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LG 2021 Soundbars lineup

LG Electronics (LG) Singapore recently launched their LG 2021 soundbars lineup. The new LG 2021 soundbar models deliver a more premium experience, versatility and convenient control while upping the ante with eco-conscious and eco-friendly designs and packaging.

The new LG 2021 soundbars lineup offers high quality audio, easy connectivity, smart functionality and stylish aesthetics with a modern look that is designed to complement LG’s stunning TVs and they blends in well with any decoration.

Consistent Surround Sound Experience with AI Sound Pro

The new LG 2021 soundbars lineup has a new feature this year, they allow users to take advantage of LG TV’s AI Sound Pro feature. Audio from the TV is played through the soundbar via TV Sound Mode Share, delivering the superior audio processing power of AI Sound Pro on the more capable speakers of the new soundbars. LG’s soundbars now offer all of the same sound modes as its latest TVs, allowing users to easily switch between the soundbar and the TV using the TV remote.

Seamless Pairing with Voice Assistant

The LG 2021 soundbars lineup is compatible with multiple voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Siri (1). It is now easier than ever to control devices and play one’s favourite music from compatible devices and services. There is also support for Apple AirPlay 2, customers can stream, control, and share their favourite music and media content directly from their Apple iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Superior Acoustics Quality Calibrated for Any Space

LG soundbars inherit all the strengths from their predecessors with many of the new models featuring Meridian Audio tuning and Meridian technology, when in Music Mode fro an exceptionally authentic listening experience. There is a new feature, Meridian Horizon technology, this is the result of LG’s long term partnership with Meridian Audio (2). This innovation up-mixes two channel stereo content into immersive, multichannel audio to provide audiences with a truly immersive listening experience regardless of their position or location in the room.

All the 2021 soundbars from LG support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for dynamic three-dimensional audio. With Dolby Vision compatibility via 4K pass-through, the new models ensure the level of picture and sound quality needed for genuinely cinematic home viewing. LG’s soundbars also combine up-firing front height channels with wireless rear up-firing height channels to envelop users in lush, textured sound.

Many of the new models are Hi-Res Audio certified, insuring lossless playback at 24bit/96kHz with all the vibrancy and nuance of the original studio recording. Upgraded user convenience and easy connectivity are built into the 2021 LG Soundbar lineup with HDMI eARC support enabling a higher bitrate, high resolution content and uncompressed Dolby Atmos® audio with just one cable, while USB playback and Bluetooth streaming offer more convenient ways for users to enjoy their favorite audio content on the latest models.

LG’s sophisticated AI features further elevate the user experience. AI Room Calibration offers optimal sound in any environment, using spatial awareness technology to measure a room’s dimensions then customizing the soundbar’s audio settings in accordance with the specific characteristics of the space. AI Sound Pro uses adaptive sound control to automatically adjust frequency range and sound field extension, depending on which genre of content the user is watching: news, music or cinema.

Sustainability starts at Home

The world has shown a greater concern for the environment and consumer support for companies and products that demonstrate a genuine commitment to sustainability. LG’s latest 2021 soundbars are designed with the health of the planet in mind, from the production processes to the materials and packaging used.

LG in its effort towards a sustainable future, they are taking a more eco-minded approach to product development, packaging and shopping of its 2021 soundbars, designing the first audio products in the industry to receive SGS Eco Product Certification. For many soundbar model cases, LG replaced materials used in previous models with recycled materials. The SP7Y soundbar is the first model featuring jersey fabric made of recycled PET bottles.  Certified as Global Recycled Standard-compliant and UL environmental claim validated, each SP7Y soundbar means almost seven fewer plastic bottles are occupying landfills.

To reduce environmental impact and waste even further, LG adopted a friendlier packaging for its entire soundbar lineup. Using mainly recycled molded pulp and far less EPS foam and plastic, the packaging has earning Eco Product certification from Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS), a respected provider of testing, inspection and certification services based in Geneva, Switzerland (3).  To receive this designation, the soundbars were deemed by SGS to have minimal environmental impact as they emit less air pollutants, contain few hazardous substances and provide a high degree of recyclability. What’s more, the packaging is designed in an “L” shape so more units can fit in fewer trucks, which means lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, a crucial part of achieving environmental sustainability.

Pricing and Availability

The new LG Soundbar models including SP11RA, SP9YA, SP8YA, SP7Y and SPD7Y will be available from early May at major retailers including Audio House, Best Denki, Courts, Gain City, Harvey Norman, Parisilk and Mega Discount Store.

The retail recommended retail price for the LG Soundbar models SP11RA, SP9YA, SP8YA, SP7Y and SPD7Y are in the specifications table below.


