One key aspect of growth and development is to learn from great people, great leaders, situations and history. In the history of the human race till date, there were many of those leaders, people and history. Reading and understanding these various experiences, they would be enriching and beneficial for the personal development, growth and change in a person, society and country.

It was from these 2 articles that I found – New York Times “Excerpts from an Interview with Lee Kuan Yew” and “Days of Reflection for Man Who Defined Singapore” , it was very enlightening and heart-warming to read in-depth into current society matters, vision and views of the future economies, countries and the challenges.

Minister Mentor Lee’s vision is highly respected around the world and it set as a great role model for understanding and visualising the future, the potential hurdles, opportunities and challenges. On a macro level and micro level, how much vision do we have ? How can we learn to look ahead and plan for the upcoming challenges ? Are we too lazy to think and plan ahead ? Are we too sheltered ?

Change – Another area that is a must learn, human beings never like changes, we are too comfortable in our comfort zone and resist changes. Singapore’s story is a story of many many changes, growing and transforming from nothing to a modern cosmopolitan society. Yet, the story is not ending and never-ending, Singapore is still under-going improvements and upgrading, with newer, bigger and better infrastructure, tourism projects & events, newer offices and greener surroundings, giving it another round of metamorphosis, to keep in pace with the changes and developments in this inter-connected world today. Do we have the willingness and courage to make Changes in our life ? Change for the better, Change to improve ourselves ?

Global Warming – In this world that we are living in, there have been a huge increase in the number of population on Earth, with a thirsty ongoing high demand for natural resources, placing a huge strain on Earth, her resources and environment. This resulted in Global Warming, with higher average temperatures, shorter seasons, rising water levels, droughts, floods. How long more would Earth be able to sustain before Global Warming makes a very difficult situation for the Human race ? How can you make a difference to this climate issue ? How does countries tackle it ?

That is so much more to learn from history, situations, great people and great leaders, it’s up to us to make a difference for our future generation.

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