Another Year Older (Again!) in 2020!

Another year old older (again!) in 2020! Yes, with Chinese Lunar New Year 2020 coming soon on 25th January, those born in January tends to be “forgotten” by spring cleaning and Chinese New Year shopping.

On the other hand, birthday had been adding +1 to my age, quiet and no big parties/dinners anymore probably since more than a decade back. I am always thankful and grateful for the birthday well wishes received on 10th January from WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIN.

I received some advanced birthday gifts from Cousin Wee Keng (perfume and amulet) and Isaac Ong (whisky), I also bought my own Christmas 2019 x birthday January 2020 combo gifts for myself (Timbuk2, Apple iPad Air 3 and Yeti rambler 18oz bottle) since I hardly get birthday gifts or Christmas gifts nowadays.

Thanks to Chefs Keith and Jude for the time to catch up watching Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker and treating me to mee sua supper on my birthday.

Another year older, hopefully another year wiser and more wisdom, in a fast changing digital age and environment.

A new year 2020, a new hope, a new chapter, a new adventure.

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