with coins
  • Human element to research and validate the threat information

Chad Lynch shared on the following points and what they have been doing at Horangi Cyber Security

  • Exchange and share intelligence, on exchanges, blockchain started on currency exchange
  • Threat exchange is up and coming
  • Blockchain , integrity of data
  • Solid architecture
  • Reaching out and getting out to the community , education
  • Regulation varies across different countries.
  • Worried that things go underground, into P2P, off the networks.
  • Blockchain has tremendous value, not just currency sense, suitable for cloud security

Dr. David Nguyen gave alternative insights, making this panel discussion interesting, from the other side of the story.

  • Tokenomics , not really using blockchain
  • Education for clients
  • Very hard to recover the crypto once it is hacked
  • Enrich the security database and work with other fellow industry professionals
  • Talking to government

Cybersecurity is not something new, it’s an area that has been around for a period of time (remember your internet security, antivirus software?) and this area is growing more significant and important in the current world of information technology developments, advancements and consumption by the businesses and masses. The amount of data available and circulating has metamorphosised into big data, followed by data crunching, analysis, reporting and applying the information derived from big data.

Although I was able to understand the discussion points on crowdsource threat intelligence and cybersecurity brought up during the panel discussion, it was pretty challenging getting the various points down into my article above. Moving forward, I would be covering on the topic of cybersecurity, do keep a lookout for my articles!

How important and useful would crowdsourced threat intelligence in this current and future world of information technology development and technology consumption? My personal humble opinion is that this would take off, with both push and pull factors coming in, to make crowdsourced threat intelligence a key segment in the overall cybersecurity field, along with the hardware and software resources in the market.

To most people, crowdsourced threat intelligence and cybersecurity is not too much of an interest/importance to them, until they lose something valuable and precious to them through a cyber threat, cyber theft or being hacked. I hope that in my future articles on cybersecurity, more people would be aware and take the necessary steps to protect themselves from cybersecurity threats.

AXON Predict by Greenwave Systems @ CommunicAsia 2017

In my own personal technology writing adventures covering and writing in the field of Internet of Things (IoT), this particular maiden journey started in 2016, I was introduced to Greenwave Systems, the global managed services and Internet of Things (IoT) software leader, thanks to my friend Wee Wu of Neo Dimension who invited me to visit Greenwave Systems at CommunicAsia 2016 in Singapore.

It was an eye opener to know more about IoT software systems and how they had already started coming into our daily life without us realising it at times.

I shared about my IoT learning experiences to Greenwave Systems at CommunicAsia 2016 in this article that I wrote in June 2016, after my visit and listening to Jim Hunter sharing and demonstration of the AXON Platform. For a recap of my sharing, please visit my article – AXON Platform by Greenwave Systems at CommunicAsia 2016.

Greenwave Systems was back for CommunicAsia 2017 and it was an honour to be invited back again to visit Greenwave Systems at CommunicAsia! I had the opportunity to write and continue my sharing on Greenwave Systems since the article coverage I wrote in 2016. Arriving at Greenwave Systems seminar room, it was great to meet Jim Hunter again, he’s the Chief Scientist and Technology Evangelist of Greenwave Systems. Jim gave me a run through with a detailed and interesting presentation on the AXON Platform and AXON Predict.

AXON Platform – B2C

Listening and watching Jim’s presentation AXON Platform, it was a very good refresher for me. I saw the demonstration of how the AXON Platform works during my visit to Greenwave Systems at CommunicAsia 2016. Therefore, I would not be writing too much in detail here because most of the references and notes were written inside my 2016 article coverage.

While I was listening to the presentation and watching the demonstration of the AXON Platform, I am also thinking about how smart and connected the various types of devices that we might have in our internet/technology connected home using the smartphone app, AXON Platform and using the common language of the AXON Platform, getting the non related techological devices to “talk, connect and work with each other”. I saw security alarms, security monitor cameras, bluetooth speakers, lighting systems, in action, using the AXON Platform to give instructions to them for it to be carried out, thus making the home smart and connected.

