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Old Playgrounds – Personal Project & Adventure

My personal project and adventure with the Old Playgrounds started around August 2010 when I first watched Royston Tan first documentary titled Old Places on Okto channel. After watching it, the memories came coming back to me, it was very nostalgic and heart warming. It seems like that was something missing inside me and I was searching for it, searching for the purpose somewhere. The Old Places documentary inspired me to do something different with my photography shooting and story writing. I wanted to go and explore all the locations listed in the Old Places documentary, photograph them, document, tell and share my photo stories to everybody. In the process of searching for all the Old Places, the journey took me over 3 years and still counting, making new friends who loved the nostalgia and wanting to explore their childhood memories or growing up memories of the Singapore they knew and looked back fondly upon.

My main Old Places adventure trail got me more into writing about our history, heritage, conservation and preservation matters, I dare not profess that I am an expert nor an historian or even a specialist in them. I am doing my small part to document, photograph and share my photo stories and my adventures to be part of a bigger memory pool by fellow enthusiasts to remember our Singapore Memory. The Old Playgrounds was part of the a few locations inside the Old Places list of locations and it was part of my bigger adventure to explore Singapore all over again. During my adventure and exploring Old Places, I started to discover my Old Playgrounds and they were iconic cultural locations that shaped Singapore in her early independent years, a place where children had their fun, leisure, recreation and play time, long before the arrival of the internet and IT gadgets. I always remembered playing at the Old Playgrounds, the joys, the laughters, the tears, the sweat, the pain if we fell down or knocked ourselves. Our memories of playing at the Old Playgrounds were priceless and pulls many heart strings inside me, that got me more in-depth into discovering the Old Playgrounds that are still remaining in Singapore’s history.

I confessed that I slacked off and deviated away from Old Playgrounds Personal Project and Adventure, it was very embarrassing for me considering how much I wanted to do it and complete this particular adventure. I was around the half-way mark based on my research and reading up of the Old Playgrounds in Singapore, through Singapore Memory ProjectMosaic Memories ~ Remembering the Playgrounds Singapore Grew Up In and the Google map showing the Old Playgrounds locations produced by Justin Zhuang. There were a few more Old Playgrounds that were not inside the Google map, that I discovered when I was exploring other Old Places and areas with my friends and spotting them. As the time gap got bigger, I woke up and decided, it’s time to complete my Old Playgrounds, I want to and I will finish where I started and left off. I will first finish up visiting, photographing and documenting the remaining Old Playgrounds on my list. The selected photographs will be uploaded into my Flickr Collection on my Old Playgrounds first. Every Old Playground in Singapore is unique and special therefore, I will dedicate and write for each Old Playground location on my list. The older photographs that I took will reappear from my hard disk database and prepare them for the recognition that the Old Playgrounds deserve. Their photo stories are already on my Photography website/blog!

While it may be easier for readers (and Search Engine Optimisation) to read and find all the Old Playgrounds in one lengthy post, I want to give each and every Old Playground that is on my list a unique post/page on her own. This is my Old Playgrounds Personal Project and Adventure.

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Let’s Contribute Your Photos & Memories to Singapore Memory Project !

Dear all, First thing First, I would like to think of the following questions below before you close your eyes …

~ Do you remember the times when you were young ? 

~ Do you remember the fun and laughter during your childhood games, memories, activities, toys ?

~ When you were a teenager, how was it like ? What were your memories during your childhood, teenage years and young adult days ?

~ What comes to your mind ? The photographs & memories ? What was the fashion like last time ? 

There are many many more questions that you can ask yourself to bring you back in time, through your own personal timeline, through Singapore’s timeline, through your parents and grandparents timeline, there is an enormous vacuum space, for everyone of you to fill it with your different photographs and memories, into this project, a portal known as Singapore Memory Project.

What is the Singapore Memory Project all about ?Let me refresh your memory here with my post! It’s simply collecting your photographs and memories, collate it together and sharing it with fellow Singaporeans and friends from around the world, a time capsule of photographs and memories, in your family and Singapore’s growth and transformation, for your future generations and beyond!

The contribution of photographs and memories to Singapore Memory Project is a natural ongoing extension to what I have started and continuing, an Ongoing Movement – Preservation and Conservation. I would be starting my contribution of photographs and memories to this movement – Singapore Memory Project.

You can do it too and be part of this wonderful, meaningful, heartwarming and memorable Singapore Memory Project. Why not start it now and start the ball rolling ? Let’s visit Singapore Memory Project ! Tell your family members, loved ones, relatives, friends, Pay-It-Forward, share this Singapore Memory Project and you can make a positive impact and difference to the future generations of your family and Singapore!