My Windows 7 Experiences till date !

My Windows 7 Ultimate has been operating on my Macbook for a few weeks already. As promised in my earlier posts, I would be writing up on my experiences with Windows 7 Ultimate.

Writing in long paragraphs might be too long, therefore, here are the pointers !

– It’s stable !! No major crashes, issues or problems

– Smooth interface and switching of different pages/sites

– Boot up is faster than Vista & XP

– Shut down is fast !!!

– No issues for my Macbook drivers since I used 32 Bit Windows 7 Ultimate

– A great combination to use Windows 7 Ultimate with my Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Ok ….. Nothing is Perfect …… Some issues I faced till date for my Windows 7

– Not everything is fully tested with my Windows 7 Ultimate

– The programs that I used for my business, they are not ready for Windows 7 and I am unable to run them in Windows 7, therefore, I have to search for older Windows OS to run the programs that I would need to conduct my business.

– Until other companies provide their support for their program to upgrade/support Windows 7, being in the frontline of internet technology changes, I am still being “held back” & can’t move faster ahead.

– It would be good for Microsoft to reduce the number of updates, can be quite a lot sometimes.

I came across the article shared by Belinda Ang via Twitter, on “Bill Gates Says Steve Jobs is Inspirational” …. Does this come as a surprise to you ? Before I share my thoughts further, here are some key points from the article –

but in all accuracy, there’s a lot of love between the companies. A large number of Macs run Windows installs via boot camp. And a large number of Windows users interact with Apple products such as the iPods and iPhone.

I am one of those who runs both Operating Systems and I believe I have the Best of Both Worlds and Apple’s Boot Camp makes it an easy tool to run Windows OS in their Macbook and iMac. It’s not just in my different business usage and requirements, it’s also great for my hobbies and games too ! There would be those who support either one side of the Operating System camps and I believe there would another group of people like me that run BOTH sides of the Operating System camps, Windows 7 Ultimate + Snow Leopard.

Windows 7 Ultimate for me has been pretty smooth sailing and I am now in the best of both worlds – Snow Leopard + Windows 7 Ultimate !

2 thoughts on “My Windows 7 Experiences till date !

  • December 14, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    Still stuck with Vista. Will upgrade it when needed in gaming. But since DX11 is supported in Vista too, why should I upgrade?

  • December 27, 2009 at 5:33 pm

    If Vista suits your needs and there is no urgent need to upgrade, you can stay on Vista 🙂

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