Recommended Retail Price (S$) S$2,499 S$1,599 S$1,099 S$699 S$899
Sound Total wattage 770W 520W 440W 440W 380W
Channels 7.1.4 5.1.2 3.1.2 5.1 3.1.2
Rear Speakers Rear &


Optional (SPK8) Optional (SPK8) Optional (SPK8) Optional (SPK8)
Dolby Atmos/ DTS:X Y Y Y DTS:X Virtual Y
Meridian Horizon Technology Audio and Meridian Audio (Music Mode) Y Y Y Y Y
Hi-Resolution Audio Y Y Y Y Y
AI Room Calibration Y Y Y
AI Sound Pro Y Y Y Y Y
Convenience eARC Y Y Y ARC Y
4K Pass-Through with

Dolby Vision Support

Works with Google Assistant, AirPlay 2 Y Y Y
LG TV Synergy TV Sound Mode Share, Sound Bar

Mode Control

Eco Eco Product (SGS) Y Y Y Y


(1) Models SP11RA, SP9YA, SP8YA are compatible with multiple voice assistants

(2) Models SP11RA, SP9YA, SP8YA, SP7Y, SPD7Y feature Meridian Horizon

(3) Models SP11RA, SP9YA, SP8YA, SP7Y are certified as Eco Products by SGS

* Information and pictures courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and Asia PR Werkz *

LG expands LG TONE Free lineup with ANC and UVnano Case

LG Electronics (LG) is expanding their LG TONE Free lineup, with the introduction of the LG HBS-FN7, the most advanced true wireless earbuds yet. The LG HBS FN-7 offers all the benefits of its LG HBS-FN6 sibling with intuitive user experience, incredibly comfortable in-ear fit and noise isolation performance, powered by Meridian-tuned premium sound and hygienic UVnano charging case. Now this LG HBS-FN7 has Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) added, providing even greater listening pleasure and enhanced personal audio experience.

Many true wireless earbuds with ANC in the market do a less than adequate job of blocking external sounds when ANC is switched off. As for the LG TONE Free FN7, it builds on the foundation of the already great passive noise isolation from the LG TONE Free FN6 by neutralising external sounds using three microphones in each earbud that monitor sound waves coming from all directions.

They have adjustable ear gels that comes with patented twist-fit Vortex Ribs design that can deliver a tighter in-ear seal to minimise external noise seepage. When ANC is being activated, environmental noises are now almost completely neutralised, making every note and voice sound clearer, more natural, without losing the details when you turn up the volume to maximum.

This LG HBS-FN7 features technology from Meridian Audio, the renowned British audio technology company and LG’s trusted partner in delivering superior sound, just like all the LG TONE Free earbuds. The earbuds are powered by Digital Signal Processing, a Meridian technology that they have been perfecting for over 25 years, allowing the LG TONE Free FN7 to recreate a realistic soundstage that simulates the experience of listening to real loudspeakers while also delivering vocals with pristine clarity, giving the listener complete immersion in their own audio world.

Accessible through the LG TONE Free app available for both Android and iOS devices, Meridian’s EQ sound settings provide an elevated listening experience via four customised presets: Natural for a clean, balanced sound, Immersive for a more three-dimensional performance, Bass Boost for extra power and depth and Treble Boost to bring greater clarity to vocals. The LG TONE Free FN7 also delivers fuller, richer bass with high quality silicone-infused drivers, dome featuring a stronger metal layer and denser texture dampers for better resolution of mid-high frequencies.

The HBS-FN7 also includes LG’s innovative UVnano charging case, first introduced with LG TONE Free FN6. Using ultraviolet light, the case helps to keep the wearer’s ears cleaner by eliminating 99.9 percent of E. coli and S. aureus bacteria on the earbuds’ inner mesh. * New for LG TONE Free FN7, LED lighting on the top of the case makes it easy to monitor charging level and UVnano status.

LG has always striven to deliver more options to consumers and with our newest TONE Free earbuds we are expanding our lineup to audiophiles who desire the very best that audio technology has to offer,” said Park Hyung-woo, head of LG Home Entertainment Company’s audio and video division.


The LG TONE Free FN7 will also be available in key markets of North America, Europe and Asia starting in the fourth quarter.