I was also thinking of which type of white goods (kitchen appliances) would be suitable to be connected and working with the AXON Platform whereby the home owner can give instructions to the white goods and get them ready when they reach their home. Some of the white goods could be coffee machine, electric kettle, microwave oven (if the home owner place the food inside before they leave the home).

The home of the future is moving towards a technologically smart and connected home and I feel AXON Platform can be the crucial element that brings both technology, products and consumers together in a home.

AXON Predict – B2B

Earlier, you have read on how the AXON Platform makes a difference and impact to the end consumer at home. Now, I am going to share on how AXON Platform extends into the other industries, on a Business to Business (B2B) level.

Greenwave Systems recently acquired Predixion Software, a data analytics company in February 2017. This would allow Greenwave Systems to offer real-time visual edge analytics solution called AXON Predict. This Greenwave Systems AXON Predict performs analytics “at” the edge, giving business owners a new dimension and arena to work with and on. With this level of advanced analytics, intelligence and information to the machines and sensors on every step of the network, the companies adopting the AXON Predict platform is able to take appopriate real-time action at the source of the input. Companies don’t have to wait for the information and intelligence to be pushed to the cloud for processing, saving up precious time and lowering asset management costs.

With AXON Predict working totgether within the Internet of Things (IoT), different businesses such as shipping/logistics industry, farming and windmill farms, are examples of companies using the power and technology of AXON Predict for their daily business operations. Check out the videos produced by Greenwave Systems below, on the AXON Predict and the some of the industries that are currently using their AXON Predict technology platform.

Any company or industry that utilises real time data analytics, intelligence and information gathering, is able to manage their businesses more effectively and efficiently, through cost savings, prevention, maintenance and forecasting.

“We’ve seen a real need for this in the market and our customers have affirmed our belief; smart devices often lack the ability to analyze real-time data at the source, causing latency, compliance and cost issues associated with data loss,” said Arkell. “We’re addressing this pain point head on by delivering intelligence to make devices and ordinary silicon smarter. Our analytics engine provides sharper insights and faster response times for our customers and helps them improve both their top and bottom line.”

Source: Greenwave Systems Press Release

With AXON Platfrom and AXON Predict, we can see where and how IoT is shaping, changing and impacting businesses and consumers. The world of IoT is very big and getting even bigger down the road in the next few years. How fast and how much have businesses (and also end consumers) adapt and adopt changes, innovations and disruptions through the IoT world?

IoT, Big Data, Analytics, AR, VR, MR – Which of them is/are the next revolution?

On this segment, it’s more of my personal thoughts and views of IoT after visiting Greenwave Systems at CommunicAsia 2017, recapping on AXON Platform and learning about their AXON Predict.

My maiden entry into the world of IoT began in May 2016, I wrote a short article here on my this site, it started from my visit to Canon EXPO 2016 Shanghai. That was followed by visiting Greenwave Systems in June 2016 during CommunicAsia 2016.

During this period of time from 2016 to 2017 (at the point of time when this article was written) when I was just touching the tip of the iceberg of this huge IoT world, I also saw the world of AR, VR and MR. I also attended a presentation and panel discussion on “F1 Technology and the Impact on Healthcare”.The revolution and evolution of technology is riding and coming faster to you than you can imagine.

From my May 2016 article that I wrote

Internet of Things is the next growth area, revolutionising business and their outreach towards their customers with technology, connectivity and gadgets. This growth area is estimated to be worth a potential of $14.4 trillion for companies worldwide (Source: Salesforce)

Internet of Things, connecting people, connecting technology, connecting eco-systems between people, devices and technology. Is the Internet of Things a whole new world out there or is it a world growing more connected? 

