In the modern society today of advanced technology, learning, sharing and knowledge. There are many things that have improved over centuries of human race growth, development and changes. Has everything changed for the better and improved ? The truth and reality is not everything can be changed. Sometimes, we human beings think that there were changes being made for the better and it’s a less of a problem as compared to the past.

The topic on slavery and human trafficking is an example of something that we human beings thought/assumed that it has improved yet it is still a big issue in the modern society today. “Bought & Sold” is a powerful photographic art exhibition on human trafficking by award winning photographer Kay Chernush. It is organised by Singapore-based anti-trafficking organisation EmancipAsia, together with ArtWorks for Freedom Singapore, to raise awareness of forced labour and sexual exploitation in Asia Pacific.

Here are the details of the photography exhibition –

Date: 13th July – 2nd September 2012
Venue: Walkway in front of Mandarin Gallery, Orchard Road
Cost: Free

Date: 3rd – 21st September 2012
Venue: Main Library and U-Town, National University of Singapore
Cost: Free

Are there still people in slavery today around the world ? Based on the research and statistics here on the EmancipAsia website, there are an estimated 27 million people in slavery today around the worldCan you do something? Yes, you can play a part to help by spreading the awareness of slavery and human trafficking that is still lingering in our world today, EmancipAsia’s link on “What Can You Do” will certainly be useful.

Do drop by and visit the photography exhibition, I will visit it soon to share on the photographs that are on display, my thoughts and  experiences at the exhibition.

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