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Final month of Year 2021

It’s now the month of December 2021, the final month of Year 2021. Time flies for some, time stagnated for some, especially during this ongoing global pandemic that has been around for close to 2 years whereby the constant daily battles in work and personal life, how the society and economy has been adapting, there were many a times when one might feel it’s not going anywhere.

I just want to pen down some of my thoughts, feelings and views, it’s refreshing sometimes to take a break from reading my technology and business media coverage news, reading some personal instead.

Don’t look back in anger

“Don’t look back in anger”, a classic rock song by Oasis, if you know, you know. Don’t look back in anger, put down and put aside the hurt, disappointments, the turbulent periods, the ups and downs.

We have to keep on striving moving forward, try not to look back, we can’t forget the past, we can’t change the past. Let’s look forward to the new future, even though it’s still a very rocky journey ahead in Year 2022.

Preparing for transition into a new year 2022

As we are preparing to welcome the New Year 2022, I am also preparing for the transition into the New Year 2022.


The backlogs can be a bit of real hassle and headache at times. Even after writing and publishing for 15 years (and still counting) for my two portals/blogs, I still need to work on this aspect. There has been some increase in engagements from brands/pr agencies over the years, thus an inevitable rise in backlogs.

For those brands/PR agencies that have worked with me for a long time, thank you for your support and engagements over the years. To all the new brands/PR agencies, I look forward to work more closely with you in the new Year 2022.

Meanwhile, I am going to work on clearing my backlogs as that would allow me to start Year 2022 on a new and fresh note, kickstarting my key themes for Year 2022, in the following sectors below.

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, NFT

In the last quarter of 2021, after some months of learning more about blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFT, the future and how my technology coverage and photography come together in those fields. I am entering into NFT space as well as cryptocurrency trading/investment together, combining both my photography and technology fields together as my key themes for Year 2022.

Omicron variant – it’s not going to be a smooth sailing recovery

Just when we thought a new Year 2022 would mark the start of a real and genuine economic recovery (amidst a slow yet positive recovery), the emergence of a new variant Omicron has kind of rock us, spook us, sending fears and shivers down our spine. A spinning curve ball that might throw us off our track to recovery. While we still need to know more about this Omicron variant, how viral and potentially lethal it can be, let’s keep our fingers crossed. Nevertheless, with this Omicron variant, it’s not going to be a smooth sailing recovery in the Year 2022.

Coming soon – a new gig

A new gig is coming soon, I don’t know how much I would be sharing on this. in a nutshell, I am bringing my content creation, photography, videography and social media management all together.

Return to trekking in the great outdoors and back to nature

This is the time for me to return back to trekking in the great outdoors and back to nature, for nature therapy, photography therapy, a time for peace and tranquility. Now is the time for me to finish up my second photography zine project.

Photography by Ryan Cheng

Bring a very difficult year 2021 to a close on a high

We had been through a lot, ups and downs, disappointments, 1 step forward 2 steps backward situations, the emotional and mental distress for the past 11 months in 2021 and close to 2 years of this ongoing global pandemic situation.

Year 2022 is starting, a new year, a new hope, a new start, even though there are still a lot of uncertainties ahead. Keeping our fingers crossed that we can truly see some light at the end of the tunnel in 2022. Let’s bring a very difficult year 2021 to a close on a high, on your own personal terms.

December is also the Christmas festive season, let’s make this month a merry and festive time with your family, loved ones and friends, in a safe manner while we are adapting to an endemic lifestyle with this global pandemic situation.

PSB Academy and ACCESS launched Diploma in Blockchain with Skilltree

PSB Academy, one of Singapore’s leading private education institutions, will be offering a “Diploma in Blockchain” programme for students, that was started from the month of July 2021 onwards. This course is jointly-developed by PSB Academy, ACCESS, a non-profit association for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry in Singapore, and Skilltree, a sustainable educational ecosystem for teachers, experts, and students. This is the world’s first academic programme to be supported by the Ethereum Foundation., a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting Ethereum and related technologies. Upon completion of the one-year course, students will be awarded a Diploma in Blockchain. This course equips individuals with extensive blockchain knowledge and the skills needed to purse professional endeavours within the industry.

“As blockchain technology continues to dominate the financial domain, giving birth to cryptocurrencies, decentralised systems and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), it is important that our students are given the opportunity to equip themselves with the skills, tools and knowledge in the subject. PSB Academy continues to ensure that our curriculum and offering remains relevant for our students, so that they are truly future-ready. We are honoured to have ACCESS and Skilltree on board as co-developers of this course and we hope that their vast experience, expertise and knowledge in the field would translate to an enriching education for our students,” said Mr Derrick Chang, CEO of PSB Academy.

I would like to know more about this course – Diploma in Blockchain

The course is designed to introduce students to decentralised technologies and give a technical understanding of how blockchain operates. With this knowledge, students will then be able to apply it in real-time scenarios. The diploma course will begin with an introduction to programming, followed by an overview of blockchain technology, and conclude with students gaining exposure to coding language, tools and frameworks used in building a decentralised application. Their usage of the Ethereum software and technology will allow them to earn an onchain certificate of completion from the Ethereum Foundation.

Objectives for Diploma in Blockchain course

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to fulfil these objectives:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of decentralised systems, their functions and the effects it has on an organisation and industries as a whole
  • Appreciate the differences between centralised and decentralised solutions
  • Be able to identify how to meaningfully integrate blockchain technology into business
  • Have an in-depth understanding of the history and latest developments in blockchain
  • Be able to appraise existing blockchain solutions, identifying existing challenges and propose new solutions
  • Gain understanding of the Solidity smart contract programming language
  • Have a basic understanding of code exploits, attack vectors and methods to tackle them
  • Be able to develop and code real-world blockchain solutions on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Have knowledge on Blockchain Interoperability and its implications

PSB Academy, in conjunction with the Skilltree team, will be involved in the development of curriculum on the Skilltree platform, which the educators from PSB Academy will then deliver to students. ACCESS will be responsible for providing industry expertise, case studies, and career opportunities for students who have enrolled in the course. Students will also be receiving an NFT certificate from the Ethereum Foundation to verify that they have completed the course, a first of its kind from the Ethereum Foundation.

“Singapore’s position as one of the largest financial hubs and technology leaders in Asia allows it to be one of the key markets in the utilisation of blockchain technology, and the development of talents in the industry. This partnership with PSB Academy is a key milestone in Singapore’s education landscape, proving that blockchain technology will be a mainstay in Singapore’s data journey. PSB Academy is also well-positioned to host this course given its vision to nurture future talents with global orientation, and ACCESS shares the same belief,” added Anson Zeall, Chairman of ACCESS.

* Information courtesy of PSB Academy and WE Communications *

Themes for November 2021: FinTech, Blockchain, Crypto and NFT

In my earlier article published on 17th October 2021, titled Blockchain, Crypto, and NFT. I shared my plans and directions that I embarking on for this last quarter of 2021 and all these would play a significant role in my content creation, media coverage as well as business/investment directions since I am entering into crypto trading and NFT. I am also working with Telum Media on FinTech media request too, they all fit in nicely concurrently. Therefore, I am setting my themes for November 2021: FinTech, Blockchain, Crypto and NFT.

On my part, I also have my own personal research and coverage on the NFT field as well as my own personal journey as a NFT Photographer that I would be embarking and sharing with my readers on my TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog. I am open to NFT media pitches as well, we might have a chance to work together too.

After publishing my earlier article, I received blockchain and crypto news updates from my PR agency friend Fadzly from WE Communications, I would be covering two FinTech/blockchain news coverage from them, more insights can be read from my “Topics in my mind + Updates 24th October 2021

Meanwhile, I am not too sure how the response for my FinTech media request via Telum Media would turn out, let’s see how it goes!

There would also be a segment for cybersecurity too. This field plays a crucial role not just in FinTech, Blockchain technology applications, cryptocurrency trading and NFT, they also plays a part in our daily work and leisure activities as we consume a lot of digital activities and social media. The month of October is cybersecurity awareness month, I am going to continue from there.

For my other consumer and enterprise technology news coverage, don’t worry, there would be still coverage on them, I still have technology news media coverage that I am currently working on them.

Keeping my fingers crossed, the month of November 2021 would be packed with themes on FinTech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, NFT and cybersecurity.