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How to Hire the Right Candidates for Your IT Department - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Looking for a new member of the team can be an exciting time for a company. A new employee can bring great new talent, as well as a new and creative way of thinking. They can bring fresh new ideas and insight – but only if you hire the right candidate. The wrong candidate can make business operations more difficult, plus it can cause chaos if they do not pick up their new roles and responsibilities quick enough. There is no sure-fire way to know whether you are investing your time and money in the right candidate, but there are ways to minimize the risk of hiring the wrong candidate for your IT department.

Know Who Your Ideal Candidate is

Before you start advertising for the job role, you will want to ensure you know who your ideal candidate is so that you know exactly who you are looking for and minimize the risk of being distracted by other candidates that may have similar but not the exact requirements. Sit down with fellow team leaders who could offer insight on who would be great for the job. Make a list of ‘must-have’ skills as well as a list of skills that would be helpful but are not essential. You should also list whether you will offer training so that candidates who have a slight understanding of the role can still apply, and explain that the training would help them become the ideal candidate.

Ask Your Current Employees What is Missing

You may find that there is a large hole in your business operations that needs to be filled. Asking your current employees whether this is true and what skills are needed to fill it can help you find a candidate that can fill this gap and streamline business operations. For instance, does your IT department need someone who is a champion of the cloud? If so, then this can be an essential skill the candidate must possess.

Write a Strong Job Description

A clear and concise job description can help show what it is your company is looking for, minimizing the risk of having the wrong applicants apply for the role. While you are sure to have resumes that are not up to the standard or in keeping with the ideal candidate you are after, a good job description can reduce the likelihood of this happening.

What makes a strong job description?

  • Write down the ‘essential’ skills
  • Explain what the job is, the job title, and the team they will be working in
  • Include the location of the job, the hours and salary
  • Provide examples of the work they will be doing and what is expected of them

Enlist the Help of a Recruiter

Finding the right candidate can take a lot of time and effort, and sometimes it can disrupt usual business operations. Therefore, enlisting the help of a recruiter can make your life and job a lot easier. To ensure that your recruiter is skilled and able to find the right candidate, however, you should find a recruiter who specializes in the IT industry. This means they will have industry knowledge and be able to scope out the best candidates for the job by asking relevant questions. For instance, Prosum is an IT staffing service that pride themselves on finding the right candidate for the job. They will ensure to help you find an employee who knows the industry well and can make a difference to the company while ticking off the boxes on your checklist.

Rather than spend your time trawling through resume after resume, narrow down your search by hiring the services of a talented recruiter who understands the IT industry. What’s more, you should ensure to write a detailed and clear job description so that the right people apply for the job.

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