Key Specifications:

  • Earbud Size: 16.2 x 32.7 x 26.8 mm
  • Charging Case Size: 54.5 x 54.5 x 27.6 mm
  • Earbud Size: 16.2 x 32.7 x 26.9 mm
  • Battery Capacity: Earbuds: 55mAh x 2 / Case: 390mAh
  • Fast Charging Time: 5 minutes for 1 hour of play
  • Battery Life: Play: 7 hours (ANC off), 5 hours (ANC on) / Earbuds + Case: 21 hours (ANC Off), 15 hours (ANC On)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1 (Single Device Connection)
  • Speaker: 2 Layered Dynamic
  • Microphones: 2 Outer, 1 Inner
  • Compatibility: Android / iOS
  • Bluetooth Audio Codec: SBC / AAC
  • Colors: Stylish Black / Modern White

* Information and picture courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and Asia PR Werkz *

New LG TONE Free true wireless earbuds (HBS-FN6)

LG Electronics (LG) has recently launched their new LG TONE Free true wireless earbuds (HBS-FN6), this is LG’s first wireless earbuds in the market. It not only delivers exceptional listening experience with lifelike audio thanks to Meridian Audio technology, the HBS-FN6 also features an industry-first UVnano case which eliminates bacteria and germs on the earbuds as they charge.

Design and Aesthetics

The HBS-FN6 comes in a new canal-type design, delivering a more comfortable fit and comes in two colours: matte Stylish Black and glossy Modern White. It has a IPX4 rating for protection against splashing water, rain and perspiration while working out, giving the HBS-FN6 enhanced usability and durability.

It also features Voice Command for convenient voice access to Google Assistant or Siri on a connected smartphone. They also have intuitive touch commands built into each earbuds, allowing users to play, pause, skip and control the volume level without reaching for their smartphone.

LG’s innovative UVnano charging case provides protected storage, hassle-free charging and enhanced hygiene for the HBS-FN6. Studies have shown that earbuds can harbour more bacteria than other places such as a kitchen cutting board, that could lead to potential ear infections. Since consumers nowadays use a lot of their smartphones and earphones listening to music, entertainment or communication, it’s good to know about this! LG’s UVnano case utilise built-in ultraviolet light, eliminating 99.9% of E. coli and S. aureus from the non-toxic hypoallergenic silicone ear gel and inner mesh.

When fully charged, the HBS-FN6 is able to provide six hours of usage with UVnano case delivering three full charges for a total of 18 hours of listening enjoyment. A five-minute charge provides up to an hour of listening time.

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HBS-FN6 audio features 

The HBS-FN6 deliver an extra dimension of audio, courtesy of HSP (Headphone Spatial Processing) technology from Meridian – LG’s long-standing audio partner in delivering superior sound – powered by Digital Signal Processing, a technology that Meridian has been perfecting for over 25 years. DSP not only recreates a realistic soundstage that simulates the experience of listening to real loudspeakers, it also delivers vocals with pristine clarity, completely immersing the listener.

The new earbuds also come with customized EQ sound settings developed by Meridian with each mode offering four unique presets to deliver a perfectly tailored listening experience: Natural for authentic and balanced sound, Immersive for an expanded sense of space, Bass Boost for that extra punch and Treble Boost for greater clarity to vocal performances. Noise isolation provided by the snug-fitting eartips provide a tight seal that blocks out most distracting exterior noise, while Ambient Sound Mode allows wearers to hear what’s going on around them with the press of a button.

“LG has always striven to deliver better sound to more consumers and with our new TONE Free earbuds we are expanding on our successful partnership with Meridian Audio,” said Park Hyung-woo, head of LG Home Entertainment Company’s audio and video division. “On top of great sound, TONE Free brings something new to the table that is also very practical.”

“We poured all of our accumulated expertise into creating the sound identity for this new LG TONE Free product,” commented John Buchanan, CEO at Meridian Audio. “Whether you’re at home, in the car, commuting or at the gym, the new LG TONE model is a clear step forward in audio innovation and performance for consumers worldwide, meeting the demand for convenient high-quality listening experiences, anywhere.”

Key Technical Specifications

  • Earbud Size: 16.1 x 32.77 x 25.0mm
  • Charging Case Size: 54.6 x 54.6 x 27.5mm
  • Battery Capacity Earbuds: 55mAh x 2
  • Case: 390mAh
  • Fast Charging Time: 5 minutes for 1 hour of play
  • Battery Life: Talk: 5 hours
  • Play: 6 hours
  • Earbuds + Case: 18 hours
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 (Single Device Connection)
  • Speaker: 2 Layered Dynamic
  • Microphones: 2 Outer
  • Compatibility: Android / iOS
  • Bluetooth Audio Codec: SBC / AAC
  • Colors: Stylish Black /Modern White

Do share this new LG TONE Free true wireless earbuds (HBS-FN6) with your fellow audiophiles, loved ones, family, relatives, friends and colleagues. Pass-It-On and Pay-It-Forward, Sharing is Caring!

Pricing and Availability

The LG TONE Free FN6 is now available in Singapore at authorized retailers Best Denki, POPULAR, Courts, Harvey Norman, Lazada and Shopee at S$268.

* Information and pictures courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and Asia PR Werkz *