1 year later, I am continuing to learn, experience, write and share on the world of IoT. Seth Godin recently wrote an article (dated 12th June 2017) about accelerating revolutions where he spoke on IoT, revolutions are accelerating, the impacts, the pace and changes to culture and lifestyle with technology.

We’re living right now in the connection revolution, one powered by the internet, in which people connect to people, computers connect to computers and our culture changes ever faster, daily.

Source: Seth Godin

The World Economic Forum recently published an article on 14th June 2017, titled “The Fourth Industrial Revolution is about empowering people, not the rise of the machines

The world of IoT is already upon us, whether we like it or not, it will help us, it will also affect us, in work, in our daily life. The growth of IoT will only grow and expand even faster.

In my humble personal opinion, views and thoughts, I see the next revolution of IoT in the areas of data – huge raw data, information and intelligence, followed by the data analytics, through our various cloud networks (storage, processing, analytics) and 5G telecommunication mobile networks.

After learning about AXON Predict during CommunicAsia 2017, my view is that they are already ahead of the current IoT trends and revolution. Although AXON Predict is currently more suitable for businesses and industries (B2B level), I am thinking whether it could reach the end consumer level? Would there be a day when the end consumer is also able to tap on the technological platform of AXON Predict?

The IoT world, the revolution, the changes, disruption, we can change, adapt and adopt, embrace and grow with IoT helping us to lead a better life and doing our work more efficiently and effectively.

Welcome to the world of IoT, if you haven’t heard of this term.

* I would like to thank Greenwave Systems and Ying Communications for the invitation to visit during CommunicAsia 2017 *

The Internet of Things

A phrase that had probably been in the minds and brains of corporations, businesses and technology firms. I might have been a bit slower to learn about this phrase yet I am experiencing it first hand, like many other people too, on an everyday basis in some ways or another, in my work or in my personal life for the past 5-10 years. The world of internet, technology, devices, computers, tablets, smartphones, coupled with the power, diversity of social media channels and platforms, in the past 5-10 years had risen and metamorphosis exponentially.

This is the Internet of Things, let me welcome you to the Internet of Things or have you just realised that you are already in the world of the Internet of Things?

During my media trip to Canon Expo 2016 Shanghai, I heard about this phrase – “Internet of Things” from Mr Fujio Mitarai, Chairman & CEO of Canon Inc, during his keynote speech. I wrote this phrase down inside my special Moleskine Canon EOS-1DX Mark II book, I would be sharing more about Canon Expo 2016 Shanghai, do keep a lookout for them! First, let me share a key point that I wrote down during Mr Fujio Mitarai keynote speech ~

“Internet of Things is opening up new worlds”

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is the network of physical objects such as devices, gadgets that has software, electronics, sensors and network connectivity that enables theses objects to collect and exchange data (Source: Wikipedia)

A line from Salesforce articleEveryday objects are also using the Internet to connect to the cloud forming an “Internet of Things”  

The Internet of Things is an extension from the growth, proliferation and expansion of key devices/gadgets and technology such as the smartphones and tablets, 4G, Cloud storage/computing, coupled and growing together with social media channels and platforms. Our lifestyle, our workflow, our gadgets, our devices, our consumption of the internet, mobile data and social media, this is indeed the Internet of Things. We are living in a highly connected smart world with our smart devices constantly connected to the internet, social media, technology, business, work and personal life.

The Internet of Things would be an area that I would be covering, starting from Canon Expo 2016 Shanghai experiences with my knowledge from using Canon’s DSLR cameras and Canon’s connection with customers through Canon’s Internet of Things.

Internet of Things is the next growth area, revolutionising business and their outreach towards their customers with technology, connectivity and gadgets. This growth area is estimated to be worth a potential of $14.4 trillion for companies worldwide (Source: Salesforce)

Internet of Things, connecting people, connecting technology, connecting eco-systems between people, devices and technology. Is the Internet of Things a whole new world out there or is it a world growing more connected?