Let’s Contribute Your Photos & Memories to Singapore Memory Project !

Dear all, First thing First, I would like to think of the following questions below before you close your eyes …

~ Do you remember the times when you were young ? 

~ Do you remember the fun and laughter during your childhood games, memories, activities, toys ?

~ When you were a teenager, how was it like ? What were your memories during your childhood, teenage years and young adult days ?

~ What comes to your mind ? The photographs & memories ? What was the fashion like last time ? 

There are many many more questions that you can ask yourself to bring you back in time, through your own personal timeline, through Singapore’s timeline, through your parents and grandparents timeline, there is an enormous vacuum space, for everyone of you to fill it with your different photographs and memories, into this project, a portal known as Singapore Memory Project.

What is the Singapore Memory Project all about ?Let me refresh your memory here with my post! It’s simply collecting your photographs and memories, collate it together and sharing it with fellow Singaporeans and friends from around the world, a time capsule of photographs and memories, in your family and Singapore’s growth and transformation, for your future generations and beyond!

The contribution of photographs and memories to Singapore Memory Project is a natural ongoing extension to what I have started and continuing, an Ongoing Movement – Preservation and Conservation. I would be starting my contribution of photographs and memories to this movement – Singapore Memory Project.

You can do it too and be part of this wonderful, meaningful, heartwarming and memorable Singapore Memory Project. Why not start it now and start the ball rolling ? Let’s visit Singapore Memory Project ! Tell your family members, loved ones, relatives, friends, Pay-It-Forward, share this Singapore Memory Project and you can make a positive impact and difference to the future generations of your family and Singapore!

One thought on “Let’s Contribute Your Photos & Memories to Singapore Memory Project !

  • March 11, 2012 at 5:07 pm

    Thanks for your support, Jinghui! Hope to see your memory in the portal soon. Or have you posted it already? 🙂

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