Seeking my own Ikigai

At the start of the year 2018, I shared and wrote on the changes that I wanted to make for this new year 2018 and setting my goals for year 2018, after reflecting on my year 2017. On the 10th January, the day it was marked as “Another year older (Again) in 2018”, I promised myself that I wanted to get a book on that particular day, a personal goal for myself. I wanted to buy a particular book on that day since it’s a milestone day for me. I went to Kinokuniya Bugis and it was out of stock, I was determined to buy it today and I went Kinokuniya Orchard and I managed to buy it!

A new book – The little book of Ikigai : The essential Japanese way to finding your purpose in life by Ken Mogi. This is going to be a significant moment, one of my goals for year 2018, finding my purpose, finding my direction, seeking a balance in the force.

On that day, 10th January, I started my personal journey of exploration, seeking my own Ikigai (????). Googling for the diagram representing Ikigai, I found a common diagram of four circles, intersecting together. Although it was useful, easy to use and explain, I was looking for something more therapeutic and closer to my heart. In the midst of my Google search, I discovered some gorgeous landscape photographs with the word “Ikigai”.

At that moment, I knew how I wanted to share on my journeys seeking my own Ikigai, through the landscape photographs (most likely using the monochrome landscape photographs) that I took in Hokkaido, Japan.

Flipping the little book of Ikigai, there was a note to the Reader (that’s me!)

The Five Pillars of Ikigai

Pillar 1: Starting small

Pillar 2: Releasing yourself

Pillar 3: Harmony and sustainabiliyy

Pillar 4: The joy of little things

Pillar 5: Being in the here and now

My personal journey of Ikigai exploration and discovery has started; I am finding my own Ikigai.

Mini milestone – My 888th post

This blog has finally reached a personal mini milestone, a nice set of number, number 888. While this mini milestone is still a little bit behind my photography site, it has slowly work its way up there.

888 is considered a lucky number and I hope things would start turning better for me as I continued to open my path and journey ahead. It’s still 99% hard work and 1% luck, may the 1% luck shines on me and for me in the journey ahead.

These are my 2 amulets from Japan, the most recent is from Hokkaido Shrine and the other amulet is from Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo. A double blessing to mark my 888th personal blog post!

To all my readers, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for your loyal support over all these years for my technology, sports/fitness and personal ranting posts!

Time to continue marching forward!


A Blessed Gift of Wish and Achivements

In the year 2004, I traveled to Tokyo, Japan for a solo backpacking trip with my camera, it was probably the start of my travel photography adventures. I had so much fun during my trip and one of the key highlights was visiting the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. I remembered buying an amulet from Sensoji Temple for my old buddy Nicholas, it’s a drive safely amulet. I do not know why I didn’t get one for myself during that time.

My nieces Charmaine and Charlene recently went to Japan along with their auntie Wee Keng (my cousin) for a short holiday, I asked them to help me get an amulet from Sensoji Temple on my behalf since they would be visiting Asakusa area. For this time I decided on an amulet and I chose the Wish Achievements amulet – ???? .


I am very grateful and thankful to my two nieces and cousin who went to Sensoji Temple and purchase the amulet from the Sensoji Temple on my behalf. The year 2015 had been a very interesting and also a roller coaster year for me. I had managed to push through breakthroughs and achievements in my business/work and photography. Some of the breakthroughs were small; some were big, yet all of them were significant and important to me in the year 2015.

The achievements and breakthroughs that I achieved in 2015 till date were very proud and happy moments for me. Yet, for those who knew the in-depth stories, stress and pressure that I shared, knew about the intense stress and pressure that I had to go through before and currently.

Receiving this amulet from Sensoji Temple, I received a blessed gift for my wish and achievements. I hope that my personal wishes (of and from the heart) can come true and attain more achievements in my business and photography. I will carry it with me, in my work bag, in my leisure bag, in my photography bag.

Not many people know about the difficulties, stress and pressure, whether it is related to work, photography or my personal life. Let this amulet gift be a charm and blessing for my future endeavours, for my work, my photography and my personal wishes.

BIG U meet small u !!

Do you remember this movie “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!”, have you ever wonder what it would be like to be shrunk and become a mini YOU? Yes, it is now possible to have a mini YOU today!! Today, Kinetic Singapore introduces Japanese 3D Printing Technology that enables you to create 3D customised figurines at their pop-up store Uu. This is a collaborative project by Kinetic Singapore, Mikanbako of Japan and venue sponsor Scotts Square. If you are ever keen to clone yourself and create your own mini YOU, you have to visit Uu 3D Customised Figurines pop-up store at Scotts Square soon because it will only open for a limited time from 21st September 2013 to 6th October 2013!


I dropped by Uu 3D pop-up store at Scotts Square and toured around, looking and admiring at the mini figurines of famous celebrities. The artwork was amazing and very beautiful! I was thinking about, how will it be like if I ever have a Mini Me, to get a customised 3D figurine done? If you love taking photographs of figurines, imagine putting U,yes! The small U, at interesting locations and you can compose many interesting photography / travel adventures!


The 3D scanning process takes about just under 30 minutes, customers will be scanned with cutting-edge equipment by professionals from Mikanbako. This collated data will then be sent to Mikanbako’s lab in Japan to be processed and printed. Due to the complexity of the technical processes, customers will receive their figurine three months from their scan.Customers can choose from 3 sizes –small (15cm), medium (20cm) or large (25cm).

Here are some important information about Uu 3D Customised Figurines


Small –S$850

Medium –S$1,000

Large –S$1,500



Scotts Square

6 Scotts Road


Singapore 228209

Opening hours 

From 21 Sep –6 Oct 2013

Daily: 10am –10pm

For more informationon Uu and how you can get your 3D custom figurine, visit

Uu 3D Custom Figurines Facebook Page:

Maybe I should also get my own Mini Me at the Uu 3D pop-up store 🙂