Bloggers Invitation to Visit S’pore Discovery Centre

In my recent Snap Snap November Outing, we have seen that there are interesting locations in Singapore that is still quite well kept and tuck away somewhere in Singapore ! Therefore, would you be keen and like to know more about Singapore’s best kept secrets ?

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Bloggers, look no further, 24seven, a social media agency, is organising a tour to visit S’pore Discovery Centre, featuring the special exhibitions of Singapore’s best kept secrets and you can submit your very own best kept secrets of Singapore and enter their competition to win great prizes !

However, before I go further, there is a catch, it’s not difficult ….. All you need to do is to BLOG !! BLOG about your experiences at S’pore Discovery Centre and share with everybody and remember to bring camera and take many photos !

Bloggers, greater details are available on Singapore Blogpress website and register yourself there ! **Registration closes on 28th November 2009 or earlier if capacity is maximised !